The only data preparation tool you will ever need or want - life changing!
January 04, 2019

The only data preparation tool you will ever need or want - life changing!

Susan Knolla | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Alteryx Analytics

Our organization began using Alteryx sometime ago however my team was introduced to it approximately 3 months ago. It is used to support data analytics work in all areas in addition to report preparation. We are attempting to drive the usage of this tool across the organization as it is a cost and time saver in the preparation and analysis of data for every department/business.
  • Excellent support for the tools through training/white papers and online support.
  • Ease of use - high common sense factor makes the program easy to learn and apply.
  • Compatibility with everything but specifically with commonly used key programs like Tableau.
  • Cost is a factor - while support and training are "free" the software price is high.
  • It helps to have some good Excel experience to make instant adoption even easier.
  • The trainers tend to go a bit fast so slow learners may need multiple sessions.
I haven't used any other programs nor have I seen any that do this. I think it stands alone as a tool which allows such ease of use in data organizing and cleansing. While formulas or pivot tables in excel can help they are not easily repeatable across a variety of (dirty) data sources whereas Alteryx is.
The tool is very simple and connects ANY data source for input or output. It allows you to simply compile data from multiple sources in multiple ways and ready it for further analysis and/or visualization. We primarily use this as a front-end tool for data visualization in Tableau. I describe it to users as the Excel piece and Tableau as Powerpoint - these 2 work together like peanut butter and jam.
This product has been by far the easiest thing I have ever used including microsoft office. It is VERY intuitive for the most novice of user (me) but powerful enough for more skilled users. You can very quickly create workflows and test it out on play and real data immediately. One lesson and it is usable.
I wish I had found and used Alteryx Analytics years ago. Having multiple data sources with a variety of naming conventions for our businesses we spent WEEKS cleaning/reorganizing/renaming fields in our data to be able to consolidate. We did this on one set of reports for one use. Each time we wanted an update this process would need to be repeated. This took tons of useless admin time. Had we had Alteryx we could have created 1 identifier, noted all the different naming conventions or issues, selected the ones we wanted and created the workflow to use it over and over and over again on any data we wanted. Build once - use multiple times. It would have been (and now is) a HUGE time saver. Plus any new anomalies are identified by the program as errors so you can "autocorrect" them in the same workflow. Alteryx is a miracle in my opinion.

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