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SilkRoad Recruiting

OpenHire works well for the needs at my current company since we typically do not have a very high volume of open positions, and much of the requisition and hiring is managed outside the system. For example, the hire requisitions and offers are handled completely outside the system. For the basics of applicant tracking and reporting, this system is a cost-effective choice. If, however, you are looking for a sophisticated ATS with more advanced features and the ability to customize to your process, I would not recommend OpenHire.

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Recruiting / ATS

SilkRoad Recruiting
Job Requisition Management
SilkRoad Recruiting
Company Website Posting
SilkRoad Recruiting
Publish to Social Media
SilkRoad Recruiting
Job Search Site Posting
SilkRoad Recruiting
Customized Application Form
SilkRoad Recruiting
Resume Management
SilkRoad Recruiting
Duplicate Candidate Prevention
SilkRoad Recruiting
Candidate Search
SilkRoad Recruiting
Applicant Tracking
SilkRoad Recruiting
SilkRoad Recruiting
Task Creation and Delegation
SilkRoad Recruiting
Email Templates
SilkRoad Recruiting
User Permissions
SilkRoad Recruiting
Notifications and Alerts
SilkRoad Recruiting
SilkRoad Recruiting


  • OpenHire does integrate well with agencies as you can assign agency recruiters as users to directly share candidate information.
  • OpenHire's ability to set up templates for correspondence with candidates is easy to use and helps efficiently manage candidate communciations.


  • Reporting. While OpenHire has a number of standard reports, building a custom report is difficult.
  • Support. Silkroad's support is severely lacking. They have grown too big too quickly and you often get support staff that don't know how to address your problem or they just stop working on it. You often have to follow up multiple times to get a problem resolved.
  • There are some required fields in the job postings that are unclear but mandatory and some steps that are redundant. You definitely have to learn the quarks of the system.

Likelihood to Renew

SilkRoad Recruiting5.0
Based on 12 answers
While OpenHire has some hiccups, it works well for our needs and is very reasonably priced. I would just like to see them improve on their reporting and support


SilkRoad Recruiting6.1
Based on 3 answers
It's very self-explanatory. Sometimes it sacrifices customizability for user-friendliness, however.


SilkRoad Recruiting5.0
Based on 2 answers
The support for Silkroad is awful. I know they are working on it and it seems to be slightly better but it's still not great. I have had multiple cases I have never heard from them on, others I have had to follow-up multiple times and one that took a year

Alternatives Considered

I have personally used Brass Ring, Oracle and OpenHire. Of the three OpenHire has provided to most flexible applicant management system. The customization of company specific websites separates OpenHire from the competition

Return on Investment

  • OpenHire has very positively impacted our organization. It has allowed us to streamline our process and keep record of all of our recruitment electronically instead of in paper.
  • It has allowed us to have a consistent recruitment process in all of our countries
  • It has greatly increased the efficiency of our recruitment team.
  • Only negative is that our organization has an expectation for reports and we are not able to always give them what they would like out of the system.

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