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Pipeline CRM

Pipeline CRM
Formerly PipelineDeals


What is Pipeline CRM?

Founded in 2006, Pipeline CRM (formerly PipelineDeals) is a CRM for small and midsize businesses, empowering sales teams across a breadth of industries to build game changing relationships. Pipeline is built around a customizable user experience, sales focused features, and…

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Pipeline CRM, also known as, offers a range of use cases that cater to sales and marketing efforts. Users appreciate the …
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Simplicity for the win!

7 out of 10
September 24, 2020
We are currently using PipelineDeals as our B2B and B2C sales CRM. We also have it fully integrated with our digital contracting software …
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  • Customer data management / contact management (5)
  • Workflow management (5)
  • Opportunity management (5)
  • Integration with email client (e.g., Outlook or Gmail) (5)
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Welcome to Pipeline CRM!

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Sales Force Automation

This is the technique of using software to automate certain sales-related tasks.

Avg 7.7

Customer Service & Support

This component of CRM software automates help desk, call center and field service management.

Avg 7.5

Marketing Automation

This component of CRM software helps to automate and scale marketing tasks and the subsequent analysis of those efforts.

Avg 7.6

CRM Project Management

This component of CRM software helps users initiate, plan, collaborate on, execute, track, and close projects.

Avg 7.6

CRM Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics in CRM software includes sales forecasting, pipeline analysis, and automated dashboards.

Avg 7.6


This addresses a company’s ability to configure the software to fit its specific use case and workflow.

Avg 7.6


This component helps a company minimize the security risks by controlling access to the software and its data, and encouraging best practices among users.

Avg 8.3

Social CRM

This component of CRM software helps companies leverage social media in engaging with customers.

Avg 7.3

Integrations with 3rd-party Software

This involves the CRM software’s ability to integrate with other systems, whether external or homegrown.

Avg 7.2


Avg 7.5
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Product Details

What is Pipeline CRM?

Pipeline CRM Video

Close Deals Faster with Pipeline CRM

Pipeline CRM Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Founded in 2006, Pipeline CRM (formerly PipelineDeals) is a CRM for small and midsize businesses, empowering sales teams across a breadth of industries to build game changing relationships. Pipeline is built around a customizable user experience, sales focused features, and customer support and service. The vendor, headquartered in Seattle, boasts 18,000 users in 60 countries who use Pipeline to gain visibility into their sales, accelerate opportunities, and close more deals.

Pipeline CRM starts at $29.

Reviewers rate Custom fields and Custom objects and API for custom integration highest, with a score of 10.

The most common users of Pipeline CRM are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Pipeline CRM, also known as, offers a range of use cases that cater to sales and marketing efforts. Users appreciate the ability to track and categorize leads based on various criteria such as size, location, opportunity, salesperson, and referral source. This allows for efficient lead management and helps users stay organized. Another common use case is project management, where the software is utilized during the initial stages of client work. It enables the project management team to set up tags, lead and deal stages, and reports to quickly access relevant information in one centralized location.

The reporting capabilities provided by Pipeline CRM are highly valued by users as they offer visibility into lead sources and deal closure rates over time. This allows businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize their sales strategies. Additionally, companies in the media industry find Pipeline Deals useful for maintaining databases of individuals invited to appear on their radio shows or contribute to their sites. The software helps organize contacts by industry and title, making it easier to manage communication and collaborations.

While PipelineDeals fulfills many needs of its users, some have expressed a desire for more advanced features such as stronger tracking capabilities, a robust sales console, advanced dashboards, customizability, and predictive analytics. However, despite these limitations, PipelineDeals has been chosen over other CRM services for its comprehensive features that address both front-of-house operations and back-office financial and provisioning operations. It is widely used across organizations to improve lead generation, sales fulfillment, and future customer follow-up. Integrations with digital contracting software and lead vendors further streamline processes by automatically creating leads and initiating contracts. Overall, PipelineDeals serves as an effective B2B and B2C sales CRM solution for businesses looking for a centralized platform to manage their sales pipeline efficiently.

Flexibility: Users have found the flexibility of Pipeline CRM to be a major advantage, allowing them to set it up according to their specific needs and preferences. Several reviewers have mentioned that this level of flexibility has been crucial in adapting the software to fit their unique business requirements.

Customization: The level of customization offered by Pipeline CRM has exceeded the expectations of many users. They appreciate the ability to tailor the platform beyond what they initially expected or needed. This high degree of customization has allowed them to create a CRM system that aligns perfectly with their business processes.

Ease of use: Reviewers consistently highlight the ease of use of Pipeline CRM, emphasizing that despite its powerful capabilities, navigating and effectively using the platform is always straightforward. They appreciate how intuitive it is to browse through large groups of data, create custom filters, and manage tasks and events tied to specific individuals.

User Interface: Some users have found the user interface of Pipeline CRM to be lacking, particularly on the iPad app. They feel that there is room for improvement in terms of design and usability.

Organization of Contact Information: Several reviewers have expressed difficulty in organizing contact information and communications for multiple people within a company using Pipeline CRM. They find it unclear how to keep everything organized and believe that the functionality for tying other people's contact info and communications to a single person falls short compared to Salesforce.

Limited Relevance Outside Sales Setting: A number of users have mentioned that Pipeline CRM is strictly focused on sales and lacks features that are relevant outside of a sales setting. Specifically, they feel that features like tracking dollars within a pipeline, hot/cold markers, and notifications do not meet their requirements for non-sales purposes.

Users commonly recommend Pipeline CRM for managing data and keeping track of information. They suggest trying out the application, especially for small businesses. Many users highlight the great support provided by Pipeline CRM and find it easy to use and intuitive. They believe every company should be using Pipeline CRM and appreciate its integration with other tools.

Another common recommendation is to take advantage of the trial version before purchasing. Users find Pipeline CRM to be an excellent value for the price and a good fit for small businesses. They recommend it for managing and tracking pipelines, mentioning its good structure for sales flow.

Users also suggest trying Pipeline CRM for quickly implementing a CRM system, as it is user-friendly and efficient. They mention that it helps increase customer reach, productivity, and performance. Adding more information to maximize its effectiveness is emphasized.

Overall, users believe that Pipeline CRM is essential for their company and has been the best business decision they've made. It is highly recommended, especially for small business sales teams, as it helps manage a large number of deals and keep track of action items.

Although some users recommend exploring other products as well, they acknowledge that Pipeline CRM is a good option for those who need more than a simple to-do list or spreadsheet. Users also note the affordability and up-to-date features of Pipeline CRM.

However, there are some limitations mentioned by users. The platform can be slow at times, and handling multiple leads under the same business can be challenging. Users also mention that account management may need to be supplemented with additional procedures and methods.

Some users recommend checking out other alternatives like Salesforce or Infusionsoft. They believe these alternatives may offer additional features or customization options that PipelineDeals lacks. However, they acknowledge that PipelineDeals is great for forecasting, easy to use, provides good value, and offers excellent customer support.

In conclusion, users commonly suggest using Pipeline CRM for managing data and tracking information. They appreciate its solid features, reasonable flexibility, and integration with other tools. Users highly recommend giving Pipeline CRM a try, especially for small businesses or those in need of an efficient CRM solution.

Attribute Ratings


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Companies can't remove reviews or game the system. Here's why
September 24, 2020

Simplicity for the win!

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are currently using PipelineDeals as our B2B and B2C sales CRM. We also have it fully integrated with our digital contracting software and our lead vendor so leads are being automatically created. Leads are then automatically pulled from PipelineDeals to start a contract. We also have integrations in place to automatically updated deals once the contract is finalized.
  • User interface.
  • API integrations.
  • Configurability.
  • Marketing.
  • Email integrations.
If you have a small business where you are trying to keep things simple, then PipelineDeals is a perfect fit. Once you get to where you are wanting to tie your marketing efforts and create marketing campaigns that are tied to leads, it starts to miss the mark.
November 29, 2017

Sales done right

Jeffrey Schneider | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We track all leads and categorize them into buckets, size, location, opportunity, salesperson, how they heard of us as well as tracking where leads are in the sales cycle.
  • Sales tracking
  • Email and calendar integration
  • Sales visibility
  • UI could be better
  • IPad app
  • Reporting
It is great for managing multiple sales people and the ability to see where the company is in sales cycles. Great for our forecasting. The ability to track email opens has helped us with next steps as well.
Stanislaw Wasowicz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our sales force uses pipelinedeals CRM to log deals and interactions with contacts. We experience the system as something that streamlines an operation problem but doesn't offer much else to solve the business requirements. [There are] no strong tracking capabilities, [there's] not a strong sales console, basic dashboards, little customizability, no predictive analytics, etc. We're looking to upgrade.
  • Does the basic CRM trick
  • Customizability
  • Sales Console & Dashboard
  • Features
  • Automation
Honestly, I believe there are better free options available on the market.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
PipelineDeals was implemented to solve a broad range of issues across the organization. We implemented at a company that has a tremendous amount of leads coming in from a few automated sources, but also leads input from various personnel. We tested/implemented two other services before PipelineDeals CRM, and the reason we chose PipelineDeals was because it was very comprehensive from the "front of house" operations to the back-office financial and provisioning operations. We used every single module of PipelineDeals CRM because issues from lead generations to sales fulfillment and future customer follow up were critical to the success of the project.
  • Flexibility - we found that we could modify PipelineDeals CRM very easily (as you can with other services), but that PipelineDeals CRM didn't hiccup with the extent of modifications made to the system. Everyone will need to modify the system to fit their business profile, and the ease of modification is important, but the real key is the ability to easily manage the system and the extensions you've put in place.
  • Support - when you license and implement any solution, you're going to run into issues/bugs. PipelineDeals CRM is very responsive and very good, and they didn't waste our time making us go through multiple levels of support to prove we actually had a problem. There weren't many issues, but the ones we encountered were addressed quickly, and they spent time with us on things that we weren't clear on, even providing some direction on the best way to set up categories of users, products, tasks, etc.
  • Comprehensive nature - we tried other services and found that PipelineDeals CRM did a good job of handling leads through sales and customer follow up. Other services were heavy on lead management or pre-sales functions, or helping with information related to sales activities, but did nothing to support after-the-fact operational personnel.
  • I wouldn't say no areas for improvement exist, but I will say that PipelineDeals takes customer input, shared product roadmap, and supports what they have very nicely. What they provide works out-of-the-box. Improvements can always be made with respect to pre-packaged integration with 3rd party services/solutions, and with extended attributes, but you also want to avoid something that attempts to boil the ocean.
This is an area where I feel people fall down in the process. First - spend time up front defining your organizational processes, and goals. Don't even think about a solution until you've spent time defining the process. We spent time with every facet of the organizational process, and defined a workflow and diagram of each key process. This allows you to determine where you can get some process automation (service-based automation) versus workflow (human eyeballs and decisions on a procedure). Out of this exercise you will definitely see the critical "must-have" features and functions in any solution, and frankly it's pretty easy from there. Most people start asking a bunch of questions, and they don't know what they're trying to answer. In addition, most organizations avoid this step because it's difficult. But it is essential and lays the groundwork for a successful project and a much, much easier deployment.
Jason Montoya | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Incentivized was used primarily to manage our contacts, leads and deals for our sales and marketing efforts. There was some use by our project management team in the initial stages of working with our clients. We set up various tags, lead and deal stages and reports to quickly access the information we needed when we needed it. The extent of the reporting gave us visibility to see where our leads were coming from and what type of deals were closing. After years of data, there were great reports we were running to assess our progress over time.
  • Flexibility: It provides the flexibility to set it up how you want to use it. Customization is beyond what you probably want or need.
  • Reporting: We were able to setup all types of reporting and tracking.
  • Ease of Use: While the platform was powerful, it was always easy to use.
  • There was not really anything it didn't do well that had an impact on our organization.
Pipeline Deals is a great resource to quickly implement a CRM. It is easy and fast to set up an account, import your date and start using it. Both basic and advanced users will value the tool. If you are looking for something extremely simple (like Highrise HQ), this may not be the best fit.
Brian Welk | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We're a media company that regularly invites individuals to appear on our radio show or to blog for our site, and we use Pipeline Deals to keep a database of all the people we've invited or who have worked with us or communicated with us in the past. We compile contact information and organize people based on industry and title and can easily browse in order to determine who to invite. We also use it to keep track of communications in a common place.
  • It allows you to create a high level of custom fields specific to your own needs. Our purpose for its use is not strictly sales, so to still be able to use it in a way that's organized and provides all the information we need about an individual is very strong.
  • Browsing through large groups is fairly simple. I can create custom filters to sift through the entire database and find a custom list of people whom I want to contact. It's very simple if you know you only want to find people of a certain type or who you contacted within a certain amount of time.
  • I like the ability to create tasks and events tied to specific individuals I'm in touch with as opposed to an unorganized To-Do list. It's easy to know when to follow-up, contact, etc.
  • The ability to BCC PipelineDeals so that all emails or communications are linked with that individuals specific file works well and could be very useful to many individuals.
  • Unlike Salesforce, PipelineDeals isn't as good about tying other people's contact info and communications to a single person, for instance creating accounts for a company and then having multiple people within that company. If this functionality exists and I'm not proficient with it, I'm not clear on the best way to keep it all organized and it isn't obvious.
  • It is strictly a sales CRM, so there are many features that aren't particularly relevant outside of a sales setting, such as dollars within a pipeline or Hot/Cold markers that aren't that great of markers or notifications for the things I require.
It's very suited if you are doing sales, and it can be applied to other use cases in terms of outreach, as I've been able to do, but it's not a perfect fit and it will require some customization to get the best use out of it, but that's likely true of any CRM.
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