Do you really know if your customer is happy with your product and willing to do a renewal? Totango knows.
October 27, 2016

Do you really know if your customer is happy with your product and willing to do a renewal? Totango knows.

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Overall Satisfaction with Totango

Totango is being used to minimize the impact of unexpected churns; to measure and increase sales and the customer success teams' productivity and to get product optimization insights.

Today, it is used mainly by 3 teams: customer success, operations, and product development. Customer success is totally guided by Totango's insights. They constantly monitor their account's health and design strategies to increase customers' satisfaction together with the operations team.

The health score given by Totango is even in these team's business goals related to compensation and bonus. The health scenario is also analysed by the company directors frequently in order to understand the impact of customer success' actions.
  • Account's health and changes overview: In the homepage, which is your "dashboard", you can clearly see your portfolio's health and what has changed since your last update. In this way, it is easy to get fast insights and move accounts to your "attention center".
  • Health history: It's easy to see health changes over time and by clicking in the date range, you see what criteria were impacting this health at that time.
  • Account's hierarchy: For my business, it's really important to be able to group accounts and have more than one level of customers (companies and groups of companies, for example). This way, it is possible to design and deploy strategies to different decision makers.
  • Easy health profile set up: The Health Profile set up page is really easy to use, with simple calculations features to determine what is good and poor health for your customers.
  • Tasks and touchpoint monitoring: Although these features have some room for improvement (e.g.: edit options, paragraph, bold or topics could make a huge difference when you want to record long conversations or detailed topics), they are really user friendly and make it easy for the account manager to write down notes on the customer's updates.
  • Retroactive actions: Today, Totango is not able to understand past data and make changes on customer's health based on that, which is a representative gap when you don't have real-time integration with your product.
  • Experience for offline data upload: Since we don't have a real-time integration with our product (we upload on a CSV data basis), it would be better if Totango was more adapted to this kind of use. An example of a gap in this matter is that Totango doesn't understand the "timestamp" when the actions were made, which means it is like all the actions you uploaded were made in the second you were uploading your CSV, instead of when it was actually made by your user. Although I know this development is on the product team's radar, it still does not have any forecast for the launching.
  • Block users to see data of different portfolios: When you have a big company and you don't want to share your revenue information or key contacts data with sales/CS managers who don't own the specific account, you have a certain gap with Totango. I know they are aware of that and planning some improvements, but today you cannot hide any data from any user, which means every Totango's user in your company can search and find data from every account. Its impacts are minimized by the portfolio set up (a segment of your homepage/dashboard), but the users are still able to find the data using the accounts search field.
  • Integrated account management: Since we have 3 "owners" for each customer, Totango helped us to get these 3 managers together to pursue the same goal: positively impact the customer's health. This team gets together once a week to review health changes and plan actions to increase good health and reduce churn risks.
  • Team management: Today the company can easily see what managers are performing better and develop training with these managers to the rest of the team. The Customer Success Director is also able to focus attention on more sensitive accounts and managers.
  • Engagement: Using the Portfolio Health Score, we've created a rewards program to motivate and reward managers on improving account's health. It's helped a lot with inserting the tool in the day-to-day customer management.
Two main gaps made us choosing Totango instead of Gainsight:
1. Pricing - We do believe Gainsight has a great product and service, but our company can't afford it before scaling.
2. Flexibility of onboarding - For us, the fast implementation and the lean mindset is really important. Gainsight was not able to give us that. With them, we would have to travel to the US to the onboarding and take a lot of time to get it live. Totango really met our expectations on this matter, we've implemented a first account's health overview in less than one month.

If you are beginning your customer success strategy and want have a lot of data to put together in a health rank you have to monitor frequently, Totango should definitely be considered. It has an easy implementation (for both offline/CSV data and easy integrations like and an onboarding process. It will give you a fast answer about how your features and the product usage are impacting customer health. Also, after a contract renewal cycle, you will be able to improve your guess on what good and poor health really is for your customers.

If you have trouble with unexpected churn and your forecast are still based on account managers' analysis, you should definitely get to know Totango and how it could help you not only with this matter but also with increasing your team productivity [that is] focusing on the risky accounts.

On the other hand, if you already have a customer success department and a health rank/score implemented and are working fine with internal tools or other tools, you should analyse if Totango would represent a huge progress on your strategy or not.

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