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We used StarWind Virtual SAN to virtualize all the physical servers in the company. Later we added other virtual servers, currently having a number of about 30 virtual servers. Without a SAN solution, we would have needed to invest a lot more money in physical servers, and managing them would have been much more difficult.
  • Drastic reduction of the number of physical servers required/reduction of acquisition costs for servers
  • The possibility of dynamic and fast allocation of storage resources where needed
  • Simplifying the backup and restore process
  • It would help if the manufacturer provided clearer and more detailed documentation with explanations of how the application can be installed in various HA configurations--with advantages and disadvantages for each proposed configuration.
I recommend without hesitation the solution provided by StarWind for any company looking for a SAN solution with a very good quality/price ratio.
We use StarWind Virtual SAN together with the virtualization solution from VMWare and we are very satisfied with the performance of the virtual servers. I can't make comparisons with other solutions because I only used these applications.
Supporters respond promptly to requests and even come up with additional tips to optimize the use of the application.
Grzegorz Magierski | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Before we used a cluster of two windows servers with shared storage system on a single SAN. Our theme was working with clustered SQL server with database mirroring. Every part of the system was redundant except for SAN. It was almost satisfying. Every cluster server system we know needs a shared storage system. Cluster could be fully redundant, but this redundancy is worth nothing without a redundant storage system. We had a single SAN system. As a single, SAN was not redundant. But we needed a redundant storage system. We always were afraid that once upon a time our SAN will stop working. We, of course, had backups, but it was not enough. What we needed was a system with no data loss in case of an issue and with no interruption (or only several seconds of interruption) in data processing. We were looking for a relatively simple and not very expensive solution. Now we have a redundant storage system, so our cluster system is fully redundant. We now have two clusters of two nodes Windows Hyper-V servers with StarWind V-san working as hosts.
  • Easy implementation
  • Very good support
  • I had no problems with understanding how the system worked. It was important to me.
  • The system has the possibility to send an e-mail message about issues, but only within the internal company mail system. I would like to have e-mail messages also when I'm away.
Hmm. StarWind gave me what I expected. I was looking for an inexpensive fully redundant storage system and I found it. With StarWind Virtual SAN, I have built my own little cloud system. We have two clusters of two nodes with Hyper-V servers and SW Virtual SAN working as hosts. These two clusters are located in the same city but several miles from one another. The VMs working on one of the clusters are replicated on another one. It works well and I'm satisfied. It is something like a very small private cloud.
Because they helped me to optimize my system and they did even more than I expected.
Mirza R. Baig - CISO,PMP,CISM,CRISC,AWS,SFC,MS,CCNSP,CCA | TrustRadius Reviewer
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It is used in our organization for DR and HA for the VMWare Hosts. We use the VSAN feature in Starwind for the data availability across our networks.
  • High Availability
  • Performance
  • Gain 100% uptime and full fault tolerance
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Witness server improvement required
  • TTL value below 5ms very tough
  • Linux learning
Virtual SAN from StarWind ensures high uptime and fault tolerance starting with just two nodes. No expensive hardware [is] required to set up the solution. Eliminates any need for physical shared storage by simply "mirroring" internal hard disks and flash between hypervisor servers.
So far using the StarWind VSAN solution has improved the overall performance of the applications and the servers across our networks. We have done many failover testing from one site to another site with 100% success rate and it did move all the vm's from the failed node to the secondary node within 60 seconds.
The premium support feature is the best of all as they call back within 15 minutes whenever we log a high-priority case with StarWind. Never looks like it is going to take a day or more for the resolution of any issues with the support team. They are experienced [in] the software and they give good suggestions to improve the performance of the servers as well.
  • no training
May 23, 2021

StarWind Forever

Score 10 out of 10
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StarWind is used throughout our platform and is the cornerstone of our high availability data management. We rely on it heavily and it does not disappoint. It is generally simple to use and provides the reliability and flexibility we need. You will find StarWind throughout our data center. I would be remiss if I did not boast about their tech support. Easily one of the best I have encountered since being in the IT industry for 43 years.
  • Provides outstanding high availability with flexible options. Can even use your preferred hardware.
  • Strong and reliable. Always being further developed as well.
  • Huge ROI compared to every other vendor we compared them to.
  • Really can't think of anything that needs improvement. It does everything we need it to do and does it reliably.
StarWind has several options from prefab appliances to DIY server hardware. We use it primarily for clustering our data and virtual machines. You can literally use StarWind for a number of HA scenarios.
We only use one brand of hypervisor so I cannot speak to any comparisons in that regard. What I can tell you is that StarWind has never failed us in reliability or performance. It has never been our bottleneck. Our virtual machines run fantastic on the clusters which, of course, is fed by 10G fiber ethernet.
Cannot say enough about this company's support staff. Friendly, professional, responsive, knowledgeable about their product and much more, and no language barrier. Every tech we have spoken to over the last 6 years has been able to easily resolve every issue we have had, even though it's only been a few.
Score 9 out of 10
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We are running Dell PowerEdge Series as Hyper-V hosts with StarWind providing a virtual SAN infrastructure to allow for CSVs and data replication between the hosts without having to add dedicated storage hardware. This serves to allow us to have a fault tolerance of suffering not just a drive loss (RAID Configurations on each server allow for that) but it also allows for the loss of an entire server since we are running N+1. The servers are directly connected to one another using 10gb NICs allowing for fast connectivity and support for direct wiring allowed us to not have to invest in a dedicated 10gb SAN switch either.
  • Great Tech Support/Implementation Team
  • Easy to Use Management GUI
  • Lightweight but Powerful Software Performance
  • Automated Alerts
The solution works very well for a smaller use case like ours. Coming from work in environments that are 10x the size of this one, dedicated hardware has great benefits there. But for smaller situations with lower server counts, this can be great.
My implementation is with Hyper-V only. I do know the value of being able to have a solution like this from working in mixed environments previously and the value of one system like this being able to connect to both is a great benefit there and makes transitions much easier.
Every encounter I have had has been quickly responded to with both the right person and with providing the needed solution. I feel very confident that they are available and accessible if any issue arises that I need to get help addressing or just ensuring my configuration is best practices.
Score 10 out of 10
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My company has been using StarWind Virtual SAN for a few years as a storage solution for our virtual environment, which which is used across the entire organization. it gives us the ability to use existing stuff (hardware) in a cost-effective manner. We have found that the investment to use StarWind Virtual SAN to be very beneficial to our current business objectives.
  • High availability at an affordable price
  • Excellent technical support
  • Easy-to-use GUI
It provided an excellent return on investment when we look at cost vs, functionality. We find that this performs better than the physical SAN.
We only used it in Hyper-V scenarios.
I would give this rating because the solution adequately met out business needs at an attractive price point.
Federico S.M. Mapelli | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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I implemented Starwind VSAN to build an HCI 2-NOdes Hyper-V Cluster without buying an expensive SAN or without using S2D which requires Windows Server Datacenter Edition, a lot of SSD, and a lot of other HD.
  • Build an HCI cluster.
  • Restar in case of a failure, power outage and so on.
  • Great support in all deployment steps.
  • Just prefer an Italian version.
It's very simple, stable and Starwind Support is great.
The hardware requirements are less than other solutions and the performances are great.
Starwind gave me support before buying VSAN to test it during installation and to check my configuration.
Score 10 out of 10
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We wanted to move away from physical servers and virtualize our entire stack. We needed high uptimes and performance whilst being hardware agnostic. We initially reviewed many of the products/solutions that existed in the market. Each of them had a hardware dependency or requirement that just did not fit our requirements. StarWind Virtual SAN is now hosting our local storage for our virtualization environment supporting the entire country. StarWind has improved our uptime, significantly increased our performance, and more importantly, it has given us flexibility with the hardware we use to run our storage on.
  • Performance is very noticeable whether its through cache or from the nodes.
  • Scale. Simple tasks like expanding a volume, adding more storage, introducing new nodes [are] a breeze.
  • Administration and configuration [are] very easy, intuitive, and straightforward. Patching and maintenance windows run at any time and nodes can be placed into maintenance and all production systems are not affected.
  • StarWind Support is by far the best support team I have ever dealt with. Never turned back and never had a question not answered.
  • Shrinking volumes is something we would like to see however we also understand that this may leave things behind and is something we can do without. Other than that the product performs and fulfills our requirements.
From our experience, StarWind Virtual SAN is suitable for any environment, big or small. From hosting just a few virtual machines to 100's. If you do not want to be locked into an environment, or a particular set or brand of hardware and you want to have control over your environment, then StarWind is an ideal fit. We can't think of any environment where StarWind would not be suitable. The fact that you can take any server and turn it into a virtual SAN with just a few clicks is a no-brainer. With a decent and well-configured network behind StarWind, and with the addition of many nodes to run StarWind, performance can be tremendously improved along with uptime.
The fact that we can introduce any node regardless of brand and internal components is what makes it unique. We can swap out servers, change brands and our production environment is none the wiser. No longer do we need to rely on Hyper-V replica, the Synchronous mirroring that is handled by StarWind does all the work for us and has given us great protection from any unplanned downtime.
I have worked in the IT industry for over 22 years and I have never encountered a support team better or even just as good as the support team at StarWind. We have worked with a lot of their support team and we have never encountered one of them that is not intricately familiar with the product. The support team not only knows their product, but they understand the complete stack (operating system, networking, virtualization, clustering) regardless if it's Hyper-V or Vmware. They have never let us down and never turned us back with unanswered questions. The Timezone differences between us and StarWind have never affected their support and they have always been there for us when needed. Whether it's a design, configuration, support, or even just advice, they are always there for us.
Score 10 out of 10
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Two years ago we purchased the VMware vSphere Essentials Kit and created a server virtualisation platform with direct attached storage. We found this to be a cost-effective solution that met many of our needs at the time. We started placing more of our workloads on this platform and reached a point where features such as vMotion and High Availability were becoming mandatory. We knew that the vMotion and High Availability features could be enabled with a simple license change to the VMware vSphere Essentials Plus Kit. However, for these features to work we needed to implement shared storage. StarWind Virtual SAN was the missing piece that allowed us to implement this shared storage; we didn't have to purchase any new hardware. We use this virtualisation infrastructure for all our on-premises workloads except for a couple of legacy systems and file sharing. We operate the solution 24x7 and have not had any operational issues.
  • Excellent pre/post sales support. We felt like we could approach the company with any issue.
  • After implementation the solution has been very low-touch, meaning that we don't need to devote valuable resources towards keeping the solution running. This is ideal for the SMB/SME market.
  • StarWind have been in the business for many years and their focus is on storage solutions. This provided us with reassurance that the solution will continue to exist and be supported in the future.
  • We scheduled an interactive validation/tuning session before we went live. We found this to be very valuable and it proved to us how much the company is invested in their product.
  • Some of the technical documentation needs to be revised so it becomes clearer how the solution works. If you are planning to implement the solution yourself, then a dry run is strongly recommended.
The solution is very well suited to scenarios where you are price-sensitive or where you already have an investment in direct attached storage. We also found the solution to be more flexible regarding hybrid storage (mix of SSD/HDD storage) than competitive solutions.
Being hypervisor agnostic was not applicable to our needs. We had an existing VMware vSphere solution for which we needed to implement shared storage.
In every step of our implementation, StarWind has always been willing to listen our needs and provide the right information when it was needed. We also scheduled an interactive validation/solution before we went live. This was extremely well performed and delivered a lot of value.
Score 10 out of 10
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We utilize StarWind at a lot of our sites both remote sites and main data center sites for storage in conjunction with vSphere. StarWind Virtual SAN has really made deploying resilient high performance storage very cost efficient and simple. Performance and ease of deployment are amazing and cost is a a fraction of the other solutions.
  • Easy storage virtualization
  • Simple set up and deployment
  • Very clear and detailed instructions
  • Excellent support
  • Support for multi node “raid”
  • More comprehensive reporting / alerting
Small to medium businesses that require resilient storage without breaking the bank. HCI is definitely the way to go and StarWind Virtual SAN makes it attainable for SMB market. 1-3 nodes is perfect and very well suited. If more than three nodes, the storage efficiency goes down quite a bit. Multi node “raid” is still not available as is the case with VMware vSAN.
Vendor agnostic is key, gives us and our customers flexibility to chose any hardware from any vendor that fits the requirements. Other solutions require using “certified” hardware which in a lot of cases is the same just marked up in cost. From a performance perspective, we have not seen any negative performance using different hardware vendors in the same cluster as long as specs are same.
Super responsive at all hours of the day. Even the tier 1 support is very very capable and gets the problem resolved. They are very knowledgeable about the product and you can tell they know what they are doing from the way they ask and react to information.
Bern Farrant | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use StarWind vSAN on our main web hosting clusters for the web hosting portion of our business. StarWind vSAN solves the problem of cost effectively providing a high-availability failover cluster utilizing standard server and networking hardware.
  • The technical support experience is some of the best we've experienced.
  • The vSAN software allows us setup small Windows Server hyperconverged clusters at a price point that cannot be beaten.
  • Their documentation is extremely clear.
  • Given how easy their GUI is for managing everything else, perhaps the iSCSI configuration could handle more of the technical details behind the scenes.
StarWind vSAN offers unmatched pricing for small clusters running on standard hardware. There is no reliable production ready competition at this price point.
For us, it simply meant that we could continue using our preferred hypervisor which keeps everyone happy!
StarWind is one of the few support contracts I am happy to pay for. They are very good at having someone with the technical knowledge needed respond. Not having to jump through level after level of support is hugely appreciated.
David Benz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Starwind Virtual SAN is being used by our department, I'm not sure if any other departments at our organization use it. It allows us to run our new vital signs capturing software on Hyper-V hosts sharing local storage. Our existing, older hardware SAN was slow and we didn't have to budget to purchase a new, faster SAN.
  • StarWind VSAN is a unique product. It works very well creating shared storage using local drives.
  • Their tech and customer support is excellent. They are very responsive and knowledgeable.
  • Setup is fairly straightforward. If you have any issues with setup, their support is very helpful.
  • It would be a nice feature if the virtual disks could automatically enter maintenance mode when one of the nodes is shutting down.
  • Some of the networking portion of the setup isn't straightforward, it would be helpful if the GUI recommended some best practices.
StarWind VSAN is well suited for scenarios where an hardware SAN will not meet the demands or is not available, and there is plenty of internal storage on the server nodes. VSAN works really well if you have available internal storage but not sufficient external storage in terms of speed or space.

It would not be appropriate for scenarios where a fast hardware SAN is available.
It is helpful that StarWind VSAN is hypervisor agnostic. So far, we have used it only on Windows Hyper-V hosts and Windows virtual machines. It is nice to know that we could use it on Linux or to deploy Linux virtual machines. At this point, we do not have plan for Linux machines, but it would save money to not have to purchase another solution if we do.
StarWind's support for their VSAN product is very good. I had a major issue and their tech support helped me to work through it and enabled me to get the virtual disks back up and running without data loss. I was somewhat surprised they were able to solve the problem.

Their customer support is also very responsive.
Dan Hoffmann | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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StarWind [Virtual SAN] is installed as my vmware vSAN storage. We have all our vms on this storage.

  • Uses local host storage
  • Easy to swap out HDD for SSD as needed
  • Scalability to add new clusters to expand storage.
  • vMotion speeds could be increased.
I believe StarWind [Virtual SAN] is a perfect fit for mall to med sized storage needs. I have not explored their offerings for much larger storage requirements.
I was forced to replace my traditional physical SAN when I was unable to get additional service parts. StarWind has no equipment to stress about or maintain.
Support is top-notch and quick to respond. They like the time to answer every one of my questions. They won't close out the request until I am satisifed.
Traiano Nistor | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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StarWind Virtual SAN is being used by the whole organization and it addresses the hyper-v needs with its ability to create use of high-speed storage across multiple high-speed NICs and with 2 separate 2 node clusters in use it makes it easier to leverage both of or heavy-duty needs and also the ability to move as needed between clusters.
  • Consolidate NVME storage and allow for scalability.
  • Allow for fast synchronization between cluster nodes.
  • Allows for faster recovery when a cluster goes down.
  • Notifications could use some work.
  • Mobile app companion could be helpful.
  • Better pricing would also be helpful.
StarWind is well suited for small to large businesses that have high-speed storage and high throughput requirements and high-reliability requirements. It is ideal with the higher support contracts for the best responses. It is also ideal for use in the unlimited configuration. Their support is amazing and I appreciate their expertise and follow-ups.
Our hyper-v environment has become more stable and resilient for our users and allowed us to add more and more heavy-duty VMs with lots of storage up to 4TB in size with increased reliability. We are very thankful for the technology that StarWind Virtual SAN has brought to our infrastructure and ultimately our end-user environment.
StarWind's support has been amazing to us from the beginning to the ongoing maintenance. We have had very knowledgeable team members. At many times odd times of the day and night based on when we needed it, which has been extremely helpful. Communication from one team member to another has also been immensely helpful and appreciated from configuration to complete setup. Even when issues have come up, we were well taken care of.
Score 10 out of 10
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It is being used by the IT department. We chose it as we wanted to be 3-2-1 backup compliant and implement a DR strategy. Prior to implementing Starwind we had a singular backup server with a backup to disk solution. no we have a backup to disk, backup to tape and backup to cloud.In addition to the multiple backup destinations, the backups are also very secure. The StarWind server is air-gapped, in addition, the virtual tapes are also impervious to malware/ransomware. Lastly, the cloud backups are stored at Wasabi which is also highly secure.
Our backup process is now fully automated. the tapes are automatically shipped/uploaded to Wasabi.
  • Ease of implementation
  • Robust - it works well and integrates with a multitude of vendors
  • Support - the support team is very quick to respond
  • The console could use some work. It is not the most intuitive console or design. i feel it could have some improvements both from a technical perspective (introduce right click options) and introduce better formatting. when you are scrolling through your tapes its easy to get confused on what you are looking for.
We wanted to comply with the 3-2-1 backup strategy. We only had a stand-alone backup server that performed backup to disk. We needed a second backup destination/medium and an offsite location and a means of getting backups there automatically. We found StarWind and found that it satisfied all of those needs. First, it was easy to implement. We got a new server packed it full of storage and then installed StarWind. it was a very simple next next next type of install. from there we were able to set up an ISCSI connection and lock it down with CHAP which is a requirement in our company. We were able to have our existing backup server connect and utilize the virtual tape library created by StarWind. Lastly, we were able to configure StarWind to connect directly to our cloud storage provider and automatically ship the tapes offsite. We have a full 3-2-1 backup compliant solution now

We actually don't use it with a hypervisor. We have it installed on a physicals server running as a virtual tape library for backups and as a means to ship the virtual tapes offsite to a cloud provider. StarWind actually recommended this setup based on what our needs were.

Our VMS themselves are backed up to our physical Veeam server. Once that backup is complete, Veeam backs that backup set up to tape via StarWind and then StarWind will ship those tapes offsite.
If i ever need support I can email into their ticketing system, I typically will get a response within 2-3 hours. Sometimes it's actually sooner. If need be the technicians can remote into my environment and we can address issues together or they can simply provide procedures on how to resolve issues that might arise.

I had a question about how to set up CHAP with iscsi. They responded within an hour, connected with me and in 5 minutes the CHAP was set up and we were able to verify the backup jobs were still working.
Score 10 out of 10
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We used StarWind Virtual SAN as a department. Initially, we had not planned to use virtualization, but at some point we realized that it was necessary. We had no opportunity to install any shared storage and, in this case, StarWind Virtual SAN was perfect. We did not have any type of failover cluster. StarWind Virtual SAN for Hyper-V solves the problem without any kind of hardware lock-in and is a low-impact, easy-to-configure virtual SAN solution. This made it possible to create a failover cluster with high performance without significant costs.
  • StarWind Virtual SAN requires at least two 1 GbE networks. I think this is important since the alternatives that I considered required 10 GbE of network.
  • StarWind Virtual SAN does 2-way or 3-way replication. It fully replicates the cluster, which means that you can lose storage between the members (even cache one or two nodes of the cluster to handle the scenario). Requires nested resiliency to handle failure of multiple nodes. Since the storage is sustain node + disk failure in a 2-node fully replicated, the failure of single node + at least one (depends on RAID level) disk in an active node will not lead to any data loss.
  • StarWind Virtual SAN works on top of a hardware RAID or a software RAID. As an alternative to StarWind VSAN for Hyper-V, we considered Microsoft S2D, but we had to abandon it due to the fact that it does not support hardware RAID.
  • Usage of raw partitions instead of file containers.
I think that StarWind Virtual SAN is perfect for cases where it is not possible or expedient to buy/install shared storage, but at the same time you must ensure high availability of services.
Our organization has an agreement with Microsoft and therefore we have the opportunity to use Windows server licenses at a good price. Using a virtual SAN that is vendor agnostic allowed for more flexibility in the choice of servers, which had a positive impact on the performance of our virtual machines.
The support is great. Before buying StarWind Virtual SAN, I was provided with a trial version. Together with the support, I set up a test bench and checked that StarWind Virtual SAN is really suitable for my tasks. They answered all my questions and helped me set up production servers. I have not been using StarWind Virtual SAN for very long (less than six months) and have not encountered serious problems that would require contacting support. I sometimes write them for advice and they always answer me quickly and professionally.
Score 10 out of 10
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StarWind VSAN is used as a 2-node replicated storage, which allows us to eliminate single point of failure and re-use our current servers. It is being used across the whole organization as it hosts our critical systems like databases, remote desktop infrastructure and other systems that are most important for our non-stop work.
  • Quick implementation.
  • Runs really well and stable.
  • Good support.
  • No mobile app.
For our scenario it works really well - highly available replicated storage on two node cluster. Easy to use, good support, works well - all the needed components to make a good product.
Cannot recommend it for other hypervisors than Hyper-V as I haven't used StarWind VSAN on anything else.
As mentioned before I have used it with Hyper-V only, but it works as expected and the virtual machine performance is better than it was on the physical SAN.
The support was very helpful starting from the implementation of StarWind VSAN where they did pretty much all the configuration during the remote session.
During one issue we had (hardware related), the support was quick to react and resolve the issue before any service interruptions occurred.
Score 10 out of 10
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StarWind VSAN Solution is currently being used in one of our data centers located at Limassol, Cyprus. The solution includes utilization of storage out of physical servers in order to implement it to our VMware Vcenter environment, creating datastores/LUNS that we provide as a service to customers in order to create workloads.
  • Read and write operation speed on VMs is incredible.
  • Really easy to manage web interface.
  • Integration with VMware was done pretty easily.
  • Monitoring of workloads on mobile.
Starwind VSAN, in my opinion, is best suited in scenarios of virtual environments like the one I described, in my last summary. It is very good at utilizing physical hardware and storage and being applied as a virtual datastore solution, plus the speed of reading and writing operations is pretty amazing.
Since we are currently using it with our Vcenter environment and ESXI Servers, I must say that the integration of the product is pretty good, and we really haven't encountered any bugs so far. Plus, the overall performance of the VMs that we deployed using the solution, is pretty amazing , since we never had a failed VM, with storage as its cause.
The support was always pretty responsive, had a strong knowledge not only of their own product but of SAN, RAID, and physical storage in general. Plus, they are always happy to help us when we are in need of support.
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Starwind VSAN in our main vsphere 7 cluster. It is the primary storage system for our organization and is used by every user in our organization. We selected Starwind VSAN to provide a boost to the speed of our VMware infrastructure and to provide better high availability to systems in our vsphere cluster.
  • Speed
  • High Availability
  • Price
  • Setup complexity
We have the virtual appliances and I think for small to medium-sized organizations that is the way to go for the best value, but if you are a larger organization, I could see the value in going with their dedicated hardware appliances. For me, it was incredibly attractive that we could get very good performance for our workload on four host servers at this price point.
I'm not sure I have a specific instance to point to from one vendor or another. We have always used VMWare and that was how we evaluated the solution. I can tell you that the performance has been great and certainly comparable or better than VMWare's own vsan product. The integration is obviously not as tight as VMWares vsan but I think the Starwind product is a better value.
I have been consistently impressed with the quality of service I have gotten from the presales calls all the way through deployment. They have been very quick to respond to questions and have provided great advice during deployment on the best way to tune the system for our priorities, which were speed and high availability.
Score 10 out of 10
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StarWind VSAN allows us to build high availability and real-time replication (even between 2 servers) in our small IT department. It offers multiple scaling and replication capabilities and includes health and performance monitoring tools. For this reason, we can build highly available services for our company, which are currently essential for the activities of each company. Such a model of implementation allows us to maintain the company's production continuity and to maintain constant access to data processed by the company.
  • High availability and realtime replication between two servers.
  • Stable software.
  • Perfect support.
  • Only the price, but this isn't a deal breaker.
In my opinion, StarWind VSAN is a very good solution for some companies where the hardware location is in a data center and the company needs a high availability of services, including all internal systems, VPN, and hosting services like website, mail, database, DNS, FTP/sFTP, and SMB/CIFS.
This is very important to have option to connect datastore located on VSAN to different machines. I think that VMs performance is about 15-20% lower that on standard datastore.
Because StarWind support is amazing. Support is very helpful and responds very quickly. StarWind Support not only supports the selection of the appropriate solution but also it's testing and production implementation. He is very helpful and responds very quickly. There is a possibility of teleconferences and online support.
Andrew Watson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We implemented StarWind VSAN on two dedicated Dell Windows servers, logically sitting between the VMWare front end hosts and the Dell EqualLogic back end SANs. There are two sites connected completely redundantly with stacked switches at both ends and two separate fibers taking two different geographical paths between sites. Each site hosts VMWare hosts, a StarWind server, and a Dell SAN. This solution serves two virtual server clusters which collectively represent the entirety of operations for the end customer's internal and customer-facing services. Previous to implementing StarWind, the existing SAN hardware was being underutilized. The Dell EqualLogic SAN replicated all volumes to an offsite SAN through a direct L2 fiber connection every 5 minutes. The downside here was that if there was a DR scenario, data loss of up to 5 minutes was possible, and the process of mapping existing VMs to replicated iSCSI volumes would have been very tedious. Additionally, a SAN failure would inevitably result in downtime for running VMs in addition to data loss.
  • Realtime storage replication.
  • Resilient and redundant iSCSI targets.
  • Flexible for use with almost any back-end storage solution.
StarWind VSAN works best when implemented with the proper design. I have seen a StarWind VSAN implementation in the past that didn't work as well. But that was only the case because it was not implemented with a good and thoughtful design. StarWind customer service does a fantastic job of consulting with you about your specific environment and how StarWind VSAN would be best implemented in your topology. In general, I would recommend this product to anyone with a virtual server infrastructure who wants complete uptime of their VMs such that even a complete failure of a SAN housing virtual disks for actively running VMs doesn't cause a failure of that VM.
At the same time that we implemented the StarWind solution, we also converted the front-end virtual infrastructure from Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V with Microsoft Failover Clustering to VMWare vSphere 6.7 Enterprise Plus with a single vCenter standard server. Implementing both of these projects simultaneously didn't cause us any headaches at all. That's pretty impressive to me.
I work with a LOT of vendor support, and I can tell you that StarWind support engineers KNOW THEIR STUFF. They are super professional and easy to work with. They will even help you see the product implementation through to completion.
Ricardo Gonzalez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
Physical to virtual environment migration, requiring a VSAN storage for data center we had an old BLC 460 gen 6 blades with physical storage attached, so basically if we had any issues with the hardware or operating system the downtime for production would be for hours, so we created a virtual data center with VMware vSphere and added 3 20TB storage on each host then created 3-node StarWind scenario being shared on all 3 hosts, and creating virtual machines on 3 hosts and now running on StarWind storage.
  • The three-node hyperconverged scenario for our data center works as fault tolerance and less worries on data loss.
  • The management console over Windows, installing together with the PowerShell library, you can put images on maintenance mode from the management console which saves you a lot of time on syncing.
  • With the PowerShell library I created a batch file for putting images on maintenance mode when our UPS reaches 10% battery capacity in case of a blackout and this lets you bring all host backup and StarWind storage not requiring sync.
  • An easy migration to ZFS system that is being presented on a new version of StarWind, migrations look complicated as this restructures the whole architecture on the raid level, but could be a good option just by having it and letting the user decide this new feature migration, as based on our experience with ZFS systems they work pretty fast and secure.
  • Android app for monitoring and receiving push notifications as alarms or monitoring I/O from any mobile device.
I would advise trying the 30-day trial, or if in a small data center, use the free version and manage it over PowerShell. There is a lot of documentation for implementation.
Currently using a 3-node Hyperconverged Scenario with vSphre 6.7 and VSAN storage shared on all hosts, this lets us have the high availability feature from vSphere as virtual machines are running on a VSAN storage replicated in between the three nodes and if one of the hosts fails, virtual machines keep on and end user won't notice what happened in the background.
I sent an email, with an issue I had for notifications, but at the end it was no network communication to our SMTP, I got opened a ticket and asked a lot of log files for this bug, but I consider this as being a software bug by not telling a warning message that there is a network problem and not freezing could be replicated on StarWind's side to fix this issue on next version without asking users for logs. This is my opinion.
Justin Graves | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Highly available HyperV cluster. Our environment includes 2 Hyper-V hosts with onboard storage running about 20 virtual machines. StarWind allowed for a redundant cluster to be configured without any extra storage and easily create an HA cluster. StarWind Virtual San functions as the primary drivers for all of our storage needs in the highly available cluster. It is used almost daily to allow for live migration of machines and failover in the event of maintenance or physical host hardware problems.
  • Software defined storage. It's easy to set up and get going rather quickly.
  • Intalls right on Hyper-V Core. Not GUI needed.
  • StarWind support is unmatched and their proactive support is excellent.
  • A better management interface.

Highly available storage. The entire rollout is hyper-converged and requires no extra storage beyond the hosts in which Hyper-V is running. Another feature that has been great is the support from StarWind in general. We have their proactive support package on the main cluster that employs StarWind Virtual SAN. The StarWind support team is right on top of all monitoring activities. If I am maintaining a physical host and it has been down for too long, I will get a notice from StarWind to confirm a problem or inform them that maintenance is being performed. They are top notch.

We have only used StarWind Virtual SAN with Microsoft Hyper-V. It works very well and I would recommend it in the future regardless of hypervisor technology being used due to its ease of use and great support team.
Excellent support. Proactive, email and phone support are all great. Once support technician spent weeks working with me to re-build new hosts after Windows Update managed to keep us from installing a new build of Virtual SAN. She worked with me day and night to first troubleshoot and then eventually rebuild from scratch. We experienced no downtime during the rebuild.
Davide Bozzelli | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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VSAN is used on one of our virtualization clusters. It is used across the whole organization. We ran 40 VMs on top of two Dell PowerEdge servers.
  • Good job on data redundancy.
  • Good performance both in writes and reads operations.
  • Very low learning curve.
  • Management tools.
  • Ability to run on all mainstream flavours of Linux.
  • Usage of raw partitions instead of file containers.
The perfect scenario is a classic hyperconverged solution. It is less appropriate as a standalone SAN replacement.
Performance of my VMs is increased thanks to RAM caching.
Support gives advice on how improve the configuration on startup.
Score 10 out of 10
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We are using StarWind's VTL to augments Veeam's ability to offload existing backups to a tape library. This allows for easy compression of backups to a virtual tape library. We were able to get rid of costly and backups of shipping hard drives. StarWind vSAN made it easy. We've been using it for 1 year. This is very easy when you want to configure and make changes. We are glad to be using this product.
  • Support is quick to respond
  • Allows you to use Veeam and other software that uses Virtual Tape Libraries while getting rid of actual tape drives and tapes
  • vSphere integration would be a major improvement.
  • There is no multi language ability, but technical support speaks my native language perfectly.
Great for setting up a vSAN at a price point that is very competitive, both using storage within hosts or external storage
The performance of our virtual machines has increased.
General support at a fairly high level, answers come quickly and are helpful.

What is StarWind Virtual SAN?

StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) is presented by the vendor as a lightweight software-defined storage (SDS) for Enterprise ROBO, SMB & Edge that removes the need for physical storage. The solution is compatible with any hypervisor of choice, and is hardware-agnostic. The vendor invites users to integrate it into an existing infrastructure with minimum requirements, and enjoy constant uptime in a true 2-node scenario.

StarWind VSAN has no strict hardware compatibility lists (HCLs) and is licensed per node. A license unlocks access to all features upon purchase and differs only by capacity volume. The vendors promises customers get the chance to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) while receiving 99.9999% uptime. StarWind also helps with configuration, deployment, and migration.

StarWind Virtual SAN:

  • provides 90% of raw performance
  • squeezes 100% IOPS out of existing hardware
  • works on the iSCSI layer
  • “speaks” most uplink protocols, including NVMe-oF
  • works on top of Hardware or Software RAID (MDADM, ZFS)
  • does 2- or 3-way synchronous replication, and more.

The true 2-node solution is enabled through HeartBeat (no witness required). Thanks to “mirroring” of internal disks and flash between hypervisor servers, customers receive fault-tolerant storage. It’s scalable up and out, allowing users to introduce infrastructure changes without downtime or additional licensing costs.

StarWind Virtual SAN makes enterprise-level virtual shared storage accessible.

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Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is StarWind Virtual SAN?

StarWind Virtual SAN is software-defined storage for efficient storage and backup.

What is StarWind Virtual SAN's best feature?

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 10.

Who uses StarWind Virtual SAN?

The most common users of StarWind Virtual SAN are from Mid-size Companies and the Information Technology & Services industry.