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Review: "Zoom is the best option for virtual meeting and recording"
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August 10, 2018

Review: "Zoom is the best option for virtual meeting and recording"

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I use Zoom almost every single day. I interview people for my Real Life Resilience podcast, for my recent Emotional Abuse Recovery and Resilience Summit, and for ad hoc meetings with people to discuss future ventures. I keep my personal meeting room link on my desktop so I can easily send it through slack, FB Messenger, email, or anywhere else I'm having a virtual conversation and want to connect more. I use it to record my podcast too. I've found it the most reliable way of recording than Skype with Pamela, Zencastr, and other recording methods. Most of my meetings and recordings are on video, so it captures video too and puts it in a nice format (no matter what your desktop looks like). I particularly like the fact that it records each person's audio separately, so if I need to edit the tracks differently, I'm easily able to do that. I choose where to save each project in my folder system, and nothing is lost, even when the other person hangs up. Another thing I love is that my guests only have to click the link to hop on. It's not complicated for them to do.
  • Simple to use - This is one of the easiest solutions to communication of all the options I've tried.
  • Capture video and audio separately - I like to edit my audio and then match it up with my video. I can do that with each speaker separately so if a noise happens on one audio, I can mute it.
  • Reliable - I have never had a dropped video recording (except if my guest has bad internet).
  • I would love it if when one speaker speaks, the other speaker volume isn't "dimmed". Sometimes we talk over each other and my guest volume goes down. Sometimes it's just a noise on my part. That makes it hard to get good audio during those times from my guest.
  • It's allowed me to be consistent in recording
  • Love that it's easy for me (a non-techie) to figure out
I do use my own Zoom Room. It is easy to give out the link and have people easily click.
Zencastr, Blue Jean Conferencing, Skype with Pamela. Zoom was the most simple solution, and the most reliable. I had a lot of failed calls before I got to Zoom. I haven't had a bad call since.
Zoom is well-suited for recording interviews for podcasts or vlogs. I even video myself for training here. It may be less appropriate for someone who wants very professional training videos.

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