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Writing and Proofreading Tools Overview

Proofreading and plagiarism checkers are used in brand and content marketing to ensure that content is original and brand consistent, and in education to verify that students' work is not plagiarized from online sources. In addition, writing tools are used to ensure language is grammatically correct and readable.

Writing and Proofreading Tools Products

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Grammarly in San Francisco provides its grammar improvement and AI driven writing assistance platform, available on free or paid premium and business plans.
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Ginger is a grammar checking tool, from Ginger Software in Boston.
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Sapling is an AI-driven writing assistant designed to help professionals compose more on-point messaging for happier customers, from Sapling Intelligence in San Francisco.
WritingAssistant, from EnglishHelper in New Delhi, is a writing improvement software.
Filestage is an online workspace to share, review and approve videos, audios, documents and designs with clients and co-workers, from the company of the same name in Stuttgart. The platform is tailored to the needs of advertising, design, film, sound, media and creative professionals.
Linguix is an AI assistant driven writing aid emphasizing grammar correction, available free and in a paid business premium edition.
PageProof is an online proofing tool designed to streamline the review and approval process, from the company of the same name in Auckland.
WriteBetter is an add-in for Microsoft Word (2013 or 2016) and Chrome extension designed for English learners to improve their writing skills through exposure to real language in context produced by native speakers of English.
Articoolo, an Israel company, developed an algorithm that creates proofread, textual content from scratch, simulating a real human writer. The technology is aimed at helping writers create textual content by making the creation process quicker, cost efficient, and much more pleasant.
MessagePath is a business writing assistant used to ensure business communications are effective, on brand, and legally safe, from the company of the same name in San Mateo.
Copywritely is an SEO and grammar checking writing aid, from Ukrainian company Boosta.
Acrolinx is a marketing writing tool that captures the way an enterprise communicates and its guidelines, and aligns content with guidelines, using automation to shorten the editorial process.
Paper Rater (PaperRater.com)
Paper Rater, or PaperRater.com, is a proofreading and grammar checking writing tool available free online or via professional editions. It was acquired and is now supported by Barnes & Noble Education (BNED), since August 2018.
ProWritingAid is a smart writing assistant, providing personalized advice on writing and plaigarism checks, from the company of the same name in Wheatley.
WhiteSmoke Software offers English writing technologies, with a focus on products that enhance and correct grammar, spelling, and writing style. WhiteSmoke products are based on natural language processing (NLP) technology, featuring artificial intelligence algorithms for text analysis.