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I think OpenHire is best for a small company (max about 2500 employees). The more employees you have the more HR people you should have and this can get expensive. I know most larger companies are using more advanced systems as well (Workday). During the selection process be sure to determine how many OpenHire users you would need. Ask whether your managers will be willing to work in the system as well or whether HR would have to own the entire process. If you are EEOC compliant, make sure you ask about diversity posting, APP tracking of applicants, and reporting needs. If you require an onboarding tool, SilkRoad offers RedCarpet. I found it to be very complex and hiring managers refused to use it. If you require an onboarding tool, definitely look into it. The demo may look great but there were a lot of implementation steps done to make it work and it just didn't fit our company culture. So make sure it fits yours.

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SilkRoad Recruiting


  • OpenHire does integrate well with agencies as you can assign agency recruiters as users to directly share candidate information.
  • OpenHire's ability to set up templates for correspondence with candidates is easy to use and helps efficiently manage candidate communciations.


  • OpenHire's user roles can create issues depending on how your company's hiring process flows. For example, at one company, the hiring managers were extremely involved in screening candidates yet the system seems very geared towards use of centralized recruiters who distribute candidates. The lack of ability to customize roles and security to match our managers' needs created additional burden on HR as well as frustration from hiring managers.
  • I experienced several problems uploading documents to accompany a candidate's offer. There was a limit on the number, size and type of attachments that could be included, and there was no alternative (as vetted with OpenHire) besides sending a separate correspondence to the candidate. I found this to appear unprofessional to the candidate as well as creating an extra step in the process for HR/recruiting.
  • The requisition process had a few issues which created inefficiencies in the process. Firstly, for times when you need to post a role confidentially outside of your standard process, there was no way to designate the req as 'confidential'. Instead, you had to use the 'executive' status which created issues (ie: inaccurate data in reporting). Secondly, OpenHire was unable to upload the company directory of emails in the requisition approver fields so rather than being able to select from a drop-down or using a 'smart' field, you had to type each approver's email out manually thus increasing the potential for error and delay in the process.

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SilkRoad Recruiting5.0
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While OpenHire has some hiccups, it works well for our needs and is very reasonably priced. I would just like to see them improve on their reporting and support


SilkRoad Recruiting6.1
Based on 3 answers
It's very self-explanatory. Sometimes it sacrifices customizability for user-friendliness, however.


SilkRoad Recruiting5.0
Based on 2 answers
The support for Silkroad is awful. I know they are working on it and it seems to be slightly better but it's still not great. I have had multiple cases I have never heard from them on, others I have had to follow-up multiple times and one that took a year

Alternatives Considered

NeoGov is a more simple system but just being able to require specific documents has been a huge time saver for us. Other elements in NeoGov aren't as robust but still it saves me a lot of time compared to OpenHire.

Return on Investment

  • Better customer service from HR, the tool gave us ability to notify every candidate of where they were in the process, this was not possible when the process was manual
  • Made HR more efficient, by having the information at our finger tips, giving us the ability to run metrics and reports during the time that the company more than doubled in time.

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