Conductor has been a trustworthy partner in a major web migration project
October 02, 2020

Conductor has been a trustworthy partner in a major web migration project

Amy Kolzow | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Conductor Searchlight

Conductor has been key for us in a major website migration project that is joining about 300 websites into a single enterprise site and platform. Conductor helps with URL research to support migration but it is most important in provide a picture of SEO value of our current sites and making sure we don't loose this value with our move. The platform also helps us predict for better performance and optimize the site we create. We have trained business users across our global company to use the platform to understand performance and competition. Conductor is a key partner and tool in our digital marketing transformation.
  • Professional services teams that are on top of their tech skills and can apply that to help us problem solve technical and strategic problems. For example, URL inventories and SEO evaluations per page for large and cumbersome websites.
  • Conductor lets me understand how my products and services compare to competitors (some I know and some that aren't even on my radar) so I can make decisions about to make sure my content shows up where I think it should.
  • Conversely, it also shows me where my content shows up that I didn't expect or plan for. Sometimes this a great learning for business users that drives new content or concepts to build on success.
  • While monitoring the health of my website is not a key function of the platform, it does give me just enough clues (like broken links or poor page performance) to ask questions about development etc.
  • Conductor has been excellent partners in training a wide range of business users and providing proof of strategic value of the platform's performance and impact.
  • I need backlinks. Please consider integrating an industry leading tool like Majestic directly into your platform.
  • I love the newsletters we used to get...I don't know what happened to those, but please bring them back or something else that includes that content in an easy to consume format with the same fun flair.
  • Though a very tight migration timeline, Conductor has been key in making sure we don't loose existing traffic. With the migration, we saw the projected drops, but the recovery time has only taken about half as long as estimated. This could be for a number of reasons including a new technically sound platform that can't be totally applied to the processes of Conductor, but understanding old traffic and making sure we don't loose valuable content has certainly been key.
  • Conductor has been a great help with getting the href lang tags correct for a multi language presentation. We're seeing local pages rank above global pages in the first sites that have been migrated and this is good news for local stakeholders.
  • As we move towards the end of migration activities in the first quarter of next year, we'll start to take a more wholistic look at SEO and work diligently on improving performance and optimizing the overall site.
Google 360 data has been integrated...and not just for our one global platform, but for each of the sites that are being migrated so we can build current and historical views to understand the impact of migration and the opportunities for growth after.
Having the URL inventories for sites gives us what we need to talk to business stakeholders about content as well as what we need for web teams to plan for redirects etc.
Our organization is exploring in this area. Right now, we're focused on migration and getting people trained in the platform to make use of this information for optimization. As we continue on our digital transformation, the information from Conductor will be key to improving strategies. To start, we're using to inform titles of pages and keywords, as well as improving the performance of featured content.
Conductor has played a significant role in our migration. Two dedicated team members plus training time and some consultation have helped us to be successful. Onboarding was smooth and easy, training was well managed and team members are as concerned about our success as we are. Working with Conductor has been a pleasure.
Conductor has been a key partner in our migration success. We're moving about 300 standalone websites into 1 corporate site. The platform data and professional services support has been better than good. Conductor is a trusted partner in this important strategic initiative.

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