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43 Ratings
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Everhour is useful in every environment where you need the measure of time for certain tasks. In most cases, this could be project management but it could also include trips or travels, conferences, congresses, or several other things that you need to take control of the time used. Its less appropriate if you are going to measure things in weeks or days, it's better to measure smaller pieces of time like minutes of hours, so you could have a more useful metrics to work with.
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  • It has a genius dashboard with all real-time traffic information of all team members. It is a very useful tool as well to track efficiency for both in-house and remote team members
  • It has well-done integration with Asana (and other task-managers) which allows you to track time on tasks without switching between apps or tools which it truly awesome
  • It has a scheduling tool which allows you to plan long term traffic of all your team members by using Asana projects and tasks so there is no need to copy and paste the same story points between different systems
  • It has flexible reporting system which allows you to build very custom project time tracking report based on your needs (any field or table type can be customized and you wish)
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  • I'd like to see a bit more control over user permissions and/or roles. Perhaps the ability to create a custom user role (e.g., allow users to see their own rate and pull reports accordingly).
  • A global place to set project rate to avoid having to enter it for every project. All of our team members & projects are billed at the same rate regardless of who works on it (some clients receive a discount, but that could continue to be managed within their client profile). This would also eliminate the need to display average combined rates for projects on invoices (which sometimes results in a weird decimal calculation for the rate, even when all team members and projects are currently entered using the same rate).
  • Add an offline functionality for use when internet is not available (e.g., when traveling, remote workers, etc) or desktop app that syncs upon reconnection
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Everhour 8.2
Based on 1 answer
It is easy to use and configure.
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Everhour 6.4
Based on 4 answers
Whenever we've had questions, our customer success manager has always been there to help us very quickly. But since we've implemented Everhour, we have barely needed their help since their tool is so easy to use.
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Alternatives Considered


Toggl was extremely user-unfriendly and had not an integration with Asana (one of our favourite tools). The interface was not easy to use, it was a non-intuitive tool and did not allow us to track time as clearly as Everhour. We used Toggl just for days simultaneously we were testing Everhour and gave up the use very fast.
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Return on Investment


  • As a small business, we were using a ton of manual efforts that created hours of work just to get to the bottom line, and even then I'm not sure our results were accurate. To have the visibility that we have currently is priceless.
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