Brightpearl - With a few features it could be great
February 11, 2016

Brightpearl - With a few features it could be great

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Overall Satisfaction with Brightpearl

Being fairly confident with HTML and coding, I found the implementation of Brightpearl fairly straightforward. I have referred another company to Brightpearl who found the implementation process more difficult. I do feel however that the interface has developed and imporved since we first started using the platform and this is now much more intuitive.
Some support tickets raised get answered quickly, but many tickets we have raised historically have not been answered quickly, and others not answered at all. Sometimes it feels that the Brightpearl support team are under-staffed, but other times we feel that our problems are resolved satisfactorily. We do feel that all customers should receive phone support, not just premium customers
We use Brightpearl across our whole organisation to manage everything from purchasing and sales through to customer relationships and accounts.
Some of the main benefits of the platform include the ability to access our data from any computer with an internet connection, integrating multiple channels and managing the stock levels of all of our products.
  • Brightpearl is excellent at integrating into various platforms and updating stock levels via live API feed. It also integrates into our warehouse system so order information can flow in and out of Brightpearl seamlessly.
  • Purchase and sale transactions are automatically posted to the integrated accounting package. This eliminates the need to enter this information manually, reducing the chance of error.
  • The CRM offers the ability to add custom fields making it a powerful tool for gathering and utilising detailed customer information and insight.
  • Brightpearl is completely useless on mobile devices. There is no simple way to add orders on any device other than a computer. This is where so many of their competitors excell. To keep up, Brightpearl MUST build an app / mobile site which allows users to view, update and add orders, contact information, purchases, etc. This needs to be accessible offline too, like the alternatives on the market (eg. Trade Gecko) which updates the data as soon as there is an internet connection.
  • Brightpearl cannot handle multi-currency. This causes HUGE headaches with our accounting when we're purchasing in USD and selling in GBP and EUR.
  • Brightpearl focus heavily on Retail users, but they need to realise that Wholesale is a huge market and their system needs to cater for multi-channel retailers and wholesalers alike. The ability to take orders at trade shows, or when out visiting customers could be done quickly and easily on a tablet / mobile device. An integration with Handshake or NuORDER would be worth exploring.
  • The B2B portal where customers can pay for their orders can not be easily tweaked or branded. It's so restrictive that we don't use it, and this is something that we really could benefit from.
  • Brightpearl has allowed us to bring all our data and systems into one centralised place.
  • Brightpearl enables us to offer our products for sale on multiple platforms easily
  • Brightpearl makes it easy, when at a computer, to create and fulfill an order quickly and efficiently.
We strongly considered moving from Brightpearl to one of these alternative providers because they're more B2B / Wholesale focused and they all offer seamless integration into powerful mobile apps meaning our sales team are not restricted to an office and can add and update customer information and orders on the move.
We stuck with Brightpearl because we know it well, but are hoping that their development team will realise that the way forward is developing their multi-currency functionality and mobile apps.
Brightpearl is a good solution for a multi channel retailer selling in 1 currency. It is not so good however for customers buying or selling in various currencies. Nor is it a great choice for wholesale customers who do trade shows or store visits as they currently have to write orders with pen and paper, then enter the orders at another time, rather than making a sale, taking payment and shipping the goods while the customer is there.