Bullhorn CRM grabs recruiters by the horns!
March 31, 2017

Bullhorn CRM grabs recruiters by the horns!

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Overall Satisfaction with Bullhorn Recruitment CRM

It was used across the entire organization. Bullhorn was our ATS and we used it to post our jobs, parse candidate resumes (either by the parsing feature or manually) book interviews, enter companies, track notes, conversations, create tasks, close our hires, input splits (sales/recruitment/split commissions), generate an invoice.

Previously we used the email feature, it was our only email system, but then we merged to Outlook company wide but still used Bullhorn as our ATS. Outlook and Bullhorn would connect which made the process of parsing resumes very simple.
  • Most importantly, Bullhorn Recruitment CRM and Outlook were able to communicate, so for example, if a candidate sent a resume in an email via Outlook, we were able to directly parse the CV in Bullhorn and create the candidate's profile.
  • Another interesting feature is that we are able to parse LinkedIn profiles to get a candidate's details. This is actually interesting if you want the candidate created in Bullhorn while you wait for the actual resume. Once you get the actual CV you can directly link it to the candidate who's already created. You don't need to save the CV and then add it.
  • When it comes to client management; Bullhorn Recruitment CRM allows you to create one company and add as many contacts as you wish. You can add notes to each individual contact, create follow-up tasks and even send calendar invites via Bullhorn is you are using the email feature.
  • Although the direct candidate parsing feature is great, until you have the candidate in the Bullhorn system with their email address, the email communication won't sync up even after you enter the email address. It is simply moving froward from the time the email address was input.
  • MaxHire Solutions was acquired by Bullhorn. They have this feature where you can immediately parse via a plug-in a candidate from LinkedIn and create their profile prior to them sending you their resume. This is effective because of candidate ownership. It shows your colleagues and others using the Bullhorn system that you've started communication with a specific candidate and makes it easier to track how many contacts you've had in a given week.
  • I'm a user so it's hard for me to answer this question in terms of a dollar amount number.
  • I can't see how it would have a negative impact simply based on the multi-purpose use of the software.
  • It manages KPIs quite well and ecords all the recruiter activities and provides stats and weekly reports to the user and management. This helps the business by tracking and guiding the individual user on their progress, accountability and helps with management reporting.
  • It's a central focus for the businesses day-to-day operations, has easy navigation, is extremely user-friendly, provides use of tear sheets; not complicated to train new hires on the software which saves time and can make new users efficient rather quickly.
Bullhorn has a complete integrated feature where it speaks with Outlook; makes parsing candidates who submit their data and resume simple. This is effective when you are running a 360 desk as it saves time and helps you focus on prospecting for clients and candidates. Often times when the software is hard to navigate through or requires many steps to complete one entry, it becomes discouraging and you're less eager to enter the data properly.
It's well suited for an all-in-one concept to build business relationships and manage contacts across a company, whether it's candidate management or prospect/client management. It's less useful if a company holds different licenses from different divisions where neither can see each other's prospects/clients, which was the case when I was using Bullhorn at my previous company.

Bullhorn ATS & CRM Feature Ratings

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Candidate Search
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Using Bullhorn Recruitment CRM

400 - The company was national and split in 3 divisions. Each division recruited for a specific industry. Although Bullhorn was used company-wide as a CRM/ATS, there was no cross-division communication with the software. For example; I reruited in IT and Finance and Accounting and another division recruited in Mining. We could both have contacted the same company and have the same contact but because we didn't share the same Bullhorn, that information wasn't visible.
5 - We had a Bullhorn expert. She worked closely with Bullhorn and was the administrator. She gave company-wide training on how to use the CRM/ATS, gave us training on any updates or new features that Bullhorn had released. If we had an issue with Bullhorn, or made an error we didn't have access to changing because of our level, we could contact her and she would be able to rectify or give us solutions as to how to fix the error.
  • Candidate information and prospect/client data management.
  • KPI reporting.
  • User-friendly for new starters with no hard learning curve of the software.
  • When I first started at the company they used Bullhorn's emailing system. Within the year, they decided to keep Bullhorn as an ATS but use Outlook for emails. What was great is that Bullhorn and Outlook were able to sync and we were able to parse data rather quickly which made the transition simple and efficient for our business purposes.
  • When we closed a hire, Bullhorn was able to split commissions, and the percentage as well as generate an invoice to send over to our accounting department in order to process the hire and send the invoice to the client based on the information that was entered.
  • Further to that it was able to send information to our payroll department in order for commissions to be split and paid out.