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29 Ratings
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Microsoft Visio

Visio is an excellent tool for documenting a call flow design or the architecture and components of a communications system in a visual format and their relationship to each other. It is less helpful for text-based documentation. When a solution needs to be represented visually, it is an excellent choice.
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  • Visio is built just like any other Microsoft Office program, so anyone familiar with Office will find it relatively easy to use.
  • The automatic spacing of items on a page makes a Visio project look sleek and professional with little effort.
  • The pre-loaded shapes and symbols in Visio are consistent with what is being taught in business tools for appropriately flowing processes, so it takes the guesswork out of representing processes correctly.
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  • Shapes - There are always more shapes that could be added. Visio has a lot but never all of them.
  • Visio Viewer - Occasionally the Visio Viewer doesn't work. We use the viewer for all the rest of our users to view the Visio files but the most recent version of Visio viewer is 2013.
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Alternatives Considered

None of these other products really stack up to Visio. They're nice alternatives if you don't want to pay for Visio, or if you already have OmniGraffle and want to use it instead. Visio is truly in a class by itself. If my company didn't provide Visio, I'd buy it myself. It would set me apart, especially my documentation, and make my job much easier.
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Return on Investment

  • As a MS Enterprise licensing user, the cost of Visio is in our master licensing package, so the OOI is very high.
  • Should we have to look elsewhere for programs which have similar functions, we lose staff time in research. Licensing other programs would also cost the college money.
  • Ease of use and familiarity of the interface, because it is a MS program, is definitely a great ROI for our college, as training times are kept to a minimum. Users are productive after a short period with Visio.
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Microsoft Visio

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