Top of Class Database Performance Monitoring and Tuning Advisor!
Updated July 14, 2020

Top of Class Database Performance Monitoring and Tuning Advisor!

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Overall Satisfaction with SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

We use DPA for database monitoring across the enter enterprise, dev/QA and production. We connect it to Oracle, SQL and MySQL Database Servers. We use DPA as a single source of monitoring for database performance issues. The historical and real-time query monitoring allows us to troubleshoot and quickly identify the root cause of a poorly performing server.
  • Database performance monitoring.
  • Database performance root cause analysis.
  • Server performance monitoring.
  • Licensing Model can be expensive on a per-instance basis, consider a per-host-based option.
  • Limited ability to combine monitoring results for similar groups of servers.
  • Different license types for different types of servers (Oracle Enterprise vs Standard).
  • One stop shop for all database performance data.
  • Faster time to resolution on database performance issues.
  • Ability to capture and analyze performance data.
We have a web based application running on Oracle that began experiencing daily performance issues every morning. We were able to quickly review query historical Top SQL Statements from the impacted time periods and identify a problematic query. As a short term fix we disabled the job running the query. Using tuning advice also provided in DPA we were able to improve the query causing the issue for a permanent fix.
We regularly utilize the Tuning and Query Advisors provided by DPA. As a software development shop we have access to the deployment team that can modify queries as needed. We often use both the performance data to identify problematic SQL statements/queries, we then package those along with the tuning and query advisor suggestions/recommendations from DPA and send to our development team. Recently we've started allowing developers direct access to DPA to review the results in real time.
  • SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer
We are not using any AppStack or Perfstack.
DPA helps us understand why Database servers are consuming resources on our VM Hosts and better manage their growth. Both VMware ESX's built in and our third party monitoring system often will show us a database server consuming large amounts of CPU or RAM requiring our attention but they don't show us what database or query is using those resources. DPA provides us insight into what database and if necessary queries are using those resources. This data informs our decisions to increase the resources on the server or reduce the work load, you can't manage it if you can't see it.
DPA provides similar insight in Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS environments as it does with VMware ESX and other on-prem virtual environments. By providing detailed visibility into what databases and queries are using the the CPU, RAM and Disk I/O. Which allows you to better plan for and manage those resources.
DPA is a market leader and goes beyond what most products in the space can offer. It's a battle between SQL Sentry and DPA for the lead and everybody has their favorite. I personally prefer DPA for ease of install, management and better tuning and query advice options.
SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) is great for monitoring Oracle and SQL databases for performance anomalies. When a user calls and says "It's slow" we have one [place] to go to review the data, zero on the problematic query and take action to resolve. In addition to being a great troubleshooting tool DPA also provides query tuning advice based on captured long-term analysis to spot inefficient patterns.

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer Support

Overall we've had a good support experience with Solar Winds and DPA. Truth be told we've only had a to open a handful of cases over the years but when we have response time has been quick and efficient for simple questions. For more advanced questions that require more troubleshooting we find it's best to get the case escalated to the next level of support and once you reach them things go smoothly.
Direct access to most experience support engineers - It's all about subject matter experts. For simple or routine questions online support is fine, we typically can google our questions and find answers. But when your stumped and it's a production server you can't get monitoring working on and you need help quickly it's great to have somebody knowledgeable to call on.
We've had Premier Support for years (long as we've had Solar Winds DPA licenses in our environment) but have never been offered or even heard of a comprehensive health check service. Typically we don't follow up on those type of checks as they are often more marketing than technical.
We had a tough Oracle issue, after installing a patch a we were no longer able to monitor the DB. Worked with tier one support for a while and made no progress so the case was escalated to tier 2. It took some work and a lot of patience but we were able to identify the root cause. on the newly patched release of Oracle DPA couldn't monitor the DB if the Oracle Login banner was enabled. Soon as we disabled it everything started working again. A good find by support and a quick fix once it was discovered.
We are only a DPA customer we don't have any Orion licenses so we haven't had a chance to work with the pre-upgrade optimization plans. We have on more than one occasion worked with support when we've run into issues during DPA upgrades and they have always provided outstanding support for any issues we've encountered.


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I had used DPA had a previously job after having it recommended by a DBA I trust. We started it using it and right away it became a popular tool both on our teams and with others.

Evaluating SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer and Competitors

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer Support

Good support, fast response, knowledgeable engineers, easy to access.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Yes - We use DPA in production and we want to have the latest version and access to support.