A sleeper RMM for tomorrow's Service Provider
October 22, 2020

A sleeper RMM for tomorrow's Service Provider

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Overall Satisfaction with Continuum Command, a ConnectWise solution

  • Grouping/Reporting: static organization as well as dynamically and quickly getting inventory and other machine-based information
  • Out-sourced teams do a good job of handling small things without much input as long as you are clear and concise.
  • Patching is likely the best thing about their platform. Windows patch testing is actually performed in house and they make recommendations for you. Allowing you to push through patches if you know someone needs something. But this is a major task that very few if anyone else does.
  • The merger with ConnectWise has caused a lot of what was good about the partnership to fall off. As such, the outlook is grim as it seems it will be a long road to get the tools, and people fully aligned and integrated.
  • Developmentally the tool is very in-between in places. A much older slower system is on the way out and the new stuff is great. But it's often not as reliable and there is still a lot that needs updating.
  • Organization/layout in general is confusing and suffers greatly as a result of the slow transition to the newer/improved system. It's easy for new users to get lost/not know how or where to look for the best information/task execution.
Automate (LabTech) would be the aforementioned "heavy-duty" kind of RMM tool. It's big, it's complex, and very capable compared to Continuum Command. That said, the impetus is very much on the service provider to configure and maintain nearly 100% of the product, whereas in Continuum Command there is a lot that is maintained by their team for you. Even without paying for the premium NOC services, the cloud-first construction and other specific features (like the Windows patch testing and delaying, etc.) are clear wins over the more traditional RMMs like Automate.

Automate certainly wins in the technical prowess department. Its scripting engine and level of customization are unrivaled across basically all of the rest of the tools out there. As such, it will be very interesting to see what happens now that these two products live under the same roof. Hopefully, someday, a powerful hybrid of the tool that ConnectWise can focus all development on that harness the positives of each. Keep your eyes peeled...
Before the merger, I'd have likely rated them a 9. But I think it's smart to be pessimistic about the tool at the moment. Not that the end result won't be great, but I believe people would be better off on a more stable tool if they have to pick/change right this minute. Once ConnectWise has had Continuum Command for a few years and all the dust has settled, this product will likely shoot back up in recommendations.