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221 Ratings
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Likelihood to Recommend


If you are scheduling for more than 10 employees and their schedules vary greatly from week to week, then I would recommend HotSchedules. If you have less employees than 10 or if your schedule is the same from week to week, then I would not recommend HotSchedules for your business
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  • HotSchedules tracks our labor hours and dollars. Being able to do quick labor analysis helps us make sure our pricing is in line with our estimates for clients.
  • HotSchedules tracks our employee trainings. Because we are a third party audited food manufacturing facility, we have both formal certifications (CA Food Handler Cards) and monthly trainings on subjects such as Food Safety, GMP's, Pest Control, Allergen Control, HACCP and Sanitation. Being able to have a record easily accessible for each employee to prove to our auditors and keep those employees up to date with training is invaluable as an organizational tool.
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  • Configuration is key - there can be bumps after bringing a new business into HotSchedules so the terminology has to be different for each one.
  • Scheduler - on the old one, there use to be a key that explained the hot keys, now its missing. Probably under Support, but it used to be on the scheduler screen.
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Likelihood to Renew


HotSchedules 9.1
Based on 2 answers
Ease of use, efficiently creating and posting staff schedules.
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HotSchedules 7.9
Based on 8 answers
6 Years of Experience provides me the insight on the upgrades and changes that HotSchedules has done to improve the experience of its users. There are so many features that we still have not started or used to the fullest, but we believe that we are currently getting a strong value out of the money that is paid for this product.
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HotSchedules 8.9
Based on 4 answers
Always cheerful, informative, and educated staff. Each person seems to want to find a way to help us with any issues or questions we have. I love that all the staff is friendly and in a good mood when you call, I have never had a rep be unhelpful or short tempered, or ever less than accommodating to our needs!
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Alternatives Considered


Prior to HotSchedules we utilized an old school traditional Excel based scheduling system that was put out via email. The system was obviously time intensive and required constant updating, so when approached via HotSchedules Marketing we decided to give it a try and haven't looked back. If possible we are looking into incorporating it into use with our back of the house staff. One of the only limiting factors to HotSchedules and any similar scheduling system is that it is smart device based (cell phone/computer/tablet/etc.) and therefore the staff member must have access to these in order to use the service. Unfortunately even in 2017 not everyone has these/want and/or are willing to work with these devices. This can force a company into making decisions to not hire a potential employee do to incompatibility with how daily operations are run via scheduling.
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Return on Investment


  • Saving time on scheduling means our managers can focus more on guest experience, managing the floor and other areas that contribute to the success of our business.
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