BlueJeans gets the job done no matter where you are
August 05, 2019

BlueJeans gets the job done no matter where you are

Adam Martin | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with BlueJeans

BlueJeans was used across all departments in our company up until the end of June. It was used heavily by the Digital Products team that develop apps for the company from the Seattle office and NY office. It helped keep teams well connected no matter where they were physically located.
  • The ability to set global preferences on your account for things like "mute on entry" or "Don't show video" were a huge plus.
  • Plug-in integration with Outlook and Slack was very well built
  • Setting up reoccurring meetings within the app was a breeze
  • From my perspective as a desktop engineer who packaged and deployed this app, it was fairly obvious that the PC devs knew what they were doing and the Mac app was a bit of an afterthought. It took me a good 2-3 months of escalating a ticket to finally get the dev team to properly package their app for mass deployment on the Mac side. Previous to my ongoing push, the app would only successfully install if a user were logged in versus being installed while the user were logged out like many other apps can be done via an MDM system.
  • Audio and video quality were always an ongoing issue with BlueJeans. If more than 10 people were on a call, audio would cut in and out constantly. Video quality even in 1:1 calls was blurry/grainy.
  • BlueJeans claimed to suppress auto-updates from their mass deployment webpage but I still found the package to always auto update anyways which wasn't necessarily a bad thing except for when a new version came out and I wasn't prepared for it, I would quickly have to adjust my deployment scope to exclude installing the now older version of BlueJeans over the newer version.
  • Saved lots of money on travel
  • Allowed employees in any office even remote workers who work from home to collaborate
  • Works well with all platforms (PC, Mac, Linux and mobile phones. This was great from a versatility standpoint
I used this at my previous job and it was really well designed and provided all of the controls and features that any moderator of a meeting would need to be successful. The ability to mute all participants as well as to boost the mic level on quieter participants was especially nice to hace available.
In its initial release, BlueJeans brought features to the video conference spectrum that were very cutting edge and attractive. Over the years, other video conferencing apps have taken features from others and made it their own. As a whole (and especially now with having been with WebEx at my previous company and loathing it and converting to BlueJeans and then coming over to my current role with BlueJeans and recently going to WebEx), I will say BlueJeans has more user intuitive design and feature aspects.
Overall, BlueJeans got the job done. It was rarely ever down and making a call was fairly straightforward. It had an ability to set up a speed dial to a meeting ID from a room system which was handy. We used it for a weekly 15 minute stand up meeting to connect the Seattle and NY teams every Monday and it worked well most of the time.

BlueJeans Meetings Feature Ratings

High quality audio
High quality video
Low bandwidth requirements
Mobile support
Desktop sharing
Calendar integration
Meeting initiation
Integrates with social media