One Password to Rule them All
August 01, 2019

One Password to Rule them All

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Overall Satisfaction with 1Password

We all use 1Password, to manage personal accounts and logins to websites we all use with one login - for example, we have master logins to our own websites, that anyone can access, and it is an easy way to share access, or if we have a trial account for a new site, we can share the access and collaborate easily without risking any sensitive data.
Having all our personal logins stored safely, instead of copying them to a spreadsheet, or using a generic/personal password is very professional - the password generation function is also really lovely, especially because it offers more security than Chrome, that stores all the sensitive data in plain text.
  • Sharing login details safely within the organization, with no plain text version exposed anywhere.
  • Having my own login details pop up after typing in a secure master password - I only have to remember one complicated and good password.
  • Generating secure passwords when I register to a new website.
  • The automatic name generation for a saved login is sometimes redundant, if the site's title is improperly written
  • Sometimes random logins pop up and I have to choose manually, which is tedious sometimes.
  • I would love to be able to pin or star frequently used logins, when I have multiple logins to a site.
  • It saves time, and time is a very expensive resource.
  • The account details and the sensitive business information in safe behind the 1Password encoding, while staying accessible to stakeholders
  • The password generation is a secure and quick way to help employees register new services on their own.
I don't know any of the software in the list, but normally, I used to save logins in Chrome - whether work or private, in separate accounts of course.
Chrome stores information, even credit card info in plain text, that is easy to crack.
1Password is a step up, or even, several steps up from there. The Master key is stored in a Google service though, that 1Password gave me in a pdf format, but I consider that safe.
I use it for all my work logins, every single one of them! We manage content providers and advertiser accounts, for some sites, there are 20 logins. There are also services we only use occasionally, remembering the login details for those, or looking them up in an unsafe spreadsheet would be a nightmare.
I even contemplated using it for my private logins and all my family accounts - despite having Google store them all, because Google stores them in plain text and I don't really like that.