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221 Ratings
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Absolutely appropriate for restaurant workers. Less so for manufacturing, but it does gather the labor data effectively when everyone logs in properly.
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  • Store Logs - the ability to record daily events. It provides the review for the monthly results, or even a staff members training progress.
  • Scheduler - divide your staff into various departments so your managers can focus on meeting guest needs in smaller groups. Also a great communication tool as it sends out the schedules in a way convenient to the staff member.
  • Reports - we only use 5 of 30+ reports, but those provide us material for managers to keep the business on track throughout the day.
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  • As far as my experience with the system goes, it does not have a backlog of who does approvals. This would be helpful as, with a management team that also has approval authority, it would allow you to see who is authorizing changes to the schedule.
  • Having the ability to send attachments through the email system would help greatly in being able to spread much needed information to the staff (new menus, upcoming event information, picture attachments, etc.).
  • Being able to set [parameters] for things like the maximum number of approvals reached would be helpful and give employees an immediate feedback letting them know that max number of staff has been reached that can request off for a particular day. It would help both ways by stopping someone with approval authority from accidentally approving too many request offs.
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Likelihood to Renew


HotSchedules 9.1
Based on 2 answers
Ease of use, efficiently creating and posting staff schedules.
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HotSchedules 7.9
Based on 8 answers
Extremely easy to use
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HotSchedules 8.9
Based on 4 answers
HotSchedules Support is fast and VERY informative. I can generally solve any issue I have within 30 minutes or less. They are helpful and I do not have to go though MANY channels to a simple issue.
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Not qualified enough in either.
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Return on Investment


  • Saving time on scheduling means our managers can focus more on guest experience, managing the floor and other areas that contribute to the success of our business.
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