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Top Rated
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This product is well suited for all businesses, but definitely, one where the business deals with daily interactions with customers. Retail, restaurants, and amusement parks all would benefit from the scheduler and store log features.It probably would not be as beneficial in an office setting, unless it was strictly used for the scheduler feature. Also, if the operation is small in size (under 15 employees), I believe the price may prevent some from trying the product.
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  • Dissemination of schedule to all individuals on staff using HotSchedules.
  • Allows staff to have flexibility in their schedule while ensuring that shifts are covered.
  • As changes/approvals are made the system updates, allowing for everyone to look at the schedule as it is in its current form.
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  • Sometimes the HotSchedules system goes down for no apparent reason.
  • The updated scheduler interface is sometimes confusing.
  • The updated employee requested time off interface is more confusing and difficult to understand now than it used to be.
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Likelihood to Renew

Based on 2 answers
Ease of use, efficiently creating and posting staff schedules.
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Based on 9 answers
Extremely easy to use
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Based on 4 answers
HotSchedules Support is fast and VERY informative. I can generally solve any issue I have within 30 minutes or less. They are helpful and I do not have to go though MANY channels to a simple issue.
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Alternatives Considered

Not qualified enough in either.
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Return on Investment

  • Saving time on scheduling means our managers can focus more on guest experience, managing the floor and other areas that contribute to the success of our business.
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