YVR Cro Girl's review
April 10, 2014

YVR Cro Girl's review

Helen Luketic, CHRP | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • Core HR
  • Payroll
  • UTA

Overall Satisfaction

UltiPro is being used throughout the organization, we have complete adoption for Core HR & Payroll. We use UTA primarily for hourly employees and on exception only basis for salaried employees. The Recruitment Gateway is used only within HR and the recruitment teams to manage the recruitment process

Both employees and managers access UltiPro.

The business problems it addresses: Saas solution so no need for IT support, payroll and HR record management, transparency in org structure and employee data for managers. BI reporting for employee data and trends.

  • The Business Intelligence reporting tool is flexible and gives HR complete control of the data, no need for external help.
  • Seamless unified HR and Payroll solution
  • Ability to open tool to managers and employees for self-service options and transparency in data HR collects
  • Quicker cycle times for product development. At moment, appears to be several years from talk > alpha > beta > release to customers > improvements which make the system sing.
  • Fixing of the most basic issues that cause pain. For example, inactivating job and salary change choice list. We hear that Gen Y just wants things to work but we can't get even the most basic feature! It baffles our management team how a company can invest in big product development and ignore the simple that causes organizational pain.
  • Performance Management. This product received a lot of development time when first launched and then appeared to stall as development time was spent on other products like Succession Planning. Product Manager appears to have ignore customers begging for improvements. Currently heard in a session some of the same complaints from customers that I discussed with Ultimate Product Manager 2 years ago and the only timeline for a fix we heard was "on the roadmap". Losing faith, Ultimate! Customers roll their eyes at you.
  • ne stop data record management that is unified
  • simplified reporting, data in the hands of HR and the user
  • improved HR and payroll efficiency
  • complete support from Ultimate
  • Cerdian
I didn't select UltiPro but UltiPro is miles ahead of Ceridian when it comes to customer support, unified technology and reporting capabilities.

There's a huge investment in implementing a new solution and I don't believe there would be a positive ROI to it, even though we have pains with UltiPro.

I hate UTA and would consider implementing a different non-UltiPro solution as there would be a positive ROI for this change.

Customers should gather requirements well and determine if the SAAS environment is for them and to what extend they want customization (not config) and are willing to pay for it. Ultimate consulting time is very expensive!

Spend time and money implementing well. Doesn't matter which system you have, if you decide to go the cheap and quick route, you will end up with a product with zero or negative ROI.