Cisco AnyConnect : Overall Experience and Review.
Updated October 07, 2022

Cisco AnyConnect : Overall Experience and Review.

Pradum Kumar | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco AnyConnect

Ours is an IT firm of more than 1L employees in India, We all use Cisco AnyConnect in our daily job. It is very convenient to use We can easily search our Network and we can also limit the access of the machine to Network Groups i.e. Local and Project. The network groups can be made of delete by the admin. Thus users can check and limit the connectivity by using this feature. Another best feature of Cisco AnyConnect is the VPN. We can use the cloud VPN of the organization in just few steps. We can simply just put VPN name and connect. It constantly scans the network when you connect to a newer network and does not scan when you connect to a usual network. In my experience, the one disappointment I face with this Application is that is sometimes does not takes the slower networks and shows no internet or limited internet.
  • Cisco AnyConnect connects the machine with the VPN very smoothly in a few clicks also provides security with Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • It Provides the facility of creating Network groups such as Local and Project Network so that user can limit the connectivity options.
  • The System scan feature is so robust, it Scans the System every time we connect to a new network and remembers the older Network and does not Scans while we connect to usual Netwroks.
  • Cisco AnyConnect does not let the machine connect with Slow internet Connections and sometimes It forcefully tries to connect to other networks rather than the chose one.
  • Sometimes System Scan takes longer than usual time thus it can be improved.
  • We have been facing no Issue with the application and have been continuing to use it for the same.
  • When it takes time to scan systems or does not takes the Slow internet Networks, It is a cons of the application.
Cisco AnyConnect is supposed to give us Secure and robust Network Connectivity which it does by giving us a robust VPN connectivity system, by Scanning the Systems while connecting to new networks and creating Network Groups. Cisco AnyConnect is having a larger user Community and its support system is reliable.
Since Cisco AnyConnect is designed to provide remote workforces with a fast and easy way to connect to their corporate network, while maintaining high levels of network and endpoint security It meets the purpose by giving all this support and because it has a larger user base it has high level of service.
We have so far not received any major issue but once we had an network outage and we connected with the support team we had the resolution in a matter of time. I have given 9 rating because We had minimal talk with the support team and they understood the issue without having second calls.
We have used these application so far and we have now good experience with Cisco AnyConnect and we are continuing to use it.

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Cisco AnyConnect meets the purpose, It is supposed to give the VPN connectivity, Network Connectivity that it does very well. Sometimes It takes longer than usual time to Scan System that is very irritating.
It is very appropriate to use for IT firm that having vast networks and employee base.

Cisco Hybrid Work

  • Working from anywhere (e.g., coffee shop, airport)
  • Working from an office or other company space
  • Working from home
Ours using the Cisco AnyConnect for remote working employees it is being effectively used for the Hybrid work solution. By using the Cisco AnyConnect all the remote workers can easily use the Organization Network and stay connected to all the other components, It is being planned and implemented more effectively.
The major reason for the adoption of Cisco AnyConnect was the to integrate remote work force with the office going work force and implement a hybrid working environment for the organization. However the major challenge was the update of previous systems that could adopt the integration of the Cisco AnyConnect.
The major challenge we faced past years to shift a larger office going work force to working from home work force. For that there were major organizational siftings. After this event we have to create an Hybrid mode of system for that we had not major challenges throughout the process.
It was a smooth shift traditional approach to hybrid model of work using such advanced tools like Cisco AnyConnect and others. Initially it was tough to adopt but however with the time and on going changes in the approach It got smoother and Currently it has become a robust system that we have ever had.
The major reason for using the Cisco AnyConnect was the user community and the reach of the Cisco in the specific field and the expertise. However the proper sequence of evaluation was followed and the product was tested on various level of effectiveness.
  • Webex
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
At different levels, Different product of the collaboration is used, internally Microsoft Teams is commonly used just like for other web conferences Webex is majorly used.

Resilience and Reliability

By using Cisco AnyConnect we get an additional security of connecting to Organizational VPN and that readily scans the whole system and each link we surf over the internet. It blocks the malicious or suspicious Websites or URL. Thus it provides the necessary value that resilience can offer in a cyber security context.
Organizations can steadily customize the VPN and system scans according to the need of the organization which Cisco AnyConnect can provide the effective service in the perspective of cyber security resilience within their organizations. However It provides more effective service by giving the option of network groups and provide more detailed restrictions.
As I am getting all the services which are expected. I would highly recommend the organization to renew the use. But if I get better services than Cisco AnyConnect then I would definitely give that one try however it needs to have more resiliency and trustworthiness then only can move towards other provider.
I have been using Cisco AnyConnect for past two years and thus I can say very firmly that I have never seen the outage from the Cisco AnyConnect services either It is VPN, System Scans or the Network Connectivity. Talking about the errors likewise major errors I have faced throughout my period of use.
  • The system Scans have been very effective for Remote Workforce.
  • The prevention of interception of data by any malicious activity or outer systems

Using Cisco AnyConnect

My organization having strength of 1.2 million in India all the employees from top to bottom whoever uses a computer system has the Cisco AnyConnect installed in his/her System. As it adopted by organization for long term agreement basis all the older employee, current as well as the future employees will be using the same.
Our organization has the strength of 1.2 million employees in India who use Cisco AnyConnect on daily basis thus is they face any issue we have a team of support people who give continuous support to any of the service unavailability for Cisco AnyConnect so that It can be used uninterruptedly.
  • Cyber Security
  • Remote Workforce Monitoring and support
  • System Scans
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Remote Access of Systems

Evaluating Cisco AnyConnect and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
The major factor is the Reputation of the Cisco in IT world. It is one of the most trusted names in the field of IT, thus It can be trusted more over the other service providers. The other most important factor is the Usability of the Product. We have been using the Product from so many years and have not faced major issue thus, the usability is the major factor.
I would keep the the usability and feature factor on top so that later we don't have to evaluate on the yearly basis in terms of feature and updates for the Product can be kept for longer term agreements

Cisco AnyConnect Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Support understands my problem
Slow Initial Response
In our Organization we use the Premium version with the Premium support of the Cisco AnyConnect, having a 1.2 million users in India The Premium version of the support is very essential, thus we have the Premium Support.
As I have the limited uses for the Cisco Any Connect but the uses I have, Cisco AnyConnect has been serving at top notch.

  • Highly Secure Network Access.
  • Advanced VPN integration.
  • Off-network Protection.
  • Network Visibility.
  • Web Security.

Using Cisco AnyConnect

Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Do not like to use
  • VPN connectivity
  • System Scans
  • Network Scans
  • Network Groups
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Unified Endpoint Compliance