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24 Ratings
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For us, it is very well suited. Since we have multiple locations. I like the integration of each and every piece that is very much needed for any business.
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  • Smooth and complete booking.
  • Flexibility to create different type of services.
  • Customer retention tool.
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  • The export to QuickBooks is a weakness. It is transaction based and requires a bridge through Excel and a third party vendor to execute. After three years we have never been able to transfer over any credit items (refunds, etc...). I would love to see a true Booker to QuickBooks bridge that would show deposit and detail balanced against daily totals rather than having to import every single daily transaction. For peak sales months the number of transactions is daunting. QuickBooks also has an export specifically for QuickBooks that is based on the Accounts Receivable feature in QuickBooks and we have never used it because we cannot generate accurate cash reporting for tax purposes.
  • Some reporting does not match other reporting in the same category. For example, the total gift certificate and series balance does not match the gift certificate and series drill down report. In some of the reports, like the dashboard vs a retail sales report, one will include discounts and the other will not. I would like to see a daily, weekly or monthly gift certificate and series reconciliation report that has a beginning balance, sales, redemptions, adjustment and voids and an ending balance.
  • When a client uses more than one payment method, for example a gift certificate and a credit card, the system is currently not able to show the split in payments accurately in reports.
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Likelihood to Renew

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Because I'm so familiar with it. I'll definitely reconsider.
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Booker is very user friendly and easy to navigate. And when you need help their excellent customer service will help and guide you.
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Booker is very user friendly and its support team is excellent.
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As far as I know, implementing Booker into our business was fairly easy.
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Alternatives Considered

Booker is a bit more detailed and function-savvy
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Return on Investment

  • We can easily track the sales of services, tips and taxes with Booker.
  • We can easily manage our inventory, track and place orders.
  • Clock in, Clock out.
  • Mobile App helps a lot with being able to check on the go.
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