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A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy)

A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy)


What is A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy)?

A Cloud Guru (ACG) is a cloud learning provider that states they have helped 2,000,000+ people and more than 4,000 organizations level up their cloud skills. Founded in 2015, ACG was started by brothers Sam and Ryan Kroonenburg who…

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A Cloud Guru, also known as Linux Academy, is a versatile and user-friendly platform that caters to a wide range of use cases. Users with …
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Product Details

What is A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy)?

A Cloud Guru (ACG) is a cloud learning provider that states they have helped 2,000,000+ people and more than 4,000 organizations level up their cloud skills.

Founded in 2015, ACG was started by brothers Sam and Ryan Kroonenburg who recognized cloud learning through traditional training providers was expensive, outdated, and a pain to consume. With the acquisition of Linux Academy in 2019, ACG combined the strengths and benefits of both companies to create A Cloud Guru platform for modern tech skills.

ACG's approach to learning modern technologies includes access to updated courses, labs, and learning paths, instructors that aim to keep learners motivated, hands-on learning in real cloud environments, and bite-sized lessons to fit into a busy workday.

With its hands-on multi-cloud content library, ACG aims to give businesses the edge by scaling cloud expertise across their organizations and charting an accelerated course to cloud maturity.

in June 2021, Pluralsight announced they had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire A Cloud Guru. The acquisition is expected to close in late 2021.

A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy) Features

  • Supported: Unlimited Courses, Quizzes & Certification Practice Exams
  • Supported: Unlimited Hands-On Labs
  • Supported: Cloud Playground (Servers & Sandboxes)
  • Supported: Certification Accelerator Program
  • Supported: Weekly Cloud Roundups
  • Supported: Community Forums
  • Supported: ACG Mobile Apps
  • Supported: Records of Completion
  • Supported: Learning Paths
  • Supported: Skills Assessment
  • Supported: Study Groups
  • Supported: Management Portal

A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy) Videos

A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy) Competitors

A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy) Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported CountriesGlobal
Supported LanguagesEnglish

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Garner Albright | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I was interested in Cloud Computing options that were available, so I signed up for a one year subscription to A Cloud Guru. I completed several introductory courses and then decided to go for a certification. So I took the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course which helped me pass the certification exam on the first try. I really like the way the courses are setup and the sandbox labs which are used for completing exercises.
  • Good pace of the instructors
  • Sandbox instances for hands-on practice was excellent
  • The knowledge checks and quizzes were very helpful
  • The learning curve for using the labs was pretty tricky
  • The practice tests could have more questions
  • I remember having issues with resuming the course after a break
I believe A Cloud Guru is well suited for studying for certification exams. I tried out several online courses and A Cloud Guru's was by far the best in my opinion. If I had more free time I would DEFINITELY be taking more courses and getting more certifications. Once I complete my degree coursework and finally have my bachelors degree I will be back on A Cloud Guru in my spare time to get more training and in turn more certifications.
Jan Daniel Sulaiman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Educating and providing the opportunity for employees to advance in their cloud computing journey. We help allow employees to use their free time and dedicated company training days to freely move around all the offered training as part of ACG. Together with ACG, we developed training paths that guide employees across all the available training.
  • Self guided Trainings
  • Online/Offline and ad-hoc video trainings
  • Exam preparation
  • Cloud Sandboxes
  • Keep up to date with new Exams
  • Provide more capabilities in the Sandboxes
  • A few more hand-on trainings matching the video lectures
Overall, training and education are very advanced and help get employees trained. ACG is very good on that part. It can be optimized for the final exam preparation, especially for newer exams. The test quizzes and prep exams are a bit outdated sometimes. The Sandboxes are very good and a solid starting point, but they still should be a bit more integrated into the actual training lectures for guide hands-on training.
Swarup Sangale | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I currently use A Cloud Guru as an admin in my organization. My role requires me to enable ACG access to employees who wants to take up cloud courses through the platform. The role also requires to continue reviewing employees who have been provided access but were not able to access the platform yet. So I will have to reach out to them, and if no response is received, I will have to de-authorize their access. The platform is very easy to use, which makes me happy to manage my organization's work on it. With the help of reporting stuff in A Cloud Guru, it is very easy for me to make the statistics for my organization every month. I also manage to take some courses through A Cloud Guru, and it is very helpful. With my background in non-IT, it was a little difficult for me to start with the training material, but the content was very easy to understand. We can create study groups in ACG so that we can easily track their progress. We can create multiple groups with the same individuals or different individuals. Also, we can reuse the licenses.
  • Reports in A Cloud Guru is quite easy. We can simply track progress of individuals.
  • Wide range of materials in A Cloud Guru helps individuals to prepare for different certifications.
  • When Linux Academy was acquired by A Cloud Guru, it was mentioned that all the courses would be migrated to ACG from Linux. However, for a long time, it has not happened. So users from Linux were not aware and happy about this migration.
  • I don't think there are any features which are hard to use.
  • A Cloud Guru is just perfect.
  • Easy to use.
If your organization is technical-based and offers its employees different online courses to enhance their knowledge, then A Cloud Guru will be perfect for you. There are multiple courses available from different cloud platforms. The platform is easy to use and navigate and does not require much knowledge. Even if you do not have basic technical knowledge, the courses available in A Cloud Guru are designed in such a manner that a non-technical person will understand the concept easily.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Getting trained on cloud technologies.
  • Great content.
  • Available labs.
  • Reasonable cost.
  • Better mobile app.
  • Group discounts.
  • Real-life scenario.
Learning new cloud technologies is much easier and faster on A Cloud Guru. Cloud is changing so fast and A Cloud Guru helps to keep up with new cloud technologies.
Mark Nowowiejski | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Cloud Guru is a fantastic tool for folks who need to learn a variety on AWS skills or pursue professional certifications
  • Prep/Earn AWS Certifications
  • Learn new apps as they emerge
  • hands on labs
  • Practice Exams
  • Practice Exams are too easy vs real exams
  • Some video aren't in depth enough
  • lag on caption videos
I have earned multiple AWS certifications with the help of ACG
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
it is very good to establish cloud learning development plans and then track them and manage them for the team The platform supports learning tracks, exams and sandboxes with all major cloud providers it guarantees that you don't get an accidental charge as a result of [the] testing and exploring the cloud
  • Learning tracks
  • certification tracks
  • sanbox
  • The user dashboard can be further improved
  • Dashboard customization flexibility
it is very good to establish cloud learning development plans and then track them and manage them for the team. The platform supports learning tracks, exams, and sandboxes with all major cloud providers guarantees that you don't get an accidental charge as a result of [the] testing and exploring the cloud
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At PwC, we use A Cloud Guru as part of the Cyber Academy program to uplift our team member's cloud knowledge and skills. We encourage the team to do the training at their own pace and get certified.
  • Course materials (video)
  • Reference materials
  • Lab
  • Mock exam
  • Comparison / linking between certifications (high level introduction)
A Cloud Guru works well when people [have a] certain level of IT / Cyber knowledge. But for the new joiner/entry-level people, may need classroom-based training and more basic/foundational courses before jumping into the A Cloud Guru courses.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
When we needed training for industry-standard certifications, or just to increase knowledge of day-to-day operations of products our company uses, ACG was an invaluable resource.
  • Well-designed, easy-to-digest training
  • Manageable lesson timing
  • Excellent trainers with great presentation skills
  • Management reporting could be more comprehensive
  • Searching for specific features within courses is difficult
ACG is great when picking up new knowledge as well as training up for a certification exam. The courseware and practice labs are comprehensive and easy to use, and the sandbox lets you test out your own practice without being limited to specific exercises and tasks. Overall the product is a 10 out of 10
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We needed a fast learning platform to educate [the] internal presales team. After 6 months of research, we've made a decision to purchase A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy). We did proof of concept for THREE months with competitors as well as A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy). Usability, mobile, and [collateral are] perfect for our team and company. Today A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy) is used widely in the company over many departments.
  • Perfect Material
  • Up to date
  • Mobile integration
  • Add more courses
A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy) is well suited for any organization and any company.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At my current employer, they really push hard for people to get certified in all things. [The] Cloud is a very hot topic. We are always providing bonuses and incentives to get certified. One of the resources that come highly recommended [is[ A Cloud Guru. I have personally used it to get AWS and AZURE certified. I like small-bit-size lessons and hands-on training. They walk you through beginning to end and help you get certified. [I] would highly recommend them to anyone going down the cloud path.
  • Bit Size Lessons
  • Easy Walk throughs
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Updated videos more often
  • Practice questions
  • Discord or forum to talk to others
A Cloud [Guru] would be great for a Jr cloud engineer who needs help with a basic task. He can watch a quick video and get right to work on a task assigned by a manager. He could also use the downtime to improve his skills and work toward his next certification.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I think the biggest problem that ACG [A Cloud Guru] is solving is to match three elements equate the knowledge of all the members of the team, also even non-technical people the current pace of the development of AWS services, the demands of the clients for solutions in the cloud. Then, the company is able to close more business deals, the clients are happy with their solutions and all the team members feel satisfied with the level of understanding they have of the AWS Services and other Cloud Providers.
  • Sandboxes, because it gives you a real hands-on experience.
  • Hire really good and top developers with real experience in the field.
  • Organize their content in an easy way and keep updating it.
  • More material on other cloud providers GCP, Azure, Huawei.
  • Extend the sandboxes to other cloud providers not only AWS.
  • Include more material for non-technical people, sometimes the sales teams are completely lost in the platform but they would like to learn about it.
Well suited if you:
Are a developer
Want to learn AWS with really good professors
Have hands-on experience on AWS

Less Appropriate [if] you:
Are part of a non-technical area such as Management, Sales, Project Management
You are a developer and want to go deep with hands-on experience into other cloud providers such as GCP, Azure
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use A Cloud Guru to train new employees in customer-facing roles on the cloud basics to ensure that they are speaking the language of the customer and understand their specific, cloud-based, needs. Technical roles utilize the platform to achieve additional focused training in their assigned work roles. By using certification as a check on learning, we not only ensure a higher level of knowledge it also helps address the constant battle of certified employees required by cloud vendors for the higher tier partnerships.
  • The guided learning tracks helped keep teams on track.
  • Lab setup and execution makes it really easy for employees to try out new skills.
  • Linux content is an added bonus.
  • Some gaps in knowledge for certification.
  • UI is slow and unpredictable at times.
  • More reporting for users would make the platform more attractive as an LMS.
ACG is a fantastic resource if you need to get new users up to speed on the latest in cloud technologies in a short amount of time without having to create your own learning tracks. ACG is also a great fit for companies looking to maintain partner certification levels by giving the employees a solid platform to learn, test skills in a lab, determine preparedness via practice exams and solid dashboard to track progress.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
A Cloud Guru is being used in our organization to give teams and employees that are interested cloud training.
  • Good and detailed walkthroughs.
  • Labs.
  • Easy to follow.
  • Update some labs documentation.
  • Some walkthroughs are not updated with sandbox use.
A Cloud Guru is well suited for companies and professionals wanting to learn more about the different cloud providers and also for those who are preparing and wanting to get certifications.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our business had strategic goals which needed us to upskill a lot of employees on emerging technologies and we wanted to do so in an engaging and efficient manner. I was particularly interested in providers with courses which aligned to certifications so that we could give the team qualifications valuable to their careers whilst having a way to give other departments and customers confidence of our capabilities.
  • Hands-on labs and cloud playgrounds to learn by trying.
  • Really engaging courses with knowledgeable presenters.
  • East to track progress of the team and see who may need more encouragement.
  • Some courses can reference acquired company resources that I'm not immediately able to find.
  • Learning paths were originally limited to very specific areas which didn't suit my business case.
  • Licenses are fairly expensive compared to some alternatives.
I think it's really well suited for training up a team from beginner level to competence with new technologies. It looks to align well to certifications which can provide confidence in the skill level of the team.

I'm not sure how it will play out long-term once we have people who come in with a high skill level in an area as it can be difficult to figure out how to plug gaps in general knowledge with the platform.

It doesn't work as well for those learners who prefer to just read the man pages and get hands on with a home lab (apart from the cloud playgrounds, but the platform is expensive if that's all a learner will use).
Sagar Dhanrale | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy) is used by support, professional services, and system engineers. We currently don't have the platform exposed to the entire organization. A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy) is helping us in the coud-first philosophy that the company is adopting.
  • A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy) has Playgrounds that let all our users spin up sandboxes. This feature is a big differentiator compared to the competition.
  • A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy) content is the most up to date and current and helps our engineers pass the certification.
  • A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy) provides built-in labs, which is great. Learner doesn't have to leave the course to spin a lab.
  • One scope of improvement is to have an ability for the admin users to nudge a learner.
A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy) is more suited for a company that is investing in any cloud technology (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) or any cloud-adjacent technologies (Dockers, Kubernetes, etc). It is less appropriate if you are dealing with traditional on-premises application development and support.
Jeff Oster | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are currently using A Cloud Guru across our IT Department. Users in the Dev, Infra, and security teams have accounts currently and are really enjoying the courses. It is helping all of us get more familiar with new technologies such as containers and DevOps practices, as well has junior technicians learning many different technologies that are already in place.
  • Great selection of courses.
  • Ability to use labs to actually use what you are learning.
  • Easy to use and navigate website.
  • Easier SSO setup and management with Azure AD.
  • Apps for Roku or smart TV's.
A Cloud Guru would not be something I would recommend to a person that is not in IT. If someone wanted to get familiar with sales and/or base technologies I would recommend other options. A Cloud Guru is great for people in IT that want to brush up on their skills and learn more in-depth technology.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have been using it for both individual self-guided studying as well as for structured study groups where a number of people are working towards a common certification. As far as I am aware, most people use it for working towards a certification rather than bite-sized learning. We have been using it in just our department however it is used in other pockets of the organisation. We find that it reduces the need for supervised or organisation led learning when individuals are new to the cloud.
  • Clear content
  • Wide variety of topics
  • Content is fun in places
  • Cloud playground reduces the need to manage training accounts
  • Hands on labs help to reinforce learning
  • The pace that instructors speak at can be quite variable
  • Quite often, bad practice is taught so that topics can be covered quickly
  • The exam questions are not as hard as the AWS exams or other online platforms
I wouldn’t say there are many scenarios where A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy) is inappropriate. It has a wide variety of content at different levels of complexity. One area that could be not perfect is if training is required on a service that isn’t supported in the cloud playground. A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy) is perfect for those individuals who want to work towards gaining a certification, however, I think that sometimes it is lacking deep dive courses in some areas.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it for learning at our company and find it very easy to use and a fun way of helping our people learn as quickly as possible, as we are very time poor here. That is why we love A Cloud Guru and Linux Academy's merger decision, as it helps us consolidate.
  • Demo
  • Sandbox environments
  • Structure
  • The UI is very busy
Suited to companies that want a fast-paced environment for their employees to learn and find topics they are interested in and provides a great simple and direct pathway to certification exams with major cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, and even more specific topics like Linux and databases.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
This is used by multiple teams. We use it to train our consultants in cloud to deliver a proper solution to our clients. It also provides a great way to test it with sandboxes. I'm using it for testing some cloud infrastructure for proving to our clients that we are able to deliver a real solution with real examples.
  • Sandbox of each cloud provider
  • Good explanation
  • Good instructor
  • Content
  • Not agile for fixing error in the training.
  • Old courses from Linux Academy are not easy to copy/paste.
  • Not consistent format video format from Linux Academy and ACG.
This is a very good platform for practicing cloud services with the sandbox feature. For example, I'm using it to create a full network and security infrastructure with Terraform on my computer for easy building all the stack from the previous test. If you do not use Terraform (or a tool like that), it's difficult to create over and over the same test because of the 4 hour limit.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use A Cloud Guru in several departments, on the IT Group. We use it to review our infrastructure on AWS and get ready to obtain the certification on architecture. At the same time, we are lowering our costs on the cloud.
  • The instructors are really good at explaining from a beginner lever to advanced.
  • The courses are really well structured, and the labs really show you step by step the resources on the cloud.
  • The business level gives well structured use reports of the ACG users.
ACG really works well with a certification scenario. We got the certification with barely 1 1/2 weeks of use (at the middle level of architecture). The high level will need more time but the introduction reminds you that.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
A Cloud Guru is used by our company in several ways. It is a great foundational learning platform for new users and also a great spot for more expeirenced professionals to learn about new services/releases. New users can explore intro topics at their own pace and use Sandboxes to get hands on experience. There is so much in-depth content in the lectures I didn't feel the need for studying directly from AWS training. I've used the coursework and the practice quizzes to prepare for and pass an AWS certificate exam.
  • Sandboxes
  • Thorough Lectures
  • Self-Paced
  • Frequent Updates
  • Site can feel a bit busy
I feel A Cloud Guru is well suited for anyone looking to learn about cloud related topics (on any of the main platforms). There is a lot of breadth and depth available. There are even study groups that can be used for getting individuals from your team together to study in a self-organized 'class'. Due to licensing limits, the only use case where A Cloud Guru would not be ideal is for company wide learning.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Used in my department primarily used for AWS training and support. This forms part of their CPD.
  • Content is relevant.
  • Up to date with cloud platform features and development.
  • Great to track staff engagement and activity.
  • Sales process was a bit of a faff at the start.
It's great where users can do as much or as little as they want. The learning paths work well and can be tailored to the needs of the user.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use A Cloud Guru in our IT department to help teammates improve their knowledge and skills in technology.
  • Practice labs.
  • Videos.
  • Search bar for courses.
A Cloud Guru is perfect to:
  • Help you pass a certification that is recognized by global tech community.
  • Help someone with no experience to learn about a tool and to start working with it in the real life.
It is less appropriate for working on employees' soft skills I think.
Abdulrazzaq Alkhateeb | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is being used across all technology departments. It is helping us upskilling the technology teams to be ready for our future cloud transformation.
  • Short lessons, less than 20 min each.
  • Learning paths & tracks.
  • Cloud playground & labs.
  • The landing dashboard can be improved.
  • Completed courses & certificates can move out of the dashboard to something like completed courses tab.
  • Learning paths visualization can be improved.
  • ACG is very good to assign, track and complete learning.
  • The learning & certifications paths are great.
  • The learning schedule with suggested daily topics is very useful.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using A Cloud Guru to skill up our staff because we are moving our applications to the AWS cloud. We are also looking at other cloud providers and would be using the A Cloud Guru platform for its learning paths and sandboxes. We are also making use of the platform for certification preparation as well.
  • The team at A Cloud Guru is excellent at responding to user feedback that is submitted through their website.
  • The content created is well organized and aligns to certification paths.
  • The content is accessible on mobile and web platforms, which is great for learning on the go.
  • Not all content has closed captioning.
  • There are technical issues at times that require me to log back into the platform to continue learning.
  • I would have like more labs for the Azure based content.
  • I feel that the Azure content could have gone deeper in learning. There are many areas that were glossed over such as the data warehousing section in AZ-304.
A Cloud Guru is well suited to get started on a cloud platform. It is not so well suited for experienced cloud engineers. The best way to obtain deeper experience is to have more hands-on labs. A Cloud Guru is also for certification prep. It allows you to figure out which areas you need more concentration on while going through the course.
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