Must-go site before any application purchase
September 29, 2021

Must-go site before any application purchase

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Other ETL/data extraction and preparation tools like Informatica and SAP Data Services. We needed a data preparation tool that would work well not only for Tableau Desktop and servers content. In the end, we decided Tableau native addon is the best choice, considering its price and excellent fit.
Tableau Prep and Data Management Add-on. After using the Tableau Server solution for over a year, we realized we needed better data extraction and output solutions since more and more of our data sets became live extracts. Tableau server allows you to use scheduling and notification features (static and custom) for extracts and flows. As a result, in addition to the Tableau Prep Desktop solution, we purchased a data management add-on (to TBL server). There were seven people involved in making the purchasing decision, from TBL developers to CIO. It took about two months to research it and another month to complete the purchase.
  • Number of reviews for particular products.
  • Excellent review quality.
  • Virtually, the majority of applications are covered.
  • Update your selection list (application names).
  • Better search criteria.
  • Perhaps, a monthly spotlight on selected applications based on users' input or what is currently "hot."
  • SoftwareAdvice
I did not even know there were so many, but the one I used was not very helpful. From page layout to outdated content did not help me at all. Also, application selection was not that large, and reviews that I found were either not very detailed or way too technical (almost like the application manual).
We used Gartner (like most of the IT professionals) to see where a particular tool is located on the quadrant. It was helpful to get a quick sense of the application position, and their expiation is pretty good. However, it does not mean it is necessarily correct or reflects the actual market position. Opinion/review of actual customers/users (like here) is much more valuable.
We started with product and integration features to see if it would be a good fit. Then tried to get a feel for the pricing and licensing model. You can get that info, as well as other pointers from reviews. Next, we take a deeper dive into modules and detailed functionality.
This is a go-to site for product reviews. It is like purchasing from Amazon. Actual customer opinions/reviews are most valuable. Plus, IT people usually love to express their opinion in length, which is what you want before spending large sums of money on a product you never used before.