Adobe Audition- A great addition to your Adobe Suite
June 20, 2019

Adobe Audition- A great addition to your Adobe Suite

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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Audition

We use Adobe Audition to edit audio for webcasts that are simulated live or on-demand. We also use Audition to record and edit audio for podcasts and webcasts as well as webinars that have not gone live yet, or are missing bits of audio. It is used primarily by my department to make the above edits. It will often address issues such as mistakes or additional audio said in a webcast or podcast, as well as allow those who cannot be live all at once to record their pieces without having to sign in to any software or connect to the internet at all.


  • Integration with the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite, primarily its compatibility with Premiere Pro
  • Full visibility of the entire audio file(s) and how they are edits
  • Large Variety of plug-ins
  • Adaptive Recording inputs
  • Essential sound and categorizing audio in multi-track mode


  • Not saving an additional copy when dragging in audio
  • Inability to revert changes when editing a waveform after save and close
  • Opening 12 tracks automatically when opening multi-track
  • No group selection tool, must always use shortcuts which differ from Premiere
  • Allowed for quick audio edits turn around
  • Multiple output formats which allow for seamless integration with online software
  • Lost essential audio that impacted client's presentation
Adobe Audition is not as intuitive as ProTools, but the fact that it is part of the Adobe Creative Suite makes it far more cost efficient for smaller to medium businesses. It is far superior than Audacity and GarageBand with far more capabilities. We've selected Adobe Audition as our primary audio editing software because of it's capabilities with Premiere Pro and the fact that we generally use it for audio recording and minor edits- nothing that would need 30+ audio tracks and multiple custom plug ins, which I would prefer to use ProTools on.
Audition is well suited for smaller scale audio projects, and for projects that need significant integration with Premiere. It is fantastic at recording audio, and has quite a few useful plug-ins that can really benefit the end user. Where it lacks is for larger scale projects, and for projects where a significant amount of reversions are made. You need to ensure that you always have a backup because Audition will overwrite your original files with the revisions you make. I find that it also doesn't have the capabilities to support larger-scale projects such as a full band recording with live plug-ins. For video/audio podcasts, YouTube videos, quick audio fixes, it is fantastic and can be very intuitive.


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