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LiveChat is the most suitable Helpdesk solution for teams. Be it small startup teams, medium-sized organizations, and large organizations; the ability for LiveChat to scale is unbelievable. We have had situations where we moved from the regular tens of chats a day to hundreds of chats in a day, without having any problem. The customer support team at LiveChat have also been doing a fantastic work, which has only made it pleasant doing business with LiveChat.
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  • ENGAGEMENT GRAPHICS - This is very helpful to trigger web visitors to start a chat with our support agent. An example of a LiveChat engagement graphic is the eye-catcher. The eye-chat is an editable graphic at the low lefthand side of our website, which helps ensure that web visitors are made aware of the option to chat with a rep. on the website.
  • NOTIFICATION - Livechat has got an effective visual and sound notification system. These notification system helps ensure that no chat or new message goes unnoticed. We are also able to select which of the notifications work best for us.
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  • I probably wondered why LiveChat had not yet introduced a Bot for their chat service, which would have helped businesses reduce some of the workload on agents. This they have now done around seven months ago with the launch of the LiveChat Botengine.
  • LiveChat doesn't integrate with most CRM and for the ones, it does integrate with like Salesforce; took us days of back and forth email our technical team and theirs to fix.
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I have just found it difficult nailing a fault apart from the enterprise pricing.
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Alternatives Considered

LiveChat has an attractive user console. Userlike's User console put us off.It was simply unattractive and took us a while to even get around.
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Return on Investment

  • LiveChat has enabled us to respond faster to our customers and web visitors. Eliminating long chat queues, and thereby gaining the trust of our customers.
  • The chat history feature on this program has made it easy for help desk agents to reference past conversations between a customer and the help desk team to gain important information. It has also been helpful for the support manager to reference random chat sessions between agents and customers, to monitor the quality of the responses by agents.
  • LiveChat provides every user with a popup widget which fits well into the screen of the device via which they contact us on our website. It ensures the user experience of our customers while chatting with an agent is equal across board.
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