Storyline's Articulate: An Excellent eLearning Tool
Updated March 18, 2015

Storyline's Articulate: An Excellent eLearning Tool

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Software Version

Version 1 Update 5

Modules Used

  • Storyline
  • Replay

Overall Satisfaction with Articulate

We use Articulate's Storyline in the Learning & Development department of our organization. We implement training programs across the entire organization by using eLearning courses created with Storyline. We then either implement the courses on a secure website or our Learning Management System. The eLearnings he us maximize learner time and minimizing cost by letting us roll-out short and effective eLearning courses.
  • Articulate's Storyline allows for fast conversion of a PowerPoint training file into an interactive eLearning course.
  • The products enable fast integration of audio and video into eLearning lessons which in-turn improve the variety in eLearning courses.
  • Storyline allows for the most easy to use eLearning authoring tools when creating courses from original design concepts
  • Articulate could include responsive design capabilities into their products so that a single eLearning course or video product can work across all computing platforms.
  • Replay could use some improvement to keep up and perhaps surpass competitor products like Camtasia with the capability to edit video and audio while adding graphics.
  • It would be nice to include an integrated image capture/editing function into Storyline, which would make easier to integrate graphics into courses.
  • Right now Storyline does not allow for exporting of images. It would be useful to do so sometimes.
  • We've seen ROI's of up to 600 for our Learning & Development department since we began using Articulate Storyline.
  • We've been able to convert processes into eLearnings in a matter of a couple of days and have created eLearnings with original content in as little as a week and a half.
  • The above mentioned improvements have helped minimize the impact on our staff by letting them access courses at their own leisure or at scheduled times.
  • Adobe Captivate,Web Development,Trivantis Lectora
Articulate provides the most comprehensive and easy to use eLearning software hands-down. When compared to Adobe Captivate there are definite differences in the way that the two products achieve the same tasks. It's the difference between stainless steel and laser scalpels. Both can do their job well, but one is slightly better than the other, under different circumstances. Where Storyline is great for precise actions, Captivate will offers a finer tuned approach to the same task. Does that make finer tuned better? In some cases yes, but in others no.

Lectora is much more of a metta eLearning platform that can easily house a Captivate or Storyline course within the bounds of a multi-chapter eLearning curriculum.

Original eLearning Web Development is by far the most flexible and/or detailed, but tried and true method for creating eLearning. The only problem is that an eLearning author needs to understand scripting languages in order to achieve what you may get in Storyline.
It's well suited when creating eLearning courses either from concept or from a template or an imported PowerPoint presentation where you want interactivity. Storyline is not a competitor for MS PowerPoint. PowerPoint is useful for presentation software. Articulate Replay is useful for simple editing of video, but if you are looking to create complex multi-screen videos you might need to look elsewhere.

Using Articulate

2 - We're the Learning and Development group within an organization of over 120 people. We provide rapid learning solutions for our staff and outside partners. We also provide on-boarding for our new-hires and Storyline provides us the best way to reach our staff with a robust learning tool that helps us succeed at our jobs.
2 - We're the Learning and Development group provide our own support for Storyline. Both of us have Masters Degrees in Educational Technology and so we're very familiar with computing systems and how to troubleshoot problems. We require top level computing skills as well as the ability to create code or scripts for use in our learning products.
  • On-boarding
  • Staff re-training
  • New learning initiatives
  • We now use it to roll out simple educational videos
  • We've begun to implement job aids and other learning tools using this product
  • We use it in lieu of creating complex training manuals when applicable.
  • We may use it to educate the public about what we do.
  • We may use it educate partners to use our web-portal to access information.
  • We may use it to build simple learning websites that will help potential donors learn about our services.
It goes without saying that Artculate's products are the easiest to use and offer a great deal of functions with flexibility. Once an eLearning author uses the product it becomes tempting to not use other methods, but one would be wise not to limit him or herself to a single learning authoring platform. On the other hand, if given a single choice of a tool for rapid eLearning development, Articulate's Storyline would be a top choice.

Evaluating Articulate and Competitors

Yes - Before Articulate we were using MS PowerPoint and found that it could create decent learning courses, but without the interactivity that helps learners stay attentive and willing to learn. PowerPoint now has new and interesting features, but even the new features pale in comparison to the awesome functionality within Storyline and related Articulate products
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Analyst Reports
  • Third-party Reviews
We chose Articulate because the product offers the best in-class products from a user standpoint. Among peers and other professionals in the field, we heard about the flexibility, power and speed at which we could create new learning products. So far, word of mouth, blogs, and the occasional review helped Storyline standout as an outstanding eLearning product.
At the time, there simply was no other product that paired up to Articulate's Storyline. Today, it would be much more necessary to examine current offerings from competitors because the competition is catching up. Never the less, we feel that Storyline will continue to serve our needs well into the future and we feel confident about our purchase.

Articulate Implementation

Outside of having to dedicate a powerful enough PC for the installation and having to update Flash in our browsers there really isn't much pain involved in using Articulate. For the most part this is an easy to implement and roll-out product. The installation occurs quickly and smoothly with no additional steps needed.
Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled - Our move to using Articulate came about as a result of a major organizational change in our systems and processes. We felt that we needed to keep pace and exceed learning and development trends in order to make our organization a world class player in the non-profit space. Articulate has helped us achieve that by helping us overcome issues from learners that were unfamiliar or reluctant to move forward with the changes that lay ahead.
  • Committing to the dedicated systems that would house Articulate. We had to find dedicated PCs for the implementation.
  • We had to upgrade our PCs in order to be able to handle the demands of the software.
  • We had to update Adobe Flash within the web browsers of our older machines so that our eLearnings would be compatible with our Articulate products.

Articulate Support

Articulate depends on both staff and individual users to support their products through their "ELearning Heroes" website. The site provides for a useful means by which customers can rise to the level of expert in solving problems or "Hero". Because requests for help are posted in either a support or user forum, you can expect to get answers quickly to problems. Sometimes the staff may be busy and so answers may take some time.
Quick Resolution
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Yes, when I faced an urgent issue with an eLearning course that I created, I posted my situation on the ELearning Heroes support forum and within minutes I received no less than three suggestions that solved the problem. I was able to implement one of the three quickly and published my eLearning that morning. The speed and expertise they provided made the experience stand out in my mind.

Using Articulate

This is by far the most accessible product for creating eLearning. A new user can become quite competent in using Articulate in a short period of time and become proficient in less than a year. I imagine that becoming an expert may take two years or more of consistent use, but even that is a short period of time.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Interactions
  • Integration of resources (graphics, video, audio)
  • Timing control of animations and slide transitions.
  • At times, the use of variables to trigger interactions may have created problems with our end-products, but this was quickly fixed by using state-changes as triggers for interactions.
  • The output from the authoring tool is not a one-size fits all. The integrated Flash programming may not work with all web-browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox), which requires adjustments to individual browsers or browser types. This can be a lot of work if you have hundreds of users.
  • Creating a stack of layers on a base slide may be desirable for portability and for creating modular learning, but it can cause the system to slow down if the stack is too high. A more reasonable fix is to spread your layers across distinct slides and the problem goes away.
Yes - Well, Storyline does provide a means to create courses that are designed for mobile and potable devices, but the software does require that you create your eLearnings on a desktop or laptop. A mobile interface for creating eLearning would not provide access to the robust features provided by this product and so Articulate does not offer such a device.

On the other hand, Articulate does provide a portable player so that you can view eLearnings on portable devices like smartphones or tablets computers.

Articulate Reliability