Audition is Music to My Ears
July 11, 2019

Audition is Music to My Ears

Nathan Roberts | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Audition

Before Audition, I used a Sony-made software application for editing audio recordings. This was a good solution, but once I purchased an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, I switched to Audition. I mainly use Audition to edit recordings of our board meetings and events. It is very easy to use and offers plenty of features and functionality. Since I can edit the recordings in-house, I don't have to send them out and pay someone else to do it. As I've gotten more comfortable with the product, I've found more and more ways for it to be useful beyond simply editing for length and applying fades at the end of sessions. For instance, I've learned how to boost the volume of individual speakers in places where their voice may have been obscured (such as the speaker being too far from the mic) and how to reduce or eliminate unwanted sounds in a recording. You can create shortcuts to apply custom settings or choose from the many already available. Audition offers incredible support for output formats, too. And when it comes to help, Adobe has ample documentation for this product, which I've successfully used to accomplish advanced editing of my tracks.
  • Has dozens of shortcuts available right out of the box so the most common tools are already available.
  • Has both a waveform editor and a multitrack editor, making it easy to edit either an individual channel or the entire clip at once, depending on your needs.
  • While it has an amazing range of tools and effects, they are well organized in the menus so they are at once easy to find and not overwhelming.
  • You can edit right on the timeline, zooming in and out to make finding clips easy. You can also place markers for important sections.
  • Audio clips can be matched to video inside Audition or you can work with audio already attached to a video. Audition makes matching audio to video extremely easy, showing the corresponding video in a panel as you adjust audio on the timeline.
  • Audition is serious app that will require time to master. While Adobe has done an excellent job of making it approachable, there is a considerable learning curve to unlocking its best features. Knowing that, going in should ease user frustration.
  • There hasn't been anything I've wanted to accomplish with my audio files that Audition has not permitted.
  • Since I already have the Adobe Creative Suite, Audition is a sunk cost. But since I have it and it fits my needs perfectly, I don't have to purchase a separate product, which saves me money.
  • Since Audition looks and feels like the other apps in the Creative Suite, it's that much more approachable if you already use Photoshop, After Effects, etc. While that obviously doesn't substitute for training, users of other Adobe apps should feel right at home.
  • Even if I didn't have the Creative Suite, I would still buy Audition. At $20/mo, it's still the product I would want to perform audio editing.
I mentioned earlier that I used software from Sony before moving to Audition. I really liked the Sony solution, but when I moved to Audition I found a lot more power and surprisingly, an easier-to-use solution. Working with the timeline in Audition is more intuitive for me. Audition has more effects than the Sony product had and the interface is better organized. Plus, Audition's workspace can be customized in ways I never figured out how to do in the Sony product.
If all you want to accomplish is shortening a track, Audition is overkill. There are likely more approachable products for basic sound editing. If you already have the Adobe Creative Suite, however, or have a need for a product with a seemingly endless array of tools, features, and effects, Audition is for you. As a plus, it plays well with other Creative Suite apps, such as After Effects. The more I use it, the more I fall in love with it. While my prior editing solution worked well, you would find me kicking and screaming if you pulled me away from Audition. If you are still unsure, Adobe offers a seven-day trial so you can test it for yourself and see if it meets your needs. I recommend you already have a track in mind you want to edit before you begin the trial, instead of just downloading it to "play." You'll have a much better appreciation of its scope and power with real-world use.