The Bigger They Are, The Worse They Perform
January 29, 2022

The Bigger They Are, The Worse They Perform

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Overall Satisfaction with Worldpay from FIS

We use Worldpay as both our credit card processor and payment gateway. Our use case is relatively large (10 locations) and affects much of our business. The problems we are having include gift card fulfillment, gift card functionality, duplicate charges, regular crashes, comically bad customer service, weak credit card fraud prevention, repeated onboarding errors that disrupt a smooth transaction, inability to identify IP addresses for fraudulent charges after 30 days, and SO MUCH MORE! The benefit we have realized is that we now understand what a massive mistake it was to sign a Worldpay contract.
  • Nothing worth mentioning
  • Botching the onboarding process in new and creative ways
  • Damaging our reputation with customers because of errant charges
  • Raising my blood pressure
  • Wasting my time
  • Driving me to drink
  • In my experience, Some of the WORST tech support/customer service I've ever experienced
  • Two of the last four years, gift cards crashed for multiple days during our Black Friday sale
  • Duplicate charges
  • Fraud controls are weak and (for gift cards) cost extra for dubious protection
  • It took them over a month (and constant badgering) to give us a copy of our contract
  • The system crashes quite a bit, leaving our locations without any ability to charge customers
  • I dread having to deal with WorldPay, yet have to on a daily, if not weekly, basis
  • That it works sometimes
  • That there is, technically, customer support even if it can take me hours to connect and get a workable resolution
  • That we have a Relationship Manager who can sometimes answer my questions
  • Duplicate charges have caused untold damage to our reputation
  • I've spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to fix WP problems with AND without tech support help
  • We switched POS systems from CenterEdge to Roller, but issues persist
  • The problems we experience have been so vast that we will never know the true cost of the negative impact WorldPay has had on our business.
As our payment gateway, Authorize.Net allowed us to adjust the settings for which customer information we want to verify before the transaction is approved. None of those options are available on WorldPay and they act like we're idiots for even asking. As a result, we've seen a spike in credit card fraud that has been very difficult to control without these security measures in place. I would go back to Authorize in a second if it were up to me.

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I honestly can't say anything about WorldPay that is easy or intuitive or useful or helpful. Franz Kafka would have been impressed by the byzantine bureaucratic despair. Here are some guesses at what could be interpreted as positives if you are one of those people who enjoy reframing things. Maybe you enjoy listening to insipid hold music. Then Worldpay is the company for you because you will be on hold a LOT waiting for customer service to help you fix the thing that Worldpay has repeatedly broken. OR maybe you enjoy the excitement of speaking to two different tech support agents who tell you the COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS and leave you to determine which one is right. OR maybe you want an onboarding process where your liaison puts all the wrong information in and then takes months to rectify their own mistakes. OR maybe you DON'T want the ability to change your security settings for verifying credit card purchases, thereby allowing thousands of dollars in fraudulent claims to flow freely OR maybe you appreciate the potential windfall from WorldPay double charging your clients on monthly fees and then making you jump through time-consuming, labor-intensive hoops to undo their mistake OR maybe you want access to a gift card system that will break down in the middle of your Black Friday sale and then completely botch the fulfillment such that half your customers don't receive the physical OR virtual gift cards OR maybe you enjoy hearing from your Relationship Manager that all of the problems you've been meticulously documenting were ACTUALLY caused by some other third-party system that has nothing to do with the problem I could go on and on. I have wasted countless hours navigating WP's various portals and customer service offerings, and with a few notable exceptions, they are universally terrible and their left hand never seems to know what their right hand is doing. I'm not familiar with any other cc processors. When I started, we used WP for cc and Authorize as the gateway, then WP told us they had their own gateway that would save us money. The moment we made the switch our problems started and have only compounded over time. I know WorldPay is the leader in credit card processing but do NOT use them if you can avoid it. They have done SO much damage to our company and my job has almost become full-time "deal with WorldPay nonsense."