A Review of Veeam from a User and Provider's Perspective
Michael Davey | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 14, 2019

A Review of Veeam from a User and Provider's Perspective

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Overall Satisfaction with Veeam Backup & Replication

Veeam is being used to backup our virtual systems to a local NAS and a Veeam Cloud Connect repository. In addition, the Veeam Availability Console is used to monitor, administer and manage our customer backup environments. Veeam itself addresses the issue of finding a reliable and consistent bakcup solution for our environment which we in turn recommend to all of our customers.
  • Backup transparency - unlike other vendors, Veeam's solution tells you exactly what is being backed up and where it's going to before then packing it into a single concise backup file.
  • Varied job run options - there is a large variety of customisation in how you can set your backups, backup copies and replications to run. This can be adjusted to suit any business of any size.
  • UI & Reporting - the notifications and in depth reporting available is fantastic and provide you with a huge wealth of knowledge straight out of the box. The UI is also made really easy to navigate and is bursting with information throughout.
  • It would be great to have better replication seeding so that replication jobs and backup jobs using the same VM could work concurrently. This feature is available but I have found it a little bit unreliable in past experiences.
  • It would be great to be able to see more information about a backup repository in the infrastructure tab such as disk quantities, raid versions and serial numbers.
  • Currently backup scheduling on copy jobs can be a little unclear to people without a reference model. A more guided wizard on creation of these jobs or more granular scheduling options could help less familiar users to navigate this portion of the console.
  • Our engineers have saved a huge amount of time and free'd up significant resource for the team allowing us to focus in development areas and provide more value.
  • The central management of the Veeam Availability Console makes daily monitoring and regular maintenance incredibly simple and easy to manage.
  • Backup runtimes have reduced drastically and the deduplication efficiency is far higher than other products we have used making the backup jobs more storage efficient and faster.
In our own organisation, there are 5 virtual workloads protected that are then copied to a cloud connect instance. For our customers that we manage, there are over 200 virtual workloads and more than 30 physical workloads that we look after. This is growing every month as we migrate more clients to Veeam.
We have benefitted significantly from Veeam Cloud Connect. The solution is incredibly cost effective and easy to configure within the environemnt. Having cloud storage available for backup copies and replication that can be immediately scaled up or down depending on our needs gives us a freedom we have not experienced with other vendors.
At this time, we have not used these features in any great capacity. What I have experienced of them is positive but it would be unfair to review them with such little exposure.
Unlike many of the vendors above, Veeam is providing a solution that scales from one workload to hundreds and fits comprehensively in any of the spaces between without compromising the core functionality and feature set that makes it such a great product. Veeam are confident in the solution they provide and with good reason, the tag line "It just works" is very appropriate.
Unitrends Recovery Series Backup Appliance, Commvault, Barracuda Cloud Archive (formerly Sonian), Azure Backup, Acronis Backup
I cannot recommend Veeam enough. In place of backup exec, we have seen a customers job success ratios rise from 60% to over 90% in a week. It is so much more reliable and clearly a better suited product to the workload.

I have yet to deploy Veeam into an environment and it not be appropriate.

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