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Technology Review Platforms Overview

What are Technology Review Platforms?

Technology review platforms are websites or applications designed to allow users to review B2B technologies. These platforms enable vendors to promote trusted reviews from authentic users and connect with potential customers. Since reviews are the #1 most used resource by enterprise buyers before speaking with a vendor, and many businesses are purchasing products without ever speaking with a vendor, technology review platforms can help vendors instill confidence in their buyers. By driving reviews vendors ensure that their buyers find all the information they need from user feedback to make a confident decision.

Technology review platforms have different processes for accepting reviews. Some platforms allow for anonymous reviews, while some require reviews to be public. Additionally, technology review platforms offer varying degrees of review vetting. Technology review platforms with minimal vetting can receive fake reviews, so many businesses prefer technology review platforms with robust review verification processes.

Most Technology review platforms offer services beyond just generating reviews. Many platforms provide vendors with leads, either through clicks to the vendor’s website, lead forms, or intent data. Intent data is based on the behavior of buyers, meaning technology review platforms can identify companies that are likely to be interested in a vendor’s product. Technology review platforms may also provide custom questions, customizable product profiles, CTAs pointing to vendor websites, and syndication of review content. Businesses can use all of these features to target potential buyers and deliver product information to them in a trustworthy manner.

Technology Review Platforms Features & Capabilities

  • Review generation

  • Custom review questions

  • Reputation management

  • Buyer intent data

  • Custom CTAs

  • Audience retargeting

  • Customer quotes

  • Content Syndication

  • Content licensing packages

These features mean review platforms help vendors influence buyers, build new pipelines, accelerate deal cycles and derive new insights about their product.


Pricing for Technology Review Platforms depends on the vendor. Different technology review platforms offer different feature packages and can provide pricing as needed. For most sites, having your products posted to be reviewed is free. Some technology review platforms are self-service platforms, while others include managed services with dedicated customer service managers.

Businesses can always manage their reputation by claiming and enhancing their profile on TrustRadius for free. Additionally, businesses can utilize our programs to help qualifying vendors drive more reviews. For vendors who want to drive demand or maximize ROI from content, subscription packages start at $20K per year and go up depending on the products and services involved. Businesses can contact our sales team for exact pricing information.

Technology Review Products

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TrustRadius for Vendors

TrustRadius for Vendors

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Top Rated

TrustRadius changes the way B2B technology is bought and sold. Each month, 700,000 technology buyers use the verified and vetted reviews on to make informed purchasing decisions. An additional 1 million buyers per month read TrustRadius review content in other venues,…



Customer Verified

SourceForge is an online code hosting service boasting over 500,000 open source software projects, delivering over 4 million downloads every day, expert help, and global reach. SourceForge further boasts the world’s largest collection of open source software tools and applications…


Trustpilot, headquartered in Copenhagen, offers their customer review platform to help businesses gather more online reviews and merge their online profile with feedback from their top customers and bring customer reviews to other high visibility platforms (e.g. Google).


G2 is a B2B software and services review platform. G2 allows users to post and read reviews while driving review for vendors and providing them with intent data.


GetApp is an online resource for buyers to research business technologies. Users can view reviews from other buyers and create side-by-side comparisons to help choose between products.

IT Central Station

IT Central Station is a technology review platform for enterprise technology. IT Central Station sources reviews from product users authenticated by a three-step process. Vendors use IT Central Station to connect with potential buyers and communicate with reviewers.

Software Advice

Software Advice is an online service for helping buyers select technology for their business. They provide personalized suggestions based on user reviews as well as insight from industry researchers. Software Advice can also provide leads to vendors.


Capterra is a technology review platform that connects sellers of B2B software to potential buyers. Capterra also offers account management features and review generation for vendors.

Gartner Peer Insights

Gartner Peer Insights is a technology review platform where users can review software they have experience with as well as view reviews from other users. These reviews are used to create interactive visualizations with customizable criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are online reviews trustworthy?

Many online reviews are trustworthy, but the trustworthiness and quality may vary by review site. All leading review platforms provide some level of verification that reviewers are real users, but the quality of that vetting process will vary site-to-site. Many sites will publish their specific standards and criteria for publishing a review on their platform.

How do I collect customer reviews?

Vendors can reach out to their user bases directly via email campaign, embedded invitations in their product, social outreach, and other tools to encourage users to leave reviews on a given review site. Many review sites will also offer paid services to handle review sourcing and outreach.

Where should I put reviews on my website?

Vendors should place review content where their buyers are most likely to see them. This includes a vendor’s or product’s home page, landing pages, or hosted lead forms. The goal should be to get as much buyer visibility on the vendor’s reviews as possible.

What is B2B intent data?

B2B intent data consists of the signals that buyers intend to purchase technology. Review platforms (and other organizations) receive these signals from buyer activities on their platforms. The scope and granularity of intent data may vary, but it should be able to identify individuals or organizations that are in a buying cycle for a type of software or technology, as well as more granular details.