Shoutlet: Social Media Management tool that works well, looks great.
Updated March 18, 2015

Shoutlet: Social Media Management tool that works well, looks great.

Lisa Adams | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Software Version

Shoutlet 6.0

Modules Used

  • Contest
  • Calendar
  • Shoutbox
  • Image Library

Overall Satisfaction with Shoutlet

Shoutlet is currently being used to create and schedule social media posts for us. We also utilize the contest section to manage our quarterly sweepstakes.
  • The contest/everywhere page feature on Shoutlet is fantastic. It is user-friendly to set up and manage. The end product looks clean and professional
  • The Shoutbox feature is incredibly easy to use to create, preview and schedule posts. I love the flexibility it gives in types of posts, ease of scheduling and ability to target your fan segments based on a large variety of inputs.
  • The calendar makes it incredibly easy to keep track of what is being posted where and when.
  • Honestly, every time I've had a technical issue with Shoutlet, their Tech Therapy team has been quicky, friendly and very helpful.
  • My one big "complaint" about Shoutlet is that you can't tag other Facebook pages within the Shoutbox, but that's due to Facebook restrictions.
4 - Social Media Consultant
Media Relations Specialist (highest usage)
Digital Services (several members use)
Marketing (several members use)
Outside Marketing consultant group
  • I think our customer service has greatly improved through the use of Shoutlet.
Shoutlet looks and works head and shoulders above Hootsuite (particularly the free version). With great customer support, clean user interfaces, an easily accessible calendar, incredible tracking options and the versatile contests feature I truly feel all of our social media management needs are met within the Shoutlet platform, with room for us to grow. We are still looking at new platforms to expand into and Shoutlet is continually improving and expanding their offerings. The addition of the new bookmarklet tool will cut the time it takes me to cull through potential content for posting in half, if not more.
While I do not have direct control over the renewal of our contract, I am definitely lobbying to not only renew the contract, but expand our contract with Shoutlet to include more of our company's accounts in our Shoutlet account for the many reasons already stated. By pulling all of our accounts, pages and platforms into one media management tool, we'll be able to better serve our fans, members, patients and employees. It will cut down time it takes for us to post across our entire company's breadth of social media options while sharing more easily between locations and entities. For medium and large scale enterprises, Shoutlet is hard to beat.
I think Shoutlet is well suited for businesses with multiple social media platforms and multiple pages/accounts on various platforms. For a company with just one or two pages/accounts Shoutlet can feel almost too big, but for a company with multiple accounts and multiple platforms, Shoutlet makes cross-posting a breeze.

Using Shoutlet

5 - Our in-house Shoutlet support comes largely from the Media Relations/Digital teams. You really need very few technical skills to learn and use the system. The training provided by Shoutlet is superb and the customer service is top notch. While we do have some team members with extensive digital/programming knowledge, it's not really a necessity for using Shoutlet. As the main user - a member of the Media Relations team - I have very little technical understanding and it's honestly one of the easiest programs I use on a near-daily basis.
  • Social Media content scheduling
  • Social Media contests
  • Linking Social Media pages to outside web pages for special campaigns
  • Bookmarklet -- I can now schedule posts from any webpage (like a Pin It button). This is BRILLIANT and such a time saver
  • Mobile - their mobile app makes it much easier for me to interact with the system at any time, anywhere
  • Contests - the creation and management of contests is so easy through Shoutlet. I don't know how anyone does contests without it. Super easy, super customizeable. Just a great tool.
  • New platforms. We don't currently utilize all of the channels/platforms available through Shoutlet, but I know if we grow and expand our contract adding those platforms (like Pinterest) on will make posting to all platforms at the same time a breeze.
  • More use of the everywhere page would be a great way to utilize Shoutlet and better advertise/market our programs and contests outside of our social media channels.

Evaluating Shoutlet and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Usability
  • Prior Experience with the Product
  • Vendor Reputation
As with many companies, we have to really balance price with what features and ease of use are provided to use through any product. While I was not in my current position when Shoutlet was purchased, I can say that the robust nature of the product does make it worth the price.
As I was not involved with the original purchase/selection, I can't speak to how things might be changed. Moving forward, I hope to involve all team members who routinely use the service in determining if the contract should be maintained/expanded or otherwise.

Shoutlet Support

I feel that the level of support I get from Shoutlet is far beyond the level of support I've received from other companies in a variety of services. It would be nice to have a regular update from Tech Therapy that lists out any potential bugs they're working to fix for the various browsers they support. Sometimes I wonder if I'm experiencing an issue simply because I use Firefox vs. Chrome.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Yes - I've reported some browser-specific bugs in Shoutlet before. Each time the service I've received has been phenomenal. Timely, friendly and understanding help. While one particular bug was tough to fix, the Tech Therapy group did a fantastic job finding a quick, easy work around for me until the issue was fixed. I've never felt ignored or like my bug or technical issue wasn't important. If anything, they've always fixed issues for me faster than I would expect.
At one time I was having issues with the scheduling module. I was the first person (and probably only person) to have the issue. My account rep walked through the issue with me, recorded my screen activity and then helped get me to the top of the Tech Therapy line to have the issue fixed, as there were several hours of the day that I couldn't select for scheduling (which is TOUGH to deal with when you're looking to post at peak use/engagement times). Not only did the Tech Therapy reps work dilligently to figure out why the glitch was happening, but my account rep even offered to post through his account on my behalf at the times I couldn't select until the issue was resolved. I felt like I was truly heard and my issue was the most important issue to the people helping me. Which, to me, is the best customer service.

Using Shoutlet

While some things do require a little training, a quick phone training session or reading an online guide usually suffices. I've never needed multiple training sessions for any part of Shoutlet. As someone with very little coding/programming background (read: absolutely none), I am always able to accomplish what is needed without feeling over my head or needing help.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Shoutbox -- creating content and scheduling it is all in the same spot, it feels intuitive to how I work and Shoutlet has made wonderful improvements based on user feedback
  • Contests -- so much of this is drag and drop that even I (a non-technical team member) can easily create, publish and manage contests on our social channels
  • I've not found any particularly difficult functions. I've not used the mobile or the reporting functions extensively, so I may need help navigating those - but only because I rarely use them (if at all).
Yes - I haven't used the mobile interface much, but when I have it has been easy to use and I've been able to accomplish what I need right from my phone. It's available for iPhone and Android devices - which is nice.

Shoutlet Reliability

In general, the software works really well. I get weird errors for time to time. Tech Therapy does a great job helping when things go awry.