MIP -- A must for grant-funded organizations!
Updated April 05, 2016

MIP -- A must for grant-funded organizations!

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  • Accounting, Payroll, HR, EWS

Overall Satisfaction with Abila MIP Fund Accounting

MIP Fund Accounting is used by the Fiscal Department for agency-wide financial/accounting tracking and payroll processing. It is used by all employees of the organization for electronic time sheets and leave tracking purposes. MIP Fund Accounting is good for this agency in that it has the ability to track the financials for all the various grants administered by the agency.
  • Tracks the financials for many grants and funding sources. Allows us to have one combined checking account since MIP keeps all the resources of each of grants separate.
  • The reports are very flexible and can be rearranged and filtered in many different ways to get the information that we need.
  • There are a few glitches in Employee Web Services, but Abila has been working hard to find and correct those.
  • I don't like that we have to purchase each module separately, and then the more modules you have the more your technical support cost is. I would rather the software just include the option to have all modules without purchasing separately.
  • Helping to save paper, and therefore money, by converting electronic timesheets and leave requests.
  • Staff are able to enter Personal Activity Reports (PARs--description of job activities for the day) on their electronic timesheet as required by our grant funders. We were using a paper timesheet before and there was no room for PARs.
  • Fiscal staff have the ability to export many of the reports to Excel and sort and filter the information. Additionally, our auditors request all information we send to them be in electronic format, and their preference is in Excel format, so our investment in the Export module was a good one.
I used PeopleSoft at my last job for a short period of time. The reports were very rigid and I did not have the ability to sort and filter as I do with MIP. Other than that, MIP was already being used at my current job, and I would not consider changing to any other program.
It is very well suited for grant-funded agencies because MIP has the ability to track each grant separately. Like that we were able to convert to electronic timesheets and leave requests to eliminate the usage of paper. Good flexibility on changing and running reports to get the needed information for the fiscal department use, as well as for our board of directors.

MIP Fund Accounting Feature Ratings

Using Abila MIP Fund Accounting

2 - The Fiscal Director and Fiscal Clerk use MIP Fund Accounting in our agency. We only have a few modules, but they work for us. We have the general ledger, payroll, accounts payable, export, HR, and Employee Web Services (EWS). The Fiscal Director and Fiscal Clerk use all the modules listed. All other staff in the agency use EWS to enter work time, leave time, and leave requests.
1 - The Fiscal Director is generally the person who performs all software updates. If we run into problems during the update, the MIP support people are always very helpful in that process. If we are having some issue with the server interacting with MIP, we have an IT firm that we contract with to help, and he would call the MIP support personnel to resolve the issue.
  • Accounting and financial management tracking to report to our grantees
  • Work time and leave entry by all staff, so staff can be paid for time worked.
  • Payroll processing
  • Accounts payable to be able to process payments to vendors
  • Able to switch to electronic timesheets and eliminate paper timesheets
  • Leave requests are available in EWS, so we were able to eliminate the carbon duplicate forms we were using for leave requests
We are happy with the processes of using MIP, as well as the results of reporting that we are able to perform. Although there have been some things we have had to work through when we changed to using EWS for timekeeping, things are smooth now, and the program is an asset to our agency.

Evaluating Abila MIP Fund Accounting and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
I feel the single most important factor in choosing an accounting program is product features. As a nonprofit grant funded agency, we need the ability to track revenues, expenses, and cash for each grant separately. MIP has the ability to help us do that, while allowing us the flexibility to run reports in different ways to get the information we need.
I was not at this agency when MIP was initially selected and implemented. However, I was involved in the decision to purchase the HR and Employee Web Services modules. We discussed the price, as well as features and usability of the module. Additionally, we discussed how these programs could improve efficiency for staff, reduce paper usage, and meet our needs for timesheet requirements. If we had to do this again, I would not change our decision making process.

Abila MIP Fund Accounting Support

The support team is responsive when we call, and if
the initial person we talk to does not know the answer, they will
escalate the issue on to someone else who can help us. Sometimes when I
call, I will have to wait on hold to talk to a person, but they do have
an option to leave a message and they will call back. They are very
good about returning calls. The only reason I gave them an 8 instead of 10 is that I sometimes have problems getting someone to help me with the Employee Web Services module (electronic timesheet). Most of the front line support people don't have an in depth knowledge of EWS, so my issues usually have to be escalated.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - We just have the standard support plan, and I feel that is sufficient to meet our needs. The support team is responsive when we call, and if the initial person we talk to does not know the answer, they will escalate the issue on to someone else who can help us. Sometimes when I call, I will have to wait on hold to talk to a person, but they do have an option to leave a message and they will call back. They are very good about returning calls.
Yes - I have found some issues with reports in Employee Web Services (EWS). We have had EWS for a few years, so we bought that module when it was fairly new, and still had some bugs to work out. The MIP team usually has a list of fixes that are included in the software updates, which occur at least two times each year, sometimes more.
I have recently been working with the MIP support person who specializes in working with the Employee Web Services (EWS) module. I have a few employees who needed a way to split out their work time in some complex ways. The MIP support person was able to help me set that up to make it easier for the staff person to record their time

Using Abila MIP Fund Accounting

Flexibility in reporting - being able to filter for certain variables, and being able to have certain parts of the report print in ascending order if needed. Also, the order in which you list the variables on the report can change the results of the information you receive - I like this flexibility. Most of the reports have the same look and feel, so it is easy to move from one report to another and be able to navigate them.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • I like the flexibility I have with all the filtering options on reports.
  • The export module gives me the ability to export data to Excel where I can perform additional operations. Additionally, when I have my annual audit, the auditors want all my reports exported into Excel.
  • Some reports have the ability to be viewed with unposted transactions included. Others do not have that capability, such as the expenditure journal. I would like for the "unposted transactions" option to be available on all reports.