- Very usable, simple, and functional. It does the things I need it to exceptionally well!
April 05, 2021 - Very usable, simple, and functional. It does the things I need it to exceptionally well!

Roshan Sharma | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with

  • Call Review
  • Coaching & Skill Development
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Market Intelligence (Competition, Product, Messaging)
  • Handoffs & Collaboration / Knowledge Sharing
  • Voice of Customer & Disseminating Success Stories is the way of the future! While I can't speak for all our other teams who use it, our Customer Success team uses it in a few ways:
  1. Coaching & Skill Development - Showcasing gold standard calls we conduct on a regular basis. This helps us borrow the best talk tracks possible.
  2. New Hire Onboarding - Ppt decks are not great learning tools by themselves. has a 'deck slides' and 'demo' feature which makes it very easy to follow along when watching pre-recorded training calls. Skipping ahead with transcripts also makes this process way less drawn out.
  3. Handoffs & Collaboration - When I can't connect with another team member or need to discover 'unknown unknowns', revisiting old calls is incredibly valuable.
  • Usability - Super easy to use. The things I really need it for (e.g., revisiting calls, sharing snippets, skimming ahead) it does very well.
  • Transcription Accuracy - I recognize this is not an easy one, but I like skimming calls with transcripts and it's easier for me to process when there are fewer nonsensical transcription errors.
  • Incorrect Headcount - This is infrequent, but sometimes I'll see that has not correctly captured who's actually speaking or misses it entirely.
  • Video Player (no option to skip +10/15/30sec) - I'm required to skip to the next speaker, and this isn't always what I want to do because the skip ahead time is variable instead of fixed.
  • Video Player (can only make full size or not) - I'd like to see UI options to increase video player dimensions. Going full screen is annoying when I have 2 windows open and am referencing the video while doing something in another window.
  • Reduced ramp time.
  • Easy to share with customers who want just a piece of a call.
  • Improves asynchronous productivity - not attending a meeting is not a blocker when I have a recording that has a transcript. plugs into Zoom and Okta seamlessly! When integrations don't work with tools I use daily (e.g., Zoom) it creates a huge headache. I've luckily never had a problem with!
Playlists and tags:
  • It's very easy to organize calls in this manner and scan in a list for what I want to explore.

Demo/Deck preview options, skip to section via transcript timestamp:
  • What a game changer! A huge pain point in reviewing calls is finding the sections that actually matter. I have many options at my disposal to search through the entire video quickly and capture the 2-3 key data points I need from a 1 hour call in <10 minutes.

Ad-hoc add Chorus Notetaker option:
  • In cases where hasn't automatically joined, it's very easy to add it on the fly. is great for previewing recorded calls. I don't want to watch 1 hour of a call when all I need is 5 mins of information hidden at the 23:15 mark. This is the most valuable to me - I love this tool!