Develop a software with low-code skills
Updated October 07, 2022

Develop a software with low-code skills

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Overall Satisfaction with Zoho Creator

We needed to solve an internal problem by creating a new online software. One of the main requirement was to find something that we could create and give maintenance by ourselves, with no-code or low-code skills. Then with Zoho Creator we had the possibility to hire a company to develop the basis of our new software and then we could evaluate inside with our team.


  • Low-code skills needed to create complex process.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Best for simple form design software (that don't need 'beautiful' design).


  • A bit tricky for integrations with 3rd party software.
  • Layout customizations very limited.
  • A bit expensive when you need to give access to many users.
  • Low cost to solve a specific need.
  • No needed to hire a huge/expensive platform (we created our own).
  • We keep the intelligence inside the company.
I gave 7 because it is better for internal use and internal solutions. If you need something to deliver to your clients (you will give them access to it), then you will have to work hard to give the layout a better look, and not use the using the standard template layout, which it's possible to do, but it will need an extra work.
Due to COVID-19 we had to reduce our team in the company, and IT resources have to be cut. But due to the low-code and low-complexity of our project we could keep developing our tool with the short team, which was not specialized in IT and/or not professional developers.
Creating form by only drag-and-drop fields speed up our process since it could be performed by interns without any IT skill.
We decided that proprietary programming language and develop the software from scratch would cost us more than our budget, and also it would take a lot of time we didn't have. Zoho Creator was chosen besides any other proprietary way to develop a software because it's low code and quick form creations (layout) that could be done by non-programmers/developers in the team.

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Would you buy Zoho Creator again?


If you need to create a very simple CRM (or CRM-like) system, with tailor-made functions for your business, it is well suited. You can customize and create modules specific for your company needs. Another good use is when you need a separate software to handle a specific need, beside other software you already use.

Zoho Creator Feature Ratings

Visual Modeling
Drag-and-drop Interfaces
Platform Security
Platform User Management
Platform Scalability

Using Zoho Creator

8 - Most of them are only operation the system created by our development team, and they represent the operational/business unit in the company. Apart of our CRM, the system created using Zoho Creator helps them to manage and organize all advertising campaigns we run for our clients, and also keep our reports up to date.
2 - Due to the reduction of the team, there's only one project manager and me (an operations manager), both with IT skills and a bit of programming knowledge, which helps us on the low-code used to develop in Zoho Creator.
  • Create a campaign manager to fit our need
  • Integrate with already existing platforms
  • Aggregated data to our reports
  • Keep updating our current software with new funtions
  • Expand our integrations with other system
  • Try to improve the layout/UX with custom developments
Today Zoho Creator is included in our current plan from Zoho One, but if it was needed to pay apart it should be done because the software we created became very important for our team. The use of Zoho Creator contributes to endorse the Zoho One subscription year after year.

Evaluating Zoho Creator and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Usability
Price was one of the main factors to use Zoho Cretor in our project because it was a tool already included in our plan with Zoho One. Besides that, the usability considering both the ability to create new features/forms and also for the user experience count points on the decision.
It's difficult to think on what to change because my project considered a lot of limitations, including the COVID-19 period, that impacted on time and resources for development. If I could change something, I would include a professional (or a company) with experience on Zoho Creator development just to deliver the solution in a short time.

Zoho Creator Implementation

Even if it is a easy to use platform, it got some issues on the implementation that could easily handle by IT teams. In our scenario this team don't exist anymore, and the business/marketing team had their expectations that it was quickier to be implemented. So, consider a professional help on this implementation could be cost more (of cource) but it would be helpful to manage the issues and expectations.
Yes - The project had a lot of changes and many features requests were added before it was even released the first version. Also due to the COVID-19 we had to reduce our team and lost most of the IT team that helped us. But we could break the project into phases (using kanban/agile) and it was possible to handle it.
Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled - Since it was a turbulent moment for our company, we had to focus on what was the most important need and prioritize them besided the others. We also had to discuss things that was unecessary in the first moment, and let them 'on hold' until we really see it's needed. When we could involve all the team into the project and explain our limitations on development, it was possible to easily handle everything.
  • Don't know how to do something and alocate days from the team to study and learn
  • When we don't find the answer, understand how to ask for help (to the support team)
  • Integrate data properly into our existing DW

Zoho Creator Support

We didn't need a lot of support for it, since all the documentation was well written. Only when we needed a bit more of coding skills we could count on their support to analyse the case and give us the best way to do it, sending the code already done (just copy-paste).
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Support cares about my success
No, we didn't purchase premium support because both the documentation for Zoho Creator and Deluge are well written, and also because our project was not that complex. The support given by Zoho team is good and they could help us when it was needed, with code samples or a guide on what to do.
I don't know if this count, but there was a day that my colleague working on a script for 2 weeks and could not get it working. When we sent it to support they replied after a few days with the solution just to copy/paste and it works as expected.

Using Zoho Creator

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Feel confident using
  • Create forms
  • Write simple functions/actions
  • Store your data
  • Create widgets
  • Cloud database integration
  • Layout customization (with HTML/CSS)


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