Cision Communication Cloud is helpful, but not perfect
November 08, 2018

Cision Communication Cloud is helpful, but not perfect

Dominique Taylor | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Cision Communications Cloud

Cision Communications Cloud (TrendKite)* is being used by the PR department, and the some of the data from Cision Communications Cloud is also viewed by our C-suite. Regarding PR, we use it to see which media outlets write about us the most, what topics are most popular, how many people visit and the Bulletproof blog after reading a article about us, and much more. After the PR department analyzes this data, we then draft insights about what the PR department is doing right/wrong depending on how the data fluctuates from month-to-month. We also use this data to determine what topics we will pitch out to media depending on which ones Cision Communications Cloud shows as most popular.

We show some Cision data to our C-suite so they know how effective the PR department is with its efforts.
*[This review was written before Cision acquired TrendKite. TrendKite is now part of Cision Communications Cloud.]


  • Cision Communications Cloud does a great job of presenting the data in a digestible format. I enjoy evaluating the bar graphics and other table formats.
  • Cision Communications Cloud does a great job of providing all the information one would need to evaluate the efficacy of an organizations PR efforts.
  • Cision's (TrendKite's)* customer service help is AMAZING. They are so helpful and will go above and beyond to solve a problem.


  • Unfortunately, Cision Communications Cloud is very slow at times, sometimes hard to navigate and buggy. This is extremely frustrating and compromises user experience.
  • I feel like Cision's search option is hard to use and makes it more difficult than it should be to find an article that you want to locate. Also, a lot of the time an article that I want to locate won't even pop up in Cision. I have to ask the customer service representatives to manually add it. It would be okay if this was a rare occurrence, but it happens on a weekly basis.
  • Cision provides great data, but I find that it changes occasionally. For example, sometimes social shares for a month will change even when that month has passed! I could view June social shares on two different dates during the month of July, and the June social shares could be slightly different each time I view it. I don't understand how that can happen I'm viewing total shares during the month of July and the month of June has already passed.
I have not used any other products related to Cision Communications Cloud (TrendKite)*.
Cision Communications Cloud (TrendKite)* is well-suited for analyzing broad, over-arching metrics of PR efficacy. It allows PR professionals to use data to quantify their worth to C-suite professionals who may be skeptical of the need of PR. It allows us to come off polished and really show how our efforts benefit the company. However, I wish it was easier to find articles that mention the brand without having to scroll through total mentions. Also, the search option is difficult to use.

Transition from TrendKite to Cision Communications Cloud

The customer support is amazing. They respond almost immediately and will go above and beyond to help.


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