WORKetc simply works!
Updated August 19, 2015

WORKetc simply works!

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Overall Satisfaction with WORK[etc]

Before WORKetc the information that one of our employees needed at any one time could be in as many a 4 different applications or systems. From our rudimentary help desk system to free floating excel spread sheets to emailing everyone in the company to see if anyone had the information they were looking for.
Many of our employees started creating their own documents keeping track of information they needed but inevitably - some new piece of information would be need and they wouldn't know where to go for it. WORK[etc] allows us to keep all that information in one place and it is just a quick search and a click away. The integration was fairly easy and with the ability to create as many custom fields as we needed - all the information is at our fingertips. It's still a work in progress - and always will be as information changes, new clients come on board, you know...the day to day.
But everyone is empowered to make the changes when needed so that we keep the data up to date. WORKetc for us and we have been able to communicate both internally as well as with our clients.
  • One Word...Efficiency! Everything I need to know is just a click away if I don't already have it on my screen.
  • Easy to use and understand.
  • Web-based allows me to access it anywhere I am, including my mobile devices.
  • The knowledge base and blog functionality in WORK[etc] allows us to easily create the documentation and get new and important news out to our clients.
  • The Projects module is functional - but it's not quite there yet. The biggest things is being able to recognize that weekends and holidays are not necessarily working days.
  • Definitely increased in employee efficiency and better customer service. Just having all this data that used to be in three or four different applications at our finger tips does wonders for overall team efficiency.
  • ConnectWise
A management team of 4 people were split on ConnectWise. We saw the robustness of the product - we saw also how complex the setup would be. We anticipated a 2 or 3 month integration period. WORKetc seemed much easier to implement - for our purposes it was as robust as ConnectWise. All 4 of our management team was onboard for it.
You get what you put into a CRM. If it's cheap then ask does it have all that I really need. WORKetc is neither cheap nor overly expensive. Does it work for me and my budget? Absolutely! We couldn't be more happier with this product and what more - with the support! We feel a partnership with WORKetc.

Using WORK[etc]

12 - Projects, Billing, Support, Sales and Marketing
1 - Ability to communicate with people. Supporting WORKetc doesn't take much because they are so available to help.
  • Support / Help Desk
  • Project management
  • Billing
  • Makerting
  • Ability to provide support away from the office.
  • With the new improved iOS more of our people will be able to support our clients easier.
It simply works for us. We will continue to use it. We have only just begun and haven't yet used it to it's full potential. Can't wait to see us go to the next level with it. We have found WORK[etc] to really listen to their users. We were not even up and running - still inputting and migrating data, when I noticed a few things that the system did not have that would make things a heck of a lot better. I put in a request and not only did I get prompt response but they saw the value of the request and got it into the very next release. 2 days after we went "live" with the application these features were in place and we didn't really have to "work around" as we had resigned ourselves to do. This quickly made a believer out of me that WORK[etc] is the right fit for us.

Evaluating WORKetc and Competitors

Yes - Ready Desk, ACT!, and a proprietary system. We want to streamline all of our different data into a single application.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Usability. Comparing against other products - this one seemed to have all we needed and much easier to implement.
i wouldn't change a thing

WORKetc Implementation

WORKetc Reliability

It's just not as responsive as it was when we started out. I still love the product but I have to wait more than ever between screens and clicks. Not sure if its just that they need to upgrade their servers or what. I hope they do it soon though!! Hope this helps.