One Stop Inspection, Detection, Protection & Rejection
April 22, 2016

One Stop Inspection, Detection, Protection & Rejection

Debbie Johnson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Symantec Endpoint Protection

We use Symantec Endpoint Protection across our entire organization for desktops and our virtual servers. We push the client package to the machines and manage the settings for our users, leaving them no control over their own settings. This keeps everything the same across the board and provides a more secure environment without the potential for users to open a hole they are unaware of.
  • The virus and spyware protection has worked well for us, catching several things and quarantining the items or cleaning them.
  • The virus definitions very rarely fail to update for the users, so I feel confident that my client machines are kept up to date.
  • I like the report I get daily telling me about threats found and action taken without having to login to the console to look it up myself.
  • The Proactive Threat Protection is helpful, but I wish it caught more in the browser.
  • The client packages for installation can be a little finicky at times to get them to push to the client machines - it might take a few attempts on a newly imaged machine.
  • Virus equals downtime. Downtime equals loss of revenue. We've only had 3 desktop viruses in 10 years and none on my servers. That's a record I'm very happy with and part of that is due to Symantec Endpoint Protection and part due to the fact that we do NOT allow any user to be a local admin.
  • We have only had to 'disable' Symantec during the installation of one application for our end users. It doesn't interfere with installations, which saves us time during imaging, deployment and upgrades. We frequently see implementation documentation that states you will likely need to disable your firewall for the installs, but we don't have those issues with Symantec. It does a great job of knowing what's appropriate to install and what isn't.
It's been years since we have really looked at or tested anything else. We did try the Windows firewall when we went to Windows 7 and found Symantec did a better job for us. We really don't have any recent experience on anything else.
We have it installed on our servers and user machines, so I think it's helpful and necessary on every end point.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Support

It's a big company. Symantec's support is good once you actually get them. We generally have to open a ticket and get a call back - eventually. They rarely have the answer for us right away, but they are good about either escalating or researching and getting back to us in a day or two. We rarely have any issues, so this usually isn't too big of a deal for us. If their product had more issues I would really have to debate whether or not I needed a different vendor due to the time it takes to actually get support. As I said, once we reach a person with the right skills for the right product, we're usually happy with the results.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Difficult to get immediate help
Need to explain problems multiple times
Yes - After reporting an issue we found to Symantec (specific to encrypted files with our DMS on our specific platform), they found a work around for us quickly and everything is great. It will be patched in their next release. However, it took us about 10 days to get a ticket open and get to the right person in the first place to look at the issue with us and begin to help.

Using Symantec Endpoint Protection

I think it works great. It's easy to administer. It's easy to see if it's working and how well. There's no real user interaction necessary.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Feel confident using
  • Creating the package for deployment is straight forward.
  • Setting up exclusions for skipping certain files or directories during anti-virus scanning is simple.
  • Setting up scheduled reports or scheduled scans is extremely easy.
  • The actual roll-out is easy, but sometimes Symantec can't locate a new client right away or it fails to install the client at first. Re-try always works, but it's a little frustrating when it happens.