Box - Put stuff in, take stuff out, move stuff around. Can't get better than that.
June 10, 2016

Box - Put stuff in, take stuff out, move stuff around. Can't get better than that.

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Overall Satisfaction with Box

Currently, I employ Box to supplement my OneDrive and Dropbox use cases. Specifically, Box has some really nice extensions/add-ons that allow it to integrate tightly into Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Office, and other programs. In the case of Thunderbird, it allows me to "attach" large files (or large quantities of smaller files) to an email, set access control, and share all within Thunderbird. This is an incredibly awesome feature and is something that you'd grow to appreciate as you use it.


  • Mobile-friendly website.
  • Apps across all major platforms (iOS/Android/W10).
  • Windows Sync client (like OneDrive/Dropbox) in addition to W10 app and webservice makes Box very readily accessible.
  • Extensions to integrate Box directly into Office 2013+ for document sharing/storage.
  • Extension available to integrate Box into Mozilla Thunderbird to enable the sharing of larger files than email servers typically allow (25mb+), up to your storage limit on Box.
  • Generous personal storage amount (10gb currently, 50gb if you used Box back when the HP TouchPad launched).
  • Accessible via WebDAV so your Box drive can be natively mounted/accessed in Windows File Explorer as a network drive. This makes Box transparent to any program of any age.


  • W10 app is a bit slow to sync on mobile and desktop. The website does not have this issue.
  • W10 app does not respect UI theme (Dark/Light) or accent color. Forgivable given branding practices, but still not optimal.
  • W10 app live tile does not show useful information. OneDrive shows recent uploads, Dropbox shows account status (free space).
  • W10 app does not expose all features/information that the website exposes.
  • Box integration into Explorer has enabled me to easily store and retrieve data from the cloud from "legacy programs" and other programs that otherwise would not be able to access cloud data.
  • Box integration into Mozilla Thunderbird has enabled me to easily and seamlessly share large files and data in a device/platform agnostic way to anyone I email. Having it all done through Thunderbird makes for a simple and fast workflow, which makes using Thunderbird very productive.
  • Box integration into Microsoft Office 2013+ has enabled me to keep certain content separate from my personal OneDrive content, giving me a work-only cloud storage solution that functions on-par with my personal OneDrive.
Box has great apps, a great mobile-friendly website, extensions that integrate it into other programs/services, and WebDAV support so it can be easily/transparently mapped as a network drive in Windows. In these ways, it is on-par with OneDrive and a bit ahead of Dropbox (which does not support WebDAV), especially when the 10gb personal account is taken into consideration, as this is quite generous. If you were lucky enough to use Box back when the HP TouchPad launched (like I was) you got 50gb for free, which is unheard of for cloud storage.
In my usage, Box has been more than sufficient for every use case I have. Much like OneDrive, it is available everywhere I want to work and integrates seamlessly into important apps, services, and devices I use. The additional benefit of being able to map it via WebDAV as a drive in Windows File Explorer means that any program I use, no matter the age (even DOS programs) can now take advantage of Box for read/write of file data.


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