Webroot - Best Anti-Virus for Businesses
November 19, 2018

Webroot - Best Anti-Virus for Businesses

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Overall Satisfaction with Webroot Business Endpoint Protection

It is being used on workstations across our entire organization. It was used more in depth at my previous employer(MSP) and is where I interacted with it the most. We were able to silently install on computers that were missing Webroot which could automatically license and poll to the cloud. This was great in the fact that we didn't have to big the end user, we just had to wait for it to show in the cloud admin console. As an admin you have complete control and can even go as far as to not allow the end user to open and see the Webroot client interface. Since we had an overview of all Webroot clients from the cloud, we were able to proactively see viruses or threats before they caused major harm on the computer. As for the servers you were able to turn off certain features if you felt it would interfere with the performance or programs running on them. There are some helpful tools that you can use if the client is on a workstation. For example you can send a command to reboot the computer with no interaction. It runs mostly on it's own and is my favorite Antivirus to use.
  • It is very light weight and does not tax the computers resources
  • Has a quick scan and does not take forevere when scanning
  • It's central management on the web makes it easy to use and gives tons of control for Admins
  • Sometimes when programs are being blocked it can be time consuming to unblock
  • There are steps on removing webroot from a computer if it is locked down by policy and removing will take knwoing how.
  • Never really have had too many issues with Webroot honestly
  • It saves us time and money in the fact that it runs and we never really have to worry about that part of IT. IT just runs
  • Being able to centrally manage the clients is another plus because of being able to reach it virtually anywhere.
  • Very simple quick installs. Gives us time to do other things.
I think that the AV clients are more light weight than the others which makes running on older slower computers more manageable. Also Cloud manamgenet is a huge, huge plus.
It works well for the company and love that it is centrally managed on the web. Being able to create policies and assign per individuals Webroot client is awesome. So easy to use and the support is awesome!