Brightpearl review
February 11, 2016

Brightpearl review

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Overall Satisfaction with Brightpearl

We were promised on site support which we didn't receive. Next, some of the 'apps' that we need in order to function (particularly the Metapack integration) no longer existed and left us in a porr situation. Finally, our channel's were set up incorrectly.
Brightpearl support has been a poor experience - they regularly say they've solved things that are still an issue. It requires a lot of extra work and communication to resolve tickets. Resolution comes only with a high level of communication and repeating the issue over and over. Not great at all.
Brightpearl was implemented to support our front end roll out of Shopify 18 months ago. We use across the business - goods in, SOP, PO's, accounting and some CRM. Shopify is fairly shallow in terms of serious operational functions (no goods delivery, no real stock movement functions, no sales order processing beyond at an individual order rating). For our budget Brightpearl seemed best suited to this function.
  • CRM - There are good tools to communicate and manage your customer communication, particularly if you invest some work in the templates initially.
  • Goods out notes and other templates - highly customisable and can be worked without too much technical knowledge.
  • Reporting - there are some detailed exports that can be manipulated well.
  • Stability - Brightpearl push updates with poor forward communication, meaning some functionality can simply 'vanish' or work differently. This requires regular retraining of staff, and needs a level of tech savvy among some team members that doesn't suit their position.
  • Overpromising - BP was sold as intergrating cleanly with some external systems (namely Shopify and Metapack), which hasn't been out experience. The Metapack intergration sold to us no longer existed and we had to rush to find antoher, untested one.
  • Implementation - we didn't receive the promised, on site support during launch.
  • Poorer efficiency - we have had to bring on staff simply to keep on top of Brightpearl admin.
  • Poorer efficiency - the update instability causes significant delays to our workflow, whilst we rethink and replan.
Brightpearl creates a lot more work than neccessary to maintain the accounting portion of Brightpearl. We have directly increased our staffing since moving over to Brightpearl and aren't feeling the benefits in comparison to our previous platform. Some of this may be that our model is a mismatch to BP's functionality, but the platform also doesn't perform as we hoped.