My new best friend
March 22, 2019

My new best friend

Charlie Murawski | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with Workato

We use Workato both internally and recommend it to many of our clients as well.

Workato has been fantastic in helping us automate workflows and connect our systems. It's just a fantastic 'ace' in the hole that we continually pull out when we're scratching our heads on a solution. I have yet to say no to the question 'can we do this with Workato?'

Our Clients:
In the 8+ years I have been doing professional services and consulting, I wish I would have had Workato with me the entire time. As a business analyst by trade, the ability to gather requirements and show a client a POC by the end of the same day (without consulting my development team!); I have felt like my skill-set has doubled since using Workato. We rarely take on a project these days where integration to another system isn't a critical requirement. It's been wonderful to have a tool in our box that can solve what can sometimes be showstoppers in a project from an effort and budgeting perspective. We've solved all sorts of problems, from things as simple as keeping document links from Box in sync between multiple web apps, to deep connectivity with on-prem apps that had been in IT's backlog for a decade.
  • Truly no-code: I am not a developer, but can now do the work of two.
  • Enhancing their product: constant updates and improvements.
  • An easy and intuitive UI.
  • Fantastic logging.
  • I'd love to see more a-la-carte pricing options.
  • Some kind of email trigger/parsing capability is a must.
  • Much faster and less expensive development cycles.
  • Easy to tweak and change as our business grows saves a lot of money.
  • The ability to leverage existing recipes for future needs has been huge.
Workato beats the competition pound for pound, not even close. It's a much more enterprise-grade tool, designed from the ground up to be stable, solid, and secure. The other tools I've tried were either buggy, lacking in capability, felt like toys, or were really hard to scale.
I think Workato is best suited within IT organizations who want a single tool to absolutely crush their backlog. It's really easy to see the value when you know you can knock out projects 1-xx at a stable monthly cost. It is sometimes challenging to recommend when the user clearly has a need, but only a single need, and not much clout with IT or personal budget to draw from.

Workato Feature Ratings

Pre-built connectors
Support for real-time and batch integration
Data quality services
Data security features
Monitoring console