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Best Web Content Filtering Solutions include:

Cisco Umbrella.

Web Content Filtering Solutions Overview

What are Web Content Filtering Solutions?

Web Content Filtering Solutions comprise appliances and software for censoring or preventing access to restricted web content deemed offensive or inappropriate.

Web Content Filtering Products

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Cisco Umbrella
40 ratings
38 reviews
Top Rated
Cisco now offers OpenDNS Umbrella Web Filtering. Cisco acquired OpenDNS in August 2015, and rebranded the product as Cisco Umbrella.
Barracuda CloudGen Firewall (formerly NG Firewalls)
11 ratings
8 reviews
Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls provides a wide range of security and connectivity features, including web filtering, NAC and SSL VPN and other features for remote access, as well as protection as edge devices and IoT security.
Untangle NG Firewall
8 ratings
7 reviews
Untangle NG Firewall is an open-source firewall and gateway security platform. It offers a free core firewall platform with paid add-ons, and a cloud-based management platform with a variety of deployment options for smaller teams.
Barracuda Web Security Gateway
15 ratings
7 reviews
Barracuda Web Security Gateways now available in the 200 through 1000 series provide web content filtering as well as access and advanced threat protection, and are available as physical appliances, virtual appliances, or as a SaaS.
Forcepoint URL Filtering
3 ratings
4 reviews
Austin-based Websense offers Web Filter & Security, a web content filtering product.
GoGuardian Admin
0 ratings
3 reviews
GoGuardian Admin is a web content filtering solution from education software company GoGuardian in Los Angeles, provide web filtering on-campus and off-campus filtering.
FortiGuard Web Filtering Service
7 ratings
2 reviews
Fortinet headquartered in Sunnyvale, California offers the FortiGuard Web Filtering Service, a web content filter.
0 ratings
1 review
ContentWatch in Salt Lake City, Utah offers ContentProtect, a web content filtering solution.
Comodo cWatch
0 ratings
1 review
Comodo Cybersecurity headquartered in Clifton offers cWatch, a website malware and vulnerability scanner that provides content filtering as well at the free service level, and at paid premium subscription levels supplies WAF, DDoS protection, as well as load balancing and website performance protect…
0 ratings
1 review
SafeDNS offers a cloud-based web filter for internet security and web content filtering powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. It protects users online by blocking botnets, malicious, and phishing sites. Moreover, it filters out intrusive online ads and web content users consider i…
Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services
0 ratings
1 review
Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services (formerly Blue Coat WebFilter) is a web application protection and web content filtering solution, designed to allow users to control access to web content and block web threats with advanced threat defense and real-time global threat intelligence.
Sophos Web Content Filtering
5 ratings
1 review
UK headquartered Sophos offers web content filtering.
Smoothwall SWG
1 rating
1 review
Smoothwall SWG is the web security gateway and content filtering from UK company Smoothwall.
Barracuda Content Shield
1 rating
1 review
Barracuda Content Shield and Content Shield Plus for MSPs are cloud-based service that combines robust content filtering, file-based protection, granular policy enforcement and reporting, simple centralized management, and real-time threat intelligence to protect users and organizations. Its proxy-f…
F-Secure Business Suite
1 rating
1 review
The F-Secure Business Suite is an endpoint protection and Internet content filtering suite deployed on-premises for enterprises, from the F-Secure Corporation headquartered in Helsinki.
Webroot DNS Protection
3 ratings
1 review
Webroot DNS Protection redirects web traffic away from unsafe or inappropriate web content.
Securly Filter
1 rating
1 review
Cloud-based web filtering for K-12 Schools | Parental controls for families | Manage screen time. Any device, anywhere. Securly's technology allows schools and parents to keep kids safe in an increasingly digital world. The vendor states their goal is not to censor the Internet, but to mitigate the …
Trustwave Web Content Filtering
Chicago-based Trustwave offers web content filtering, via its acquisition of M86 Security (March, 2012).
EdgeWave Web Content Filtering
EdgeWave in San Diego, California (formerly St. Bernard Software), offers web content filtering.
Untangle IC Control
Untangle in San Jose, California offers the IC Control platform for web content filtering and network performance monitoring.
Symantec Web Security Service
Symantec Web Security Service (WSS) is a line of defense against modern day cyber threats. It provides secure web services, enables enterprises to control access, protects users from threats, and secures their sensitive data.
CensorNet Web Security
CensorNet offers web and email security solutions.
CMIT Secure DNS Filtering
Austin-based CMIT Solutions offers CMIT Secure DNS Filtering, allowing IT administrators to control web access by employees on a fine grain, lowering the chance of DNS attacks.
CenturyLink Private Cloud
CenturyLink® Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation™ is a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) solution that brings VMware’s vSphere®, vSAN™ and NSX® into a natively integrated stack, delivering enterprise grade, globally available hyper-converged-infrastructure based on HPE® with CenturyLink autom…
Ixia ThreatARMOR
ThreatARMOR is an application that blocks malicious inbound phishing traffic or dangerous network traffic, from Keysight Technologies brand, Ixia.