TrustRadius for Vendors puts the potency of authentic customer feedback to work in B2B
Michael Beahm | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated February 24, 2017

TrustRadius for Vendors puts the potency of authentic customer feedback to work in B2B

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TrustRadius for Vendors allows us to harness the voice of our customers and give them a platform to share their experiences with prospective users of our solutions. Additionally, it provides valuable in-depth feedback about our solutions and services that we can utilize to improve upon our products and overall customer experience. Finally, it provides word-of-mouth content that can be used by Sales and Marketing in a myriad of creative ways. The departments and roles that are involved are primarily within our Customer Marketing team; however, stakeholders from Sales, Customer Success, and Product Marketing have been involved.
  • The in-depth nature of TrustRadius reviews is helpful for organizations researching our solutions and also for our team. There is no fluff in these reviews. TrustRadius reviews bear weight and value.
  • The partnership and collaboration with the TrustRadius for Vendors team is excellent. We immediately began working with their Customer Success team who was knowledgeable, relational, and prescriptive in helping us be successful in our Review Acceleration Campaign.
  • TrustRadius for Vendors isn't just another review site out there to make a buck by trying to sell leads to their users. Their formula doesn't cut corners, but rather adds unique value to vendors and researchers alike, making them a more strategic choice for sourcing and utilizing customer feedback.
  • TrustRadius for Vendors is regularly adding enhancements, improvements, and uses for their products. The Customer Success team is helpful in sharing these developments with our team and how we can utilize the new functionality, as well as sharing creative strategies other clients are using. Not entirely a con - more of an observation that things aren't always a finished product - but are continuing to develop and improve all the time.
  • The consultative partnership with the TrustRadius team is top-notch; however, it could be cost-prohibitive depending on the service/solution or makeup of your organization, especially if you have number of different offerings. The TrustRadius team is good about negotiating different options for teams.
  • The review cataloging was a bit tedious and required quite a bit of manual effort. There is opportunity for additional automation and intelligence in how reviews are cataloged. Once cataloged however, the content is very useful and ready for distribution.
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Manage brand reputation
  • Scale customer proof through reviews
  • Third-party validation of marketing claims
  • Identify candidates for case studies & advocacy
  • Reduce or supplement reference requests
  • Increase landing page conversion
  • Create sales enablement content
  • Improve sales efficiency
  • Gather product insights
  • Identify & address customer issues
For Marketing, we've used TrustRadius for Vendors to utilize review content on landing pages and increase conversion rates and to add customers to our reference + advocate marketing program. For Sales: to include in their conversations and email correspondences as validation with prospective customers. For Customer Success: to gain greater customer insights and also occasional retention/renewal flags when negative feedback is given. With products and R+D teams: to gain product feedback and areas for improvement.
There are a number of review sites out there; however, most pale in comparison to the depth and use cases provided by TrustRadius. Most of them are extremely simple in the questions asked surrounding products which offers very little value to companies and can be misleading to prospective users doing research. From experience, TrustRadius is most concerned with providing authentic product reviews that benefit researchers and vendors alike. The easiest and quickest way isn't always the right way, and that's one thing we appreciate about TrustRadius for Vendors. In the long run you get what you put in and partnering with TrustRadius should show your customers that you want to keep the lines of communication and transparency open with them and care about giving your customers the best possible experience working with your company.
TrustRadius review content is an excellent compliment to other forms of customer proof such as customer references and case studies, and actually over time I think will become more prominently used by Sales and Marketing because of the ability to source review content much more quickly, saving valuable human hours and financial resources. Published review content is also accessible at any time publicly by prospective users, so from a potency standpoint, researchers know that content hasn't been sifted through the company's Marketing department but rather come straight from the user, cutting out the middleman so-to-speak.
I would recommend TrustRadius for Vendors for teams both large and small, as well as companies with a number of different offerings or a single offering. That being said, I think it would be easier to operationalize and utilize more features with a smaller-medium sized team and a few number of products. If you have a larger number of offerings, you would most likely need to select 1-2 to focus on initially unless you had a large amount of resources to put towards the effort at once.

Relationship with TrustRadius

The TrustRadius Customer Success team is really what sets them apart from other review sites. The team is knowledgable, relational, and passionate about the experience they create for reviewers and vendors alike. As with most things, you get what you pay for, and with the Customer Success team at TrustRadius they've been committed to making us successful in our TrustRadius for Vendors partnership. I've had Customer Success experiences with other vendors that have been positive and some that have been sub-par, and speaking from experience, this has been fantastic. The Customer Success team makes themselves available, listens to the goals you want to achieve, shares examples and is prescriptive when needed, and from our experience has been committed to ensuring we were successful and achieved the desired outcomes with their solution and service.