Pigeon Messengr helped me double my remote team and reduce the number of tabs I have to keep open
October 04, 2021

Pigeon Messengr helped me double my remote team and reduce the number of tabs I have to keep open

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This year, my team has doubled in size. Our business has been doing well during the pandemic, but we have not been able to return to the office as quickly as we thought - and while we've been remote, I've hired several new team members who will continue to work remotely even after the rest of us are back in person, since they live in different states across the U.S. I decided that Slack + personal cell phone calls wasn't going to cut it. We needed a communications app to facilitate chat as well as calling that would work now and in the future when some of us are in a meeting room and others are calling in remotely. I wanted something we would only have to learn once. Pigeon Messengr fit the bill.
  • Integrations are super helpful. We use Trello for most of our project management (especially working with contractors), and Google Drive + Box for a lot of our file sharing. Pigeon Messengr integrates so that we're notified when files are shared or projects are updated. We can even set permissions from within Pigeon Messengr, which saves my team having to keep a bunch of different tabs open.
  • It's really nice to be able to send SMS messages from within the app too. That way, even if someone doesn't have Pigeon Messengr downloaded on their phone, I can still reach them if something urgent comes up while they are traveling or in the evening.
  • Pigeon Messengr is the most cost effective option I've found. You can't beat it for the quality of video and audio, plus the number of minutes you get for the price. WAY better audio/video quality than Slack. Better integrations and chat than Zoom. Also, the free trial is really substantial. We got to use it for 2 weeks before we had to upgrade to the paid version.
  • Doesn't yet integrate with Jira or Confluence, which means we still have to go directly into those systems to collaborate with our Product team.
  • It requires you to add a photo for the coworker directory. I see why this is helpful for searching, but I just hate having to look at my own photo whenever I'm chatting with someone.
  • Can be hard to use on an iPad or Macbook Air or Chromebook due to high memory usage.
  • Video and voice calls
  • Integration with project mgmt and file sharing
  • Ability to chat in the app as well as send SMS messages
  • Saved time browsing multiple different systems to find what we need
  • Saved money vs. buying Zoom + Slack
  • Got everyone excited to be part of a team that gets to test cool new apps (really good for our team bonding, which is hard to do remotely!)
Pigeon Messengr is the best of all of these apps, rolled into one. Why use 2 or 3 when there's one that does almost everything you need? I will say that depending on your memory and OS, some of these alternatives might run faster than Pigeon Messengr. It has caused a few machines to crash and need a reboot (but only those designed for mostly lightweight browser activity, like some of our contractors who use Chromebooks).

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If you have a mix of remote and in-person employees, or are all-remote with a distributed team and you don't want to rely on a combination of personal phone calls + having a bunch of different apps and tabs open, Pigeon Messengr is the tool for you. It's not the least expensive option on the market, but for the quality and breadth of features you get, it's truly worth it. Also - if you like to get ahead of the curve, and you're an early adopter, now's the time to try Pigeon Messengr. I think in a couple of years it's going to be everywhere, because it just works so much better than Slack or Teams for video/audio calls.

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