Great for targeting accounts with specific ads
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April 08, 2019

Great for targeting accounts with specific ads

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Overall Satisfaction with Terminus

We used Terminus to deliver targeted advertising to key accounts within our database. Meant to be as air coverage for other sales/marketing efforts. This allowed us to get specific messaging in front of key accounts and measure progress of our sales for those accounts. We did not utilize more advanced Brightfunnel capabilities.
  • Targeted advertising
  • ABM reporting metrics
  • Customer support
  • Reporting. They seem to want to take credit for any opportunity/sales movement or web traffic, regardless of whether ads drove it.
  • Speed. Everything goes through them, meaning that when we want to launch new ads, we'd have to wait several days for it to go through their own review process. Felt a little like there's less magic and more hamster wheel happening behind the scenes.
  • Persona targeting. If you're targeting large accounts, even drilling down to specific departments yields a high number of users/devices. It'd be nice to target specific users if we have those identified.
  • Targeted advertising - knowing our ads were being seen by key accounts vs. the broader web
  • Web traffic - large increase in web traffic based on Terminus spend, which again felt great because we knew it was from key accounts
  • Message refinement - thinking about different groups/buckets helped inform our messaging strategy
We selected Terminus really before evaluating other vendors because they're local.
Terminus is well-suited for broad account-based ad targeting. Their product enhancements looked really great, but their pricing started going up accordingly and we didn't engage with them beyond the basic account-based advertising. They're great to work with and are passionate about ABM, and it's been encouraging to watch them grow and help businesses grow. If you have money to spend and are thinking about diving into ABM, definitely look at Terminus.