Tried 'em all. Everhour + Asana wins the prize.
December 08, 2018

Tried 'em all. Everhour + Asana wins the prize.

Jennifer Hess | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with Everhour

I am the owner of the company, and I use Everhour to track time for myself and my subcontractors. All team members use the system — from web developers to tech support to project management to design. After trying nearly every system on the market, Everhour addressed the following key issues for my business:

  • Bi-directional sync with QuickBooks Online to ensure invoice numbers were not duplicated and remained sequential (even when additional invoices were created in QBO independent of Everhour's system)
  • Customization of line items in invoices to allow for my preferred method of grouping & listing projects to clients (allows for grouping by several variables, and option to include task descriptions / details as needed)
  • Integration with Asana for task management and easy time tracking for items managed there
  • Great UI & UX allows users to onboard quickly & understand the system with minimal issues
  • In general, just an easy-to-use and well-designed, intuitive system
  • Unique report filtering and grouping options address my preferred method of grouping projects (by client, then by project, then by task)
  • Setting budgets for clients & projects to avoid scope creep and monitor progress
  • Start-stop timer — the ability to add notes / additional details and edit those details from both Everhour and within Asana
  • Integration with QuickBooks Online — bi-directional sync means I can continue to send invoices through QBO while still preparing & syncing hourly invoices with Everhour (without messing up my QBO records with weird extra account listings or service items)
  • Integration with Asana — allows for consistency and streamlines processes for my team, reducing the need for duplicate efforts
  • Report filtering — great, unique options for grouping and displaying time data, plus well-designed layouts
  • Budgeting — clearly displays project status in Everhour and Asana, and you can customize the email notification to ensure you're notifying the clients / team early, settings for budgeting are flexible and allow for different time / duration variables
  • I'd like to see a bit more control over user permissions and/or roles. Perhaps the ability to create a custom user role (e.g., allow users to see their own rate and pull reports accordingly).
  • A global place to set project rate to avoid having to enter it for every project. All of our team members & projects are billed at the same rate regardless of who works on it (some clients receive a discount, but that could continue to be managed within their client profile). This would also eliminate the need to display average combined rates for projects on invoices (which sometimes results in a weird decimal calculation for the rate, even when all team members and projects are currently entered using the same rate).
  • Add an offline functionality for use when internet is not available (e.g., when traveling, remote workers, etc) or desktop app that syncs upon reconnection
  • Simplifies end-of-month billing processes and reduces manual entry
  • Quicker team onboarding due to consistent time tracking structure between Asana & Everhour
  • Improved productivity due to Asana integration as tasks can be reassigned and tracked by multiple team members, regardless of who is assigned to the task (good for collaboration between team members)
Originally, I was using Harvest and really liked its features. However, the Harvest invoicing system only pushes data into QBO, but doesn't check / sync invoice numbers or update for payment status, so it was resulting in duplicate invoice numbers and extra effort to update status in both places. So, I started looking for another solution. I tried a LOT of products.

Everhour addressed the following issues I encountered from various other services:
  • Bi-directional sync of invoices so records in QBO & Everhour always match (without having to load a bunch of extraneous records to either system)
  • Start-stop timer
  • Set budgets by project and client to easily monitor project status & profitability
  • Allow all team members to track to projects they're following, even if not assigned to them
  • Clean, modern interface (if I'm using it every day, it better be pretty and easy to use)
  • Ability to edit time, and limit others' ability to edit their time (though we don't restrict time editing for our users)
  • Doesn't require use of Projects in QBO in order to sync properly
  • Doesn't try to take over invoicing or break QBO functionality

Great for teams needing a stop-start timer. Integration with task-based systems like Asana is very intuitive. Great for designers and developers.

May encounter some difficulty if using independently from Asana, particularly if there are a large quantity of projects and tasks, as time tracking within Everhour uses a dynamic search field which can populate with a lot of extraneous results if you don't recall the exact naming conventions of the item you're trying to track to. The search functionality is strong, it just requires a couple of steps to get to the task you're looking for. Our company has 60+ open/active projects at a time, but much of the navigation between those items occurs within the Asana interface.

Clients on retainer solutions can be tracked, but require some creative use of budget settings for monitoring retainer usage.

The system may also be difficult to use for team members who are working remotely / traveling without regular access to internet, as there is no desktop app or offline functionality.