Brightpearl Review
September 30, 2016

Brightpearl Review

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Overall Satisfaction with Brightpearl

The people handling our integration didn't try to get to know our business at all to help us integrate it. They sent us a few lists to go through for chart of accounts, had us send our inventory list over, and they uploaded those. Then we went through a bunch of trainings which to me were not very helpful. I do better figuring it out on my own. I feel like we could have done most of it ourselves with just a little coaching.
Support gets back to us in a timely manner, which is nice. For simple questions, they do very well. For anything more complex or technical, I often have to wait for them to find someone more qualified to answer. We also still haven't gotten any answers to our questions about why the financial statements keep changing.
We use Brightpearl (BP) across our whole organization for sales, finances, manufacturing and inventory management. It mostly addresses our inventory management issues. It's easy to see what's in stock and ready to ship versus what's not.
  • PO management is handled very will with BP. It's possible to clone previous POs so you don't have to keep typing in all the information again. It's also easy to see what's already been received.
  • Inventory is similar to the PO management; it's easy to see what's in stock and ready to ship, as well as what's on PO, and what's already allocated to sales orders.
  • Sales orders are fantastic. At a glance you can see if it's able to be shipped, or if it's been partially shipped already. The fulfillment process is simple, and it integrates seamlessly with ShipStation.
  • The first frustrating part about BP is that you can only receive one invoice per PO. We often receive up to 20 different shipments per PO, with a different invoice attached to each. I have no way of entering these invoices. I have to wait until everything's been received and then I can enter in one single large invoice, and it's really frustrating.
  • We've been having issues with the accounting side of BP. Our financial reports are changing from one day to the next, and we haven't figured out why. Support hasn't been able to figure out why either. Along with that, the financial reports are completely unpresentable. Our CPAs take the information out of BP and put them into a readable Excel file.
  • Assemblies are a problem in BP as well. We have SKUs that require up to 30 different parts. We have to use an outside app to build our assemblies in. Usually it works fine, but if the connection is lost in the middle of the build, our inventory is completely messed up.
  • It's really difficult to say. While everything is now in one place, we've spent a ton of time with support and figuring things out on our own.
  • We've also had to spend a ton of money with our CPAs fixing our financials every month.
  • However, the sales piece has streamlined our process for shipping orders out in a timely basis.
It has the potential to be a very robust system. It needs some work in a few areas before it could really be helpful. It wouldn't be an appropriate program if you don't have any inventory; it would just be overkill. But for anyone else, it would work amazingly well with a few tweaks.