Socialbakers - A tool you need but can't customise or afford
December 01, 2018

Socialbakers - A tool you need but can't customise or afford

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Modules Used

  • Analytics Pro
  • Builder Pro
  • Market Insights

Overall Satisfaction with Socialbakers Suite

Socialbakers Suite is being used by our Social Marketing team for analysis purposes. We had trouble with getting a good and automatic overview of our social media efforts. We went with weekly/monthly reports that combined data from our social media(Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and our own content marketing blog) sources. The report was compiled by hand and it took about 2 hours for each weekly report. We tried to automate the process by getting the data straight from social media platform APIs but that didn't work out because they are with quite limited use.

Socialbakers enabled us to combine data from Google Analytics, Facebook and Instagram (we chose not to monitor Twitter) and display it on dashboards which were easy to use for our social marketing team.
  • Dashboards
  • Comparsions
  • Influencer research
  • Drilling down into Social Media Analytics
  • Dashboard widgets are not flexible - you cannot create a custom widget.
  • Some basic functionality is behind a (huge)paywall - for example, API connection to get the data from Socialbakers to your own data storage.
  • Their pricing is rigid. Same pricing for big markets (Western Europe) and small markets (Eastern Europe). Even though the budgets and markets are way different.
  • Got a vibe of arrogance from customer support when asking for custom widgets and custom plan for extra modules. I'm not going to pay 2000€ a month for target group insights when my potential customer base is ~1 million people.
  • We have a more automatic overview of our social media analytics. It saves us 2h weekly.
  • It helps us to identify posts that need boosting
In our view, Socialbakers does not have real competitors. It offers a comprehensive solution for social media analytics and publishing. After thorough market research, we concluded that we would only ask for a bid from Socialbakers.

Socialbakers Suite enables users to get a quick overview of how your social media platforms are performing. The user interface is quite comfortable and clear. Analytics enables users to drill down into data to get useful insights.
We don't use the publishing tool, but that's only because we have other worked out processes already implemented - but I've been told by our social media managers that the tool seems good for managing content creators and publishing post across platforms. It also has a convenient calendar function - but we prefer Facebook own variant.
If you want to get some more insightful(custom) data on your dashboards then you can dream on. As far as I can tell Socialbakers is not interested in developing those options.

Using Socialbakers Suite

7 - We have online-analyst, UX-specialist, Social Media Managers, Content Producers and Marketing people working with Socialbakers.
People usually use the tool daily/weekly - depending on their role.
I as a online-analyst set up the dashboards for other roles to use and nowadays use the tool less frequently. I go to Socialbakers when I have a specific analysis task that requires analysing social media data.