VMTurbo with NFS
September 23, 2015

VMTurbo with NFS

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Software Version

Cloud Edition,Enterprise Edition

Modules Used

  • 5.1 update 3

Overall Satisfaction with VMTurbo Operations Manager

We use VMTurbo Operations Manager to assist with the management of a VMware 5.5 environment with 11 hosts (HP Proliant DL380) and two storage arrays (EMC- Fiber Channel and Nimble - ISCSI) We have a small IT dept. (3 IT - 250 users) and found the product to be very valuable for juggling the VMs between the arrays to increase performance.
  • Excellent VM reporting tool.
  • VMTurbo Operations Manager proactively manages workload placement for virtual machines as well as storage.
  • Helped us right-size serveral VMs that were over/under provisioned.
  • Planning tool generated crazy results (provisioned 37 new hosts ), even after support ticket.
  • Policy editor UI is not intuitive. It's difficult to set new policies.
  • We moved from old legacy FiberChannel array to a Netapp using NFS for the data stores. With NFS we have similar machines grouped together, for better deduplication rates. VMTurbo has lost a lot of usefulness with this new array, as we no longer need to shuffle VMs between data stores.
  • Improved effiency on existing host, so that the business could put off buying new hardware.
  • Best thing about VMTurbo Operations Manager is that you can get basic monitoring for free.
  • Support staff and customer experience managers are very helpful.
My organization looked at VCOPS, but it’s not really a monitoring tool. VMTurbo Operations Manager was the best product around a few years ago. However, since we changed over storage from block to NFS storage, I don’t really see how the product can be as great a benefit as before.
Our company is unsure that we will renew due to this issue, combined with how much it will cost to add a new host into mix and the cost of the Netapp integration.
For VM environments with block storage VMTurbo Operations Manager is the way to go for an effective monitoring and optimization tool. It can make the migration of VMs between host/data stores a painless and automatic process. VMTurbo needs to find a better way to manage NFS data stores as more people move away from block storage for their VM environments. Additionally doing so without up selling a storage add-on.

Using VMTurbo Operations Manager

3 - IT operations dept.

Helpdesk - Mac/PC, iPhone, iPad hardware, printers, application support, etc.

Networking - mostly Cisco routers / switches with Palo Alto/ASA Firewalls, pair of 9k nexus switches, 4 sites, 2 international.

Sys admin - On premise SharePoint, just moved on premise exchange to Office 365, patch management, Cisco VOIP PBX, few Linux (CentOS) webservers, etc

Virtualization / Storage - 18 VMware host 5.1, 5.5, and now 6.0 (HP Proliant servers), almost 500 VMs, Netapp/ Nimble Storage, few hyper-v host.
3 - Able to have strong understanding of Networking / Storage / and Virtualization techonolgies
  • Monitoring VMs performance.
  • Balance workloads across host / datastores
  • Automation of suggested changes is a real time saver
  • Allowed us to utilize our existing hardware to the fullest extent possible
  • Analysis tool for elimination of obvious issues and isolation of problems
  • Ability to better dictate how infrastructure resources are allocated
  • Unsure of future [use].
Not as great since moving from block storage to NFS, no need to move VMs between data stores. High cost to license new host. Up sell on storage integration to better manage our new array.

VMTurbo Operations Manager Implementation

A fully automated solution, ready to give recommendations on first use.
No - VMTurbo Operations Manager was painless to set up. I provisioned the system in less than half a day.
Change management was minimal - No real change management with current organization. Can be problematic if a Jr. Admin just lets VMTurbo make a change without thinking through what possible outcome might occur. Usually no issues though.
  • None, fairly painless process
  • Support completed last upgrade for my organization with great enthusiasm.

VMTurbo Operations Manager Training

After buying VMTurbo Operations Manager, I was invited to an online user training event. I felt this training was effective and dug just deep enough to be informative yet still keep my attention. Additionally, the webinar was free.

VMTurbo Operations Manager Support

It's a good monitoring tool, that's where it shines. However, I don't like the policy set up and the planning tool gave us some crazy results after defining all the parameters in detail.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support cares about my success
I informed a customer experience manager about a strange issue I was having. He took time to personally set up my support ticket and then followed up to verify the support ticket was handled in a acceptable manner. Excellent customer service.

Using VMTurbo Operations Manager

Issues with the planning tool that support was unable to resolve. Needed support assistance to set up policies. The rest of tools are pretty good and easy to use.
Like to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Feel confident using
Lots to learn
  • Workload is a nice 30,000 foot overview of entire virtual environment.
  • Dashboard has most important recommendations pointed out, and ready to make changes.
  • Inventory page is nice view, can manage virtual environment from this single pane of glass.
  • I found the policy editor to be difficult to set-up.
  • Planning for additional host returns crazy results after trying to be as accurate as possible with variables.

Relationship with VMTurbo

Customer experience is very important. Once you are a customer they will bend over backwards to ensure success.
Support and customer experience managers are always willing to assist.
None really, the product does sell itself after people get hooked on free trial. No wiggle room on price per core, unless you go month to month.
Others have said they won't take "no" for an answer during the sales process, I wouldn't know because my organization bought it. I can attest that the support and customer experience reps will also follow up on your issues in an almost annoying fashion after becoming a customer. They cared more about fixing an issue with product than I did.