One of the best design tools you'll ever find
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December 21, 2018

One of the best design tools you'll ever find

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Overall Satisfaction with Canva

I use Canva to make PDF presentations, social media images, flyers, and e-book covers for an Architecture company in Kenya.
I needed a way to make marketing assets fast, and while Photoshop and Adobe Spark were both good options, Canva was not only the easiest to use and share with others, but the mobile app helped me make designs from my phone or tablet.
  • PDF Presentations: It is unbelievably difficult to make a decent powerpoint presentation on a phone or tablet. Canva's mobile app and the different presentation templates have helped me prepare presentations for a meeting and speaking events
  • eBook Covers/ebooks: I had to convert several blog posts into a downloadable pdf ebook for visitors as a lead generating asset, and while I usually used Indesign (or MS WORD) and Photoshop to create the ebook and ebook cover, I decided to check out Canva's ebook cover template and discovered that I could create a simple yet stylish ebook cover, and if I added other pages I could paste the content of the blog post and create the book in Canva.
  • Social Media Images: 80% of the time when I use Canva it's to make social media images, cover/header images for Facebook and Twitter. The Instagram story template also works for branded WhatsApps statuses.
  • I really dislike how sometimes my work isn't automatically saved for some reason, and I'm prompted to reload the design and the past second's work is just gone. I've not experienced this on their android app, but it happens to me at least once every two weeks on the online/desktop site.
  • The Undo/Redo option is glitchy sometimes, and after I accidentally or otherwise delete an element when I try to undo it, sometimes it doesn't come back. Even worse, if I click undo twice I might end up losing a lot of my design progress which the redo option for some reason cannot restore.
  • Increased engagement on social media posts with images created with Canva, which has especially translated into sales queries on Facebook.
  • Our PDF ebooks have ended up being a great conversation starter with potential clients.
Comparing Canva to Photoshop and Adobe Spark:
  1. Canva is easy to use: Unlike Photoshop Canva can be used by anyone even if they do not have any prior design experience
  2. Canva's mobile app: Photoshop has a mobile app, but it is heavy and not as easy to use as Canva's
  3. In-built design templates: Adobe Spark, like Canva, also comes with design templates, but the templates are few, giving users limited design/customization options
  4. No branded Logo: Unlike Adobe Spark's free plan, Canva's free plan doesn't brand all your designs with their logo
Not everyone is great with making designs on Photoshop-- Canva can be used to make almost any design, be it a presentation, flyer, logo (their logo design options are painfully limited but it's a good start), social media images, infographics etc. The best part about Canva is that not only does it work for businesses of all sizes, or personal projects, but it's very easy to use and the interface is friendly.