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August 16, 2017

Super BuzzSumo

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Overall Satisfaction with Buzzsumo

I use BuzzSumo to help me with my social media and content marketing. It really is invaluable. I use it daily to research topics and find content to share or to find ideas for new content. It is very difficult to find content that works i.e. engages my audience so BuzzSumo is a great shortcut and time-saving tool. I also use it to find influencers to reach out to, to help get my content more visibility and links.
  • Researching and finding content to share - it is very difficult as a content marketer to figure what will engage your audience. It's easy to say, be relevant and entertaining, but to do that takes research. BuzzSumo takes a great deal of the time-consuming slog out of the process.
  • After coming up with content to share, it's a great tool for researching topics. If you see a number of popular articles on a similar topic, you can use them to research it. Then write your own version but adding in more details. It helps you to add your voice and ideas to the "content conversation".
  • It could be better at suggesting topics that will work well. Trending topics is fine, but everyone uses those. When you enter a topic, it could suggest related ones that are also engaging people.
  • It would be great if it could provide a prediction tool for how well your content will do.
  • It would also be great if they had a mobile app.
  • Main benefit is time and cost savings
  • Better engagement on social media
  • More reach and visibiity ormy content
I've tried many many tools to find good content. Tools like are close but don't have the utility of showing how many shares an article has. So finding the right content is still guess work. Feedly and RSS feeds are just too time-consuming. Percolate claims to find you the best content, but we trialed it and ran a test against our own content, it did not perform better.
BuzzSumo has established a really strong role in the content marketing process. It is always present in any list of tools to help operationalize content marketing. Which is what most companies struggle with - how to operationalize content marketing and how to do it well.

The functionality BuzzSumo provides is well thought out, and it covers the main things you need: content research and ideation, brand monitoring, influencer outreach and link-building, content insights and competitor research.

It is probably not so appropriate for finding thought leadership content. This is about content that is popular and engaging.